Is it possible to store dried roses at home?

Features of rose care

The basic principles of plant care are timely pruning, proper watering and fertilizing the soil. Pruning is considered an important step in caring for roses, since the abundance of flowering will depend on it in the future. The plant should be pruned annually in the spring approximately 2 weeks after the insulation has been removed. During this period of time, the new rose leaves have not yet blossomed, but the buds have already swelled. When pruning, all old, weak and dry shoots are removed from the plant.

Rose is considered a moisture-loving crop, but watering depends on the flowering phase. The most abundant watering is required during the growing season, since the plant needs a large amount of nutrients. After watering, it is necessary to loosen the soil well, which will allow the crop to breathe.

In the autumn, the plant's need for moisture decreases and during rainy weather in September, watering is completely stopped. An important stage is pre-winter watering, when the plant must be watered abundantly before the onset of cold weather, 30 liters per bush.

Horse manure, which is at least six months old, is considered the best fertilizer for crops.

Important! Pig manure and chicken manure can be harmful to the plant because they are too acidic and can burn young shoots. Fresh manure has a negative impact on the soil and locks in nitrogen.

Gardeners should know how many times to feed the crop. The first feeding is necessary in the spring when new rose buds swell and grow. Fertilizers should be applied to the ditch at a distance of 20-25 cm from the bush. The second feeding is necessary in the first phase of bud formation, and the third after the first flowering. In mid-September the last fertilizing is applied and it is best to use potassium magnesia for this purpose.

The main method of propagating roses is cuttings; the best time for this procedure is June - July. In the first 15-20 days, it is recommended to keep the cuttings in a greenhouse until they take root. Many gardeners prefer to take rose cuttings rather than propagate them by grafting.

The optimal period for covering the plant for the winter is considered to be the end of October - beginning of November.

Note! There is no need to hide all roses from frost, since ancient garden varieties do not need insulation even in the harshest winters.

Use of rose petals for culinary and cosmetic purposes

Rose petals have a lot of healing properties, so they are often used for cosmetic purposes. They have a tonic and refreshing effect on the skin, and are also widely used in the production of perfumes.

At home, you can prepare the following products based on rose petals:

  • Pink tonic. You need to mix a handful of rose petals and the same amount of lavender flowers. Pour the mixture into 0.5 liters of clean water and add 70 ml of vodka. Place the product in a dark place for 10 days, remembering to shake it every day. After a while, you need to filter the tonic and add another handful of flowers, and after 10 days, repeat the manipulation again. After 4 weeks, the tonic will be ready for use and will help maintain the attractiveness of the skin.
  • Pink water. This rose-based product can be used to cleanse inflamed skin. To prepare rose water, you need to rinse 50 grams of rose petals, let the water drain and place them on the bottom of a glass container. Pour the petals with a liter of boiled water at room temperature, and then add 250 ml of vodka. This mixture should be infused for at least 2 hours in a dark place. The product must be filtered and the water drained into a glass bottle. It is recommended to wipe both problematic and dry skin with rose water, remembering to store the product in the refrigerator.

For sore throat and stomatitis, it is recommended to gargle and gargle with an infusion made from rose petals. It is necessary to pour a tablespoon of raw material into 200 ml of boiling water and leave for 1-2 hours. The resulting mixture should be used several times a day until the unpleasant symptoms are completely eliminated.

Additional Information! The same remedy is effective in the treatment of conjunctivitis. It is necessary to moisten a cotton pad in the liquid and apply it to the inflamed eyelids for 20 minutes. The product can be stored in the refrigerator for several days.

Rose petals are used in cooking to make syrups, drinks and vinegar, but the most popular product is jam. It helps slow down the aging process of the skin, eliminates wrinkles, improves immunity and helps cope with cold symptoms.

To prepare the delicacy, you need to rinse 500 grams of fresh petals and place them in a colander. After the liquid has drained, place them on the bottom of the pan and cover with 100-150 grams of sugar. Place citric acid on top of the mixture and leave the roses until the juice releases.

A little more about petals

Don't rush to throw away a wilted bouquet. Having pleased the eye and endowed with its fragrance, it will benefit your beauty. The fallen petals can be used to make rose oil, known for its anti-aging properties. The recipe is simple: rinse the inflorescences and pour slightly warmed olive oil in a 1:1 ratio. Seal the glass jar and keep it in a bright place for a week. An excellent cosmetic product is ready, store it in the refrigerator. The oil perfectly softens the skin of the face and hands.

If you want to surprise your guests and household members, prepare them tea from dried rose petals. Mix a small amount of black or green tea with them in advance, depending on your preference. And brew as usual, letting it brew for at least 5 minutes.

A wonderful treat is candied rose petals. The recipe is simple, but it requires the housewife to be painstaking and time-consuming, since each petal needs to be caramelized separately in sugar syrup. But properly prepared candied fruits simply melt on the tongue.

PS You can also make jam from rose petals. See how.

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How to keep rose petals fresh

There are several ways to keep rose petals fresh at home:

  • In cold water. Pour water into any wide container and place rose petals there. Place the container in a cold place, for example, on a balcony, basement or refrigerator.
  • In a cardboard box. Any box with holes made on the sides will be suitable for this purpose. Place rose petals in an even layer, cover and store in the refrigerator.
  • In plastic or glass containers. You can place gauze or a paper towel pre-moistened in water at the bottom of the selected container. Sprinkle petals on top, cover the container with a lid or film and place in the refrigerator.
  • Using salt. In order to preserve rose petals for a long time as a natural flavoring, you can use salt. It is necessary to pour salt on the bottom of the glass container, put rose petals on top and again a layer of salt. In this way, you need to place rose petals until the entire jar is filled. Cover the top of the dish with a lid and leave for 4 days.

Another new way to keep rose petals fresh at home is wax, which should be melted in a water bath. You need to dip the petal in the mixture; it is recommended to perform the procedure using tweezers. This manipulation must be done with all the petals, then lay them on a flat surface and cover with polyethylene or cling film. After the wax has dried, the petals can be used for desired purposes.

Rose petals in a jar

Roses and cosmetology

The widest area of ​​application of rose petals is cosmetology. So, we use roses for the benefit of soul and body:

  1. Rose water: pour boiling water over the dried petals and leave for 30 minutes. Store in the refrigerator for a maximum of 3 days. This water relieves irritation well.

  2. Lotion for wiping dry skin: 1 tbsp. Pour almond oil over the petals and heat in a water bath until the petals give off all their color. Strain. It is better to take red roses for making lotions, as they have more beneficial properties.
  3. If you freeze the lotion, you get cosmetic ice for wiping your face.
  4. Rose petals are good for a relaxing bath: just pour them into hot water and enjoy.
  5. Rose oil: in a glass jar, mix the petals with olive oil 1:1, close and leave in the sun. After a week the oil is ready. Store in the refrigerator for a year.

Storing grown rose cuttings in winter

When purchasing planting material in the fall, winter months or early spring, you must try to somehow preserve the grown rose cuttings in the winter until the weather warms up. The main goal is not to freeze the culture and to ensure that the buds do not wake up ahead of time. To do this, the seedlings must be placed in a dark and cold place and this can be done in several ways:

  1. In a refrigerator. This method of preserving a plant until spring is considered the simplest and most convenient, because every home has a refrigerator. It is necessary to wrap the root system of the seedlings with a wet paper towel. After this, the rose should be placed in a plastic bag, tied and stored in the refrigerator in the vegetable compartment.
  2. In a box on the balcony. Take a cardboard box, pour some substrate into it and place seedlings on the bottom. Spray the prepared roses with a spray bottle of cold water and lightly sprinkle with soil. With this storage method, the rose can be stored until spring and can safely withstand temperatures from -5 to +5 degrees.
  3. In the basement or cellar. For 2 months, rose cuttings can be successfully preserved in a basement or cellar with an air temperature of up to 3 degrees. It is necessary to place the seedlings in a vertical position, place them in a bucket or container. To deepen the root collar, sprinkle the cuttings with damp river sand or sawdust. In the basement, it is recommended to keep rose cuttings away from vegetables and other plants that can be a source of various diseases.

If there is no cellar or refrigerator in the house, rose cuttings can be left to overwinter in a plot under the snow. To do this, you need to place the seedlings in a cardboard box and carefully cover them with peat. You should determine the most shaded area near the house, where the snow does not melt for a long time and moisture does not stagnate in the spring. The box with seedlings must be placed in the chosen location, covered with non-woven material on top and covered with snow until a snowdrift forms. You can put pine or spruce branches on top, which will slow down the melting of snow. With this storage method, the temperature inside the box will be maintained at about 0 degrees even if there is severe frost outside.

There are many options for keeping rose petals and cuttings fresh, and each has its own pros and cons. The main condition is to create the conditions necessary for the plant and follow all recommendations, which will allow it to survive the winter months favorably.

Rose petals have a unique composition and have healing properties. They can be used in a variety of variations, from making homemade pink tonic to various nourishing and anti-inflammatory masks. Some craftsmen even make rose jam from the petals, which is incredibly beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract and digestion.

Use of rose petals

Rose petals contain a lot of biologically active substances. This explains their unique beneficial properties. For example, pectin in rose petals is up to 4%, the same amount of organic acids. The amount of sugars ranges from 5 to 18%. Roses also contain flavonoids and phenolic acids, and a large amount of tannins. This plant is rich in vitamins B, PP, K, as well as pantothenic acid. Damask and French roses also contain a huge amount of tannin, essential oils and resinous substances, due to which they are widely used not only in cosmetology, but also in perfumery and even medicine. In most cases, rose essential oil is made from them.

How to properly handle dried flowers?

Dried flowers lose their potency if they are moved frequently, so find a permanent place for them.

Observant people have noticed that dried flowers become much more active when the Sun is in the constellations of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Try to fill your house with dried flowers during these periods.

Do not store dried flowers for very long. They should be thrown away as soon as they change color. Loss of color means complete “emptying” of the plants. The flower has completely given up its energy and needs to be replaced. Otherwise, he will begin to take away from the person what he gave him. It is recommended to replace dried flowers once a year when a fresh crop of flowers appears.

This rule does not apply to a flower that you keep as a memory of a loved one or event. You can keep such an object in your field of attention for exactly as long as it evokes pleasant emotions. But you need to be ready to “let go of the flower” when it has completely fulfilled its mission.

If you want to dry plants, this should be done outside the living space (for example, on a balcony, in a book, in a box of sand).

“Spent” dried flowers should be burned without watching how they burn.

Ideally, dried flowers should be kept together with live ones. So, a houseplant will help change the atmosphere in the house to a favorable one, and dried flowers will help maintain positive energy.

If you need to get rid of something, a bouquet of dried flowers will get in the way. His influence will not allow you to throw away unnecessary trash. If you have a hoarding habit, it is better to get potted plants.

It has been noticed that many dried flowers are in the house of people who do not want to change, do not want to work on themselves


The quality of the harvested material largely depends on the characteristics of certain colors. But at the same time, the main and important condition is the degree of their freshness.

High-quality raw materials do not have stains, damaged areas, or fading edges. The surface of the petal should be smooth and uniform.

Long-term storage of petals is possible if they are as fresh, young as possible and taken from the inside of the flower. It is these factors that must be taken into account when collecting material.

If the preparation of petals takes place in your own garden, you need to choose those buds that have just blossomed. The inflorescences should stay tightly on the flower without falling off. It is also advisable to water the rose bushes in the evening, on the eve of the morning collection of material.

Material for storage should be prepared in the early hours, before the heat sets in. You need to cut the inflorescences with a sharp knife along with the stems.

Harvesting should not be done in the rain, or immediately after it ends, when there is still moisture on the flowers. A prerequisite is that they are dry during harvesting.

When it is not possible to collect flowers in dry weather, dry the buds on a spread towel, lightly dabbing them with napkins so that they dry faster.

Flower vampirism

People familiar with energy flows are also inclined to think that keeping dried flowers in the house is under no circumstances worth it. The answer to the question “Why can’t you do this?” very laconic: dead flowers are real energy vampires.

Have you ever sat next to a fading bouquet and felt weak and weak? Sensitive people will probably answer in the affirmative. At the energy level, plants “communicate” very closely with people: living trees and flowers add energy to us, and dead ones, on the contrary, take away our energy. It is believed that cut flowers begin to “vampire” already on the second day after they are separated from their roots. Therefore, it is recommended not to store gifted bouquets in vases until the last petal has dried. As soon as the flowers begin to fade, you can throw them away without remorse.

By the way, not only dried flowers can absorb energy, but also herbariums, insect collections, stuffed animals and even natural fur coats. So from an energetic point of view, the gifts of nature must be treated very carefully.

Cold storage

Before storing rose petals fresh in the refrigerator, you will need to prepare several disposable towels or napkins. Place the napkins on the bottom of a food container (a thick ziplock bag will do) and lightly moisten them with a spray bottle. Then the prepared material is carefully laid out on the wet base. Do not press on them: the delicate material may be damaged.

If the workpiece consists of a large number of petals, several containers (zip bags) should be used to store it so that the material is not heavily compressed.

  • Petals should be stored in the refrigerator in a tightly closed container on a separate shelf so that they are not accidentally crushed. If there are several bags and they are light, they can be stacked one on top of the other, but nothing can be pressed on top.
  • The location of packages (containers) on the refrigerator shelf should be such that they do not come into contact with the back wall. Very often it turns out to be too cold. Severe cold can harm the workpiece: frozen petals lose their elastic structure, becoming too loose.
  • Every day, the containers with the stored material are removed from the refrigerator, shaken slightly and sent to the same place, but on the other side. This procedure will prevent the material from sticking together and prevent rotting.

The shelf life of rose petals in the refrigerator is from 3 to 7 days. But they will be the freshest during the first three days from the moment they are collected in the garden.

Petals are considered a wonderful decoration not only for weddings, but also for parties and romantic dates. However, in order to make the event solemn, only fresh petals are needed, which can be obtained by following several important rules.


Keeping rose petals fresh directly depends on the quality of the preliminary preparation. Firstly, for celebrations it is necessary to use fresh flowers, cut within 24 hours before the event. Moreover, before cutting the flower, it must be thoroughly watered. When cutting roses, it is recommended to make cuts at an angle of 45°. Due to this, the stems will be able to absorb as much liquid as possible.

Secondly, flowers do not need to be cut immediately after rain. They must be dry. Thirdly, for special occasions it is recommended to use petals from flowers that have not yet fully opened.

It is worth noting that all of the recommendations listed can be useful if you plan to cut flowers from your own garden.


To store petals of roses, tulips, lilies and other flowers, you can use several effective methods:

  • Storage in cold water. To do this, use a wide container placed in a cold place (cellar or refrigerator).
  • Storage in a cardboard box. In such a box you need to make several holes. All available petals must be placed evenly inside the box. The box must be placed in the refrigerator until the start of the celebration.
  • Storage using gauze or cloth, water, and an airtight food container. First you need to take gauze and moisten it generously with water. After this, the gauze should be placed on the bottom of the food container. The petals should be placed on top. The contents of the container must be tightly closed with a lid and refrigerated. The moisture from the gauze will provide nutrition to the petals, and the cold will store them for a long time. This method allows the flower to remain fresh for 8-9 days.

Order petals

Still, the best option is to order flowers online.
Such an order can be made on the website The main advantage of this service is the ability to deliver flowers to the beginning of the special event. This ensures maximum freshness of the bouquet. In this case, delivery in Nizhny Novgorod is carried out within 3-4 hours. In addition, it is possible to deliver the order even abroad. But in this case, the delivery time will increase to 2-3 days. Error in the text? Select and press Ctrl+Enter!
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Is it possible to store dry rose petals? Yes, sure. Many of them are dried immediately and then stored in canvas bags or glass containers. But you can also dry the material after use (for example, after finishing a romantic dinner).

The material is laid out in one layer on spread paper and left in a dry, shaded, ventilated place for 2 weeks.

Dried petals can be stored for a very long time, like most herbs.

Is it possible to store dried flowers (see)?

If they gave you flowers, for example roses, is it possible to dry them and leave them in a vase, for example? or just collect dried petals? I heard that it’s impossible, that if the flowers are from a loved one, then this means separation. Is it so?

There is an opinion that dried flowers carry negative energy, that they are dead flowers and it is better to get rid of them. But here it all depends on how superstitious you are and believe in all the signs. I think that only those signs that you believe in come true.

Of course it is possible. I sometimes store dried petals. It’s good to take a bath with them later, or make rose water for washing.

You should not attach great importance to signs. Moreover, from my own experience I will say that nothing bad happened in my relationship with my loved one after I began storing dry rose petals.

I used to believe that if a loved one gave flowers, you must throw them away before they withered, otherwise the love will dry out. After I met my future husband, I stopped believing in this sign completely; sometimes the flowers stood in a vase withered for months. I asked myself: “Why should some flowers decide whether my lover will love me or not?” And when I got married, I completely forgot about all the signs. And about flowers too. The wedding bouquet has been dried for the second year and nothing.

You should not attach great importance to signs. Moreover, from my own experience I will say that nothing bad happened in my relationship with my loved one after I began storing dry rose petals.

Some more storage options

It is possible to store flower petals in cool water in a wide container. It is better to place the container itself in a cellar or refrigerator (or other cool place).

A good preservative for delicate material is ordinary table salt. The petals are placed in glass containers in layers, sprinkling each of them with salt to the very top. Then close with a tight-fitting lid.

In just a week, the natural flavor will be ready. And if you also try to fold the petals so that they are not damaged, they will retain their fresh appearance for a long time.

Melted wax is another way to store petals.

  • The wax is heated using a water bath, after which the petals are lowered into the molten liquid one by one, holding them with tweezers.
  • After the wax hardens (this will happen almost immediately), the petals are placed in a storage container so that they are not squeezed. Their appearance after such processing will remain unchanged. But you won’t be able to smell the aroma anymore.

You can save rose petals (other flowers) in a special solution. To make it, 2 - 3 tbsp. l. sugar and half a glass of any acid (citric, boric, salicylic) are dissolved in 1 liter of boiled water, which should be at room temperature.

The container with the petals in this liquid is placed in a cool, dark place. There, the workpiece will retain its original appearance for a long time.

How to store rose petals?


In fact, there are many factors that negatively affect rose petals - this is not only dampness, but also excessive dryness and heat, improper storage and transportation, and careless handling. Very often sellers in flower shops ask the question of how to store rose petals. After all, the cost of roses that disintegrated upon delivery can be recouped when selling the petals. The ideal place to store them is a large and spacious refrigerator with a normal temperature of -4-6 degrees. If you set the temperature slightly lower, a layer of snow may freeze on the rose petals, which is undesirable. The refrigerator door must be closed very tightly to prevent frost from forming. It is best to store rose petals in hermetically sealed packages; this will also eliminate the possibility of bacteria appearing on the petals or turning black.


You can use plastic bags, sacks, cellophane, or flower gift wrap as storage containers. If there are a large number of petals, it is necessary to sort them by color. That is, pink petals should be placed in one bag, burgundy in the second, white in the third, and so on. This will be very convenient for buyers and will allow the seller to quickly find the desired color. But there are also other reasons. The fact is that light petals, namely white and beige, are stored much worse than burgundy, pink, and coral due to different densities. And when the light petals begin to deteriorate, the mold from them can spread to other flowers.


The shelf life of white petals, even in the refrigerator, is no more than five days, then they turn gray. It is very important to place them in the bag correctly. Firstly, you should not pack the petals too tightly - this will also shorten the shelf life. Secondly, if you have time, the petals need to be folded one to one, so the likelihood of damage will be minimized. The very delicate surface of the queen of flowers can be damaged by the slightest touch. You can also store rose petals without a refrigerator, but be sure to store them in a cool, dark room. In the refrigerator in an airtight container, the shelf life of burgundy petals can reach two weeks or more. If several rotten or dried petals are found, the package should be opened and sorted. So, it is much easier to store pink petals, because they have greater density and are more difficult to damage during transportation than white ones.

Making jam

Jam made from rose petals has excellent taste and is popular with many housewives.

K 400 gr. washed and dried petals, sprinkled with sugar, add 1 tsp. citric acid. Mix everything, place it in a jar and let it stand for about an hour.

The remaining sugar (initially taken in the amount of 1 kg) is poured into two glasses of water and the syrup is boiled. Then petals are gradually added to it and cooked until tender.

Rose petals in cooking

Tea rose is widely used in cooking. A very tasty and aromatic jam is made from its petals.

To do this, pour boiling water over 100 g of fresh petals and immediately place in cold water. Repeat the process 2-3 times. Further in 1 tbsp. add 1 kg of sugar to water, add petals, bring to a boil and leave the future jam to brew for 10 hours. Next time, boil it for 25 minutes, add 2 tbsp. l lemon juice, simmer for 3 minutes, and you can roll it up.

Useful tips

When petals need to be saved for a special occasion, for example, a wedding, you need to practice 2 - 3 weeks before the event. Training will help you understand how long they will remain looking fresh.

It is advisable to leave the inflorescence on the stem for as long as possible. But you should remember that the best place to store rose petals is a rose bush.

As you can see, the use of flower petals can be very diverse, ranging from aesthetic to quite practical. The main thing is that petals are stored at home in appropriate conditions.

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