Blast Freezing for Manufacturing and Trade: Advanced Refrigeration Equipment

Blast freezing is an important technology in the production and trade of products that require storage at low temperatures. To ensure the safety and quality of food, as well as to increase shelf life, enterprises and companies are required to use modern refrigeration equipment. Petrokhladotekhnika in St. Petersburg offers high-quality chambers and cabinets for production to ensure shock freezing of products.

Benefits of Blast Freezing

1. Preservation of Product Quality: Blast freezing preserves the taste and nutrients of products, making them appetizing and healthy for consumers.

2. Increased Shelf Life: Frozen food can be stored much longer than fresh food, allowing businesses to reduce wastage and increase product availability for customers.

3. Safety: Blast freezing kills harmful bacteria and microorganisms, which makes the product safe for consumption.

4. Energy Saving: Modern blast freezers and cabinets provide high efficiency and energy savings.

5. Less Waste: Blast freezing reduces the amount of product that does not meet quality standards, which helps save money.

Refrigeration Equipment Petrokhladotekhnika

Petrokhladotekhnika company offers a variety of refrigeration equipment for blast freezing. In their assortment you will find:

  • Shockers (Shock Freezers): These specialized freezers are designed to freeze food quickly and evenly, preserving its quality.

  • Cabinets for blast freezing: Convenient and compact cabinets for freezing prepared meals and packaged products.

  • Blast freezing chambers: Spacious chambers that allow freezing large volumes of products.

  • Automated control systems: Provide precise control of temperature and freezing time.

Why Petrokhladotekhnika?

Petrokhladotekhnika is a reliable supplier of refrigeration equipment with many years of experience. Their equipment meets high standards of quality and efficiency. The company provides customized solutions for various enterprises in the field of production and trade.


Blast freezing is an important step in ensuring the safety and quality of products. Petrokhladotekhnika offers modern and reliable refrigeration equipment, which contributes to efficient and high-quality blast freezing. By using this technology, businesses can meet customer needs and ensure long shelf life, which is a key factor in today's food industry.

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