Ski storage. Rules for storing skis: how to and how not to store equipment. Where to store skis in summer

Necessary conditions for storing skis or snowboards

What the rider is afraid of is what his board is afraid of. Do you think it's a joke? No matter how it is. All winter we pray for snow and try to scare off the positive cyclone as best we can: as long as nothing melts and it is cold. The same goes for snowboarding - no heat in the summer or off-season. The absence of thermal effects will help the wood remain as strong as when purchased, and protection from ultraviolet radiation, that is, direct sunlight, will keep the board bright and colorful. Ideal humidity is no more than 70%. It is condensation that can cause corrosion on the edge of the board.

Wall mount for skis and snowboards

Wall bracket - a block of 4 steel axle bars, covered with soft plastic for storing: - 4 pairs of cross-country skis, - 2 pairs of mountain skis, - 1 snowboard. The lower pair of bars secures the skis and prevents them from diverging from below. This is especially convenient for storing cross-country skis.

The block can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

The length of the slats is 25 cm, the gap between the slats is 2 cm, the height of the block is 22 cm, the width of the block is 6.5 cm. This bracket is a product of the Russian metallurgical industry. Material: steel, powder paint, reliable welds, soft plastic around the axles and plastic plugs at the tips to prevent damage to skis and snowboards.

These blocks allow you to compactly place a large number of skis and snowboards in a limited space: when arranged in a herringbone pattern, if one block hangs higher than the other (at the mounting height, approximately 35 cm), the distance between the skis can be left 15 cm.

If you place the blocks in one row, the distance between the skis can be left 25 cm. Similarly, you can place snowboards at different heights to space out the bindings (to save space on the wall). The block can be turned over and then you can store a snowboard on it horizontally - you get a shelf for books, devices and anything else that gets in the way on the table.

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