Smelt: Easy Catch, Great Taste and Where to Buy in St. Petersburg

Smelt, a small fish best known for its tender flesh and rich flavor, is becoming an increasingly popular delicacy among seafood lovers. In this article we will look at why smelt deserves attention, what cooking options you can try and where you can buy smelt in St. Petersburg.

1. Advantages of Smelt:

  • Rich in Omega-3s: Smelt is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for heart and brain health.

  • Ease of Cooking: Due to its small size, smelt is easy to prepare and is suitable for a variety of cooking methods, from frying to baking.

  • Affordability and Economy: Smelt is generally a more affordable and economical option compared to larger fish species.

2. Types of Cooking Smelt:

  • Fried Smelt with Lemon: An easy way to prepare smelt is to fry it in a pan with a slice of lemon for freshness.

  • Baked Smelt with Herbs: Smelt can be baked with herbs, garlic and olive oil for rich flavor.

  • Smoked Smelt: The traditional way to process smelt is through smoking, which adds a unique flavor.

3. Where to Buy Smelt in St. Petersburg:

  • Fish Stores: Specialty fish stores offer fresh and frozen smelt in various forms.

  • Markets: At local markets such as the Blacksmith Market or the Hay Market, you can find fresh smelt from local fishmongers.

  • Online Stores: Many online stores offer online ordering services and delivery directly to your home.

4. Helpful Tips for Purchasing and Preparation:

  • Selection of Fresh Smelt: When purchasing, pay attention to the cleanliness of the eyes, fresh smell and elasticity of the meat.

  • Cleaning and Marinade: Before cooking, it is recommended to thoroughly clean the smelt from scales and entrails, and then marinate for a rich taste.

  • Smelt Season: In St. Petersburg, the smelt season most often occurs in spring and autumn.

Smelt is not only a tasty, but also a healthy fish, which becomes a wonderful treat for seafood lovers. In St. Petersburg, you can easily purchase fresh or frozen smelt at various retail outlets to enjoy its unique taste in various culinary experiments.