How to store cheese at home

Often, after just a few days of being in the refrigerator, cheese loses its taste, becomes moldy, acquires a strange color, etc. You can blame manufacturers as much as you like for using low-quality ingredients, but first you need to figure out: are we storing the product correctly? Is it possible to freeze cheese and how to extend its life? This article explains in detail.

General conditions for storing cheese

As a rule, after purchasing, we simply put the cheese on the refrigerator shelf, believing that in this way we have ensured its safety. This is really enough if you plan to eat it within two to three days. If it is expected that the product will spend a longer period of time in the refrigerator, then you need to know how to store the cheese so that it does not spoil ahead of time.

This requires optimal humidity and temperature. Both parameters should be at medium levels, since too high and too low values ​​lead to spoilage of the cheese.

Suitable temperature is plus 6-8 degrees Celsius. The optimal place in the refrigerator is the bottom shelf. Required humidity is 85-92%.

Methods for freezing ginger

Ginger should be frozen fresh for its medicinal properties. However, for consumption as a seasoning, the root can be stored with additives, heat-treated or pickled. It will not retain all its useful substances, but it will not lose its spiciness, pungency and special aroma.

Many admirers of traditional medicine know about the healing effect of the lemon plus ginger tandem. From such a mixture, often with the addition of honey, tea is prepared, which has both a preventive and therapeutic effect - against colds and respiratory diseases. To prepare, both products are crushed, the seeds are removed from the lemon and the zest is removed. The pulp is placed in portioned molds and frozen.

Fresh whole ginger

The whole root is stored unpeeled on a shelf in the refrigerator. Thus, it does not lose moisture and, accordingly, minerals and vitamins. It is usually wrapped in waxed paper or parchment, which protects the ginger from foreign odors.

Pickled root

On store shelves, in addition to fresh root, you can also buy pickled root. A snack seasoned with soy sauce that appeals to many fans of Asian cuisine. In addition, the semi-finished product saves time on preparing dishes. If the appetizer is purchased with a reserve, you can save it by dividing it into portions and placing it in a zip-lock bag along with a small amount of marinade.

Grated ginger

The disadvantage of freezing a whole ginger root is that you may not need all of it during cooking. Therefore, it is much more convenient to store the product in portions - cut into pieces or grated.

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For the grated mixture, it is convenient to use ice or candy molds.

Some tricks

You should not place cheese in a plastic container, pan, or covered plate, as the product tends to absorb foreign odors well. And the cheeses themselves (for example, some types of French) often smell quite strongly. It is better to use foil, cling film or parchment paper, which will protect not only from unnecessary aromas, but also from loss of moisture.

The shelf life can be increased by changing the packaging every few days. This does not apply to goat's milk cheeses, which do not need to be wrapped in anything so as not to disrupt the ripening process.

how to store cheese

If you store cheese in a plastic bag, put a couple of pieces of refined sugar in it. This is an excellent prevention of mold formation.

You need to cut the cheese immediately before eating. If you plan to serve it on the table in its pure form, and not as an ingredient in dishes, then it is recommended to remove the product about an hour before. During this time, it will have time to regain its natural taste and aroma properties.

You cannot store different types of cheeses in the same bag or container.

Homemade homemade cheese can be stored in the refrigerator for only a few days, using a glass or enamel container with a lid.

These are general rules, but each type of cheese needs to be approached differently. Before we figure out whether it is possible to freeze cheese, let's identify the storage features of each type.

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Then there will be no problem - to freeze it or not) Cook not a whole pack of pasta, but half. There is no need to freeze the soup, but the broth can be used later for sauces, soups, etc.

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I understand that you can cook pancakes, cutlets, zrazy, dumplings and other semi-finished products and freeze them for future use.

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