Is it possible to put ears of wheat in the house? Ears of wheat are omens at home. Spend with pleasure

Over the years, our apartments are filled with a wide variety of objects and things - from those needed in everyday life to those that decorate the interiors of rooms.
In past centuries, man always knew which things were “good” and which were “evil”, he knew what material should be made of what. Today, bioenergy is gradually restoring this largely lost knowledge. Here are some practical tips that will help make your life safer, better, more joyful.
They're inviting trouble

1. Figurines of pigeons, crows, magpies, wading birds, eagles, and storks bring bad luck.

2. A figurine of an elephant with its trunk up (trumpeting) - brings good luck to the house and helps to defeat ill-wishers, and an elephant with its trunk down (sleeping) - brings despondency, melancholy, depression, frequent heavy thoughts, stress to the house.

3. A sculpture of a dog or lion sitting on its hind legs and with its mouth open brings misfortune, as it attracts evil spirits to itself, while simultaneously depriving a person of intuition.

4. Gifts that are not to your liking will bring misfortune if you do not get rid of them, as they were given with bad feelings or a slander.

5. Paintings and prints depicting something uncomfortable for the eye disturb peace of mind, interfere with spiritual improvement, and weaken memory.

6. Any image of fish makes you vulnerable to damage and the evil eye, and also attracts thieves to your house. ^

7. Seashells, which many people like to bring as souvenirs from the south, unfortunately, also bring misfortune, as they lead to a deterioration in the functioning of blood vessels and the heart.

8. Animal horns can cause the loss of a loved one or separation from him, provoke illness and mental trauma.

9. Plaster figures and figurines are bad because they interfere with concentration on the most important thing, distract from pressing matters, weaken the will, and lead a person into the world of illusions.

10. Dishes with chips and cracks lose their energetic integrity and, accordingly, disrupt the energy of food, either reducing its energy value or making it completely negative. Eating or drinking from such containers will only harm yourself.

11. Knives left on the table overnight accumulate negative energy and attract all sorts of evil spirits, which, receiving energy from this knife, remain in the house for a long time, disturbing the sleep, peace and comfort of household members. In addition, this knife becomes dangerous because it makes it easier for them to inflict sudden and unexpected cuts on themselves. Knives with broken or chipped blades have the same properties. There is no need to try to put them in order, but should secretly bury them in the ground.

12. Old worn-out slippers or other shabby shoes) should be thrown away and not put in cabinets and shoe boxes, as they attract damage, the evil eye and slander to their owner.

13. Small salt shakers, from which salt often spills out, and in which it also accumulates on the sides all the time, are also an undesirable thing in the house. They tend to provoke quarrels, intrigues, squabbles and even scandals with fights, and attract evil gossip.

13. Chinese lanterns are by no means the best element of room decor, as they cause sudden, unreasonable fears and melancholy.

14. A broom in the house always symbolizes money, but there are some nuances here. Using an old, worn out broom means ruin or long-term lack of money

Keeping an old broom in the house means incurring losses through illness. Sweeping the floor in the evening, according to the sign, means sweeping money out of the house - there will be no wealth. Therefore, from time immemorial, floors were swept in the first half of the day.

15. Living plants, the stems of which twine around the walls (except for grapes), have the property of attracting various diseases to the owners of the house.

16. Flowers in the house:

- Wax flowers - for the death of a relative

— Reeds in the house are especially dangerous. It is not yet clear why, but they often foreshadow a long, serious illness with a fatal outcome.

— Suddenly dried fresh flowers mean separation from a loved one, as well as divorce.

They bring good

1. Household items with folk painting (Zhostovo, Palekh, Khokhloma, Gzhel, etc.) have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and lift your spirits. This is explained by the fact that each drawing on them is a magical symbol or sign that came from time immemorial, serving as a talisman of health, a talisman of wisdom, intuition and prosperity (i.e., it helps you find them).

2. A matryoshka doll with an even number of figures is a talisman for money, prosperity, helps to avoid bankruptcy, and also preserves existing well-being and health. With an odd number of figures - protects against a bad uninvited guest, the evil eye, illness and family quarrels.

3. Sofa cushions embroidered with flowers in warm colors are a talisman of marital love, cold colors develop the gift of foreboding of failure, embroidery with flowers - protects against separation from a loved one, embroidered ornament - protects from sudden danger, embroidery with images of people, landscapes, buildings - helps maintain success in various business endeavors.

4. A tanned fur skin, according to a long-standing belief, promotes successful trade, increases capital, and also protects previously acquired property.

5. Ficus creates a positive aura around itself, helps to concentrate, calm down after stress, extinguish nervousness, and normalizes the energy in the house. To restore physical and mental health, sit in the evening for half an hour near a ficus, holding its leaf between your palms and closing your eyes, mentally tell it about your failures, and it will help you get rid of negative thoughts and emotions.

6. A bear figurine, placed in a prominent place, protects the house from evil spirits and evil spells, is a talisman of the family hearth, and also stores monetary wealth in the house. She should be alternately in the room and in the kitchen.

7. Ears of wheat, rye, oats, placed in a vase (they can even be artificial), always contribute only to well-being, wealth, health, comfort and peace in the house. They perfectly neutralize currents of negative energy. Therefore, during the period from December 25 to January 6, it is recommended to constantly keep a vase of cookies, bagels, crackers, and bread rolls on the table, as this will ensure profitable financial agreements on these days, receiving a large sum of money, and possibly news of an inheritance or will.

8. A strong amulet against the evil eye and damage is the icon called the Seven Shot. Located opposite the front door, it will not only protect you from the evil eye and guests with bad intentions, but will also prevent them from even approaching your doors. With her appearance in the house, there are fewer scandals and conflicts, slander and anger that can arise due to trifles.

If you feel spiritual discomfort, inexplicable fatigue, ask the holy image for help (in your own words) - it protects people’s souls from misfortunes. While in front of the icon, hold a lit church candle in your hands, and after extinguishing it, remove the stub and use it next time. This candle cannot be placed next to other icons; it must burn out in front of the Seven Shots icon. Such an appeal to the icon will gradually remove the evil eye, extinguish the anger caused by others, restore your physical strength and the former joy of your soul and heart.

Positively. The plant not only shares its energy, but also absorbs negativity coming from people and from events occurring in the house

It is best to place the flower closer to the window so that it takes away all the negative energy from the external environment. Signs and superstitions about the Decembrist... that someone harbored a great grudge against the owner - children, husband, father, sister or mother. Is it possible to keep at home
? Popular signs say that the flower does not like men. If a woman is lonely, but wants to meet her love, then...


Related to violets, which will help you protect yourself and your loved ones from troubles and deal with who has violets in the house

will attract success, and who may be harmed.
First of all, folk signs do not recommend keeping
this flower in
where an unmarried woman lives. Since ancient times, violets were considered husband-bearers, so if a single lady grows...


They are called “husband’s flower” or “widow’s flower”, so people associate many negative signs with this plant. A woman is prohibited from holding

dieffenbachia in the bedroom, otherwise she risks remaining an old maid.
Married couples are not recommended to keep
the house
- this threatens divorce. There is an opinion that Dieffenbachia is an exclusively female flower, and for men it can...


Therefore, it is not recommended to bring them into your home. It is considered dangerous to hold

the house
, since this plant is a source of negativity.
Before you bring
any plant
home the house
Not only folk superstitions, but also modern research have shown that keeping
a monstera in
the house
is quite dangerous. This is explained by the fact that at night the plant absorbs a lot...


Gradually they become a focus of negative energy. Get rid of yourself without mercy! Be careful, the doors are opening. Now let's walk around the house.

and let's see where your magical objects are hidden.
So, the door opens... And either in front of the door, or... . And finally, let's list the items that must be updated once a year. First of all, there is no need to keep
candles at home I don't mean church candles, but I'm talking about candles placed for decoration. Light them, let them burn...


I have never seen such ears of corn before... Golden - let it be autumn, and up - let the winds And they are taller than me in their height, And they also all stretch to the sky

The rain whispers something furtively through the leaves, Like on a keyboard, the wind plays with the branches And something from outer space...

All magical traditions treat grain with respect. And this came from the past, when people were heavily dependent on nature and the harvest. Now we can go to the supermarket and buy vegetables and fruits from different countries at any time, but people of the past were deprived of this opportunity. The use of grains in magic was due to survival, and not just someone's amusement.

Despite the fact that the world has changed, the relevance of using grain in magical practice has not faded away, but has passed through the centuries and even transformed. Yes, magic evolves, but its foundation remains unchanged.

Symbolism of grain

Plant grains contain enormous power, which allows them to be preserved for a long time, up to several years, and, when conditions are right, to revive, grow, develop and give new life. Grain is a symbol of life itself.

Grain is a kind of matrix of life. It must “die”, falling into the ground, and be reborn, giving new life in a new quality. The symbol of dying and further rebirth permeates the myths of all peoples of the world and religious teachings.

Grain is a symbol of fertility, wealth and prosperity. There is still such a ritual for newlyweds when they are sprinkled with grains so that their family has prosperity. In different cultures, wheat, rye, rice, etc. are used for this. Although not all grains are suitable for this, for example, millet in Russia in the old days was used only for a ritual in a cemetery: the grain was scattered on the grave so that birds would peck it, thereby making the path of the deceased easier in the afterlife.

The list of conspiracies and rituals using grain is very rich. Rituals with grain can help both attract wealth, health, success, harmony in the family, and deprive all of this using the same grain. One of the most common sources of spoilage is grain. Ultimately it is up to you how you use this power.

The Celts have a festival of the first harvest - Lammas (Lughnasadh), which is celebrated in the first days of August. On these days, ritual bread was baked and offerings were made to the gods in order to collect and preserve the harvest.

The Central American Indians (Aztecs) have a god, Quetzalcoatl, who gave the people corn so they could live off it. There is even a separate deity Chicomecoatl or the Goddess of Corn (Mais), who was depicted with a head made of corn; later she began to be called the goddess of fertility.

Often, it was not the grain itself that was brought as a gift to the gods, but bread baked from it (if you want to learn how to make such bread, read the article “Nut Bread”). The Sumerians baked 30 flat cakes every day for gods such as Ishtar, Marduk and Shamash. And in Egypt they baked bread for Amun, Ra, Nekhber and Ptah. In Ancient Greece, bread was also baked as a gift for Dementra, the goddess of grain, bread and agriculture. The Phoenicians baked bread with horns, a symbol of the god Astarte, to give it divine qualities.

There are a large number of rituals, both the simplest ones that are accessible to ordinary people, and those that only experienced magicians can perform. Let's look at a few rituals using grains.

We grow our income


For this ritual you will need fresh ripe grains of wheat, a ceramic saucer without drawings and 3 coins of different denominations. It is advisable that these coins be modern and not antique, because you do not want to attract money that has not been in circulation for a long time.


The right time for this is dawn on the waxing moon on Wednesday or Thursday.

Progress of the ritual:

Put 3 coins, place a saucer on top of them, and pour a grain of wheat on the saucer. Place several layers of gauze or other natural fabric on top of the grains. Then pour warm water over them and say the spell:

Mother Earth, you feed both the young and the old, the poor and the rich. You fill us all with your strength, and Father Sun warms us with his warmth. From the grain you give ten, fifteen, and twenty. Let me, (state your name), give birth to money, like this wheat.

As she grows day and night, gaining strength, so let my money grow and feed me in the most favorable way. Let it be so and so it is! True!

Then, every day at dawn, water these grains a little at the same time. Then, by the nature of the seedlings, you can judge the presence of negativity. If all the grains germinate at the same time, then this is a good sign, but if very few grains sprouted and not evenly, then it is worth going through a cleansing ritual to remove the negativity that interferes with the implementation of your plan.

After the seeds germinate, carefully transplant them into a separate pot or outside if it is spring or summer. Coins should be put in your wallet. They will be a talisman for you (so you shouldn’t pay with them). If necessary, you can perform a similar ritual using the same coins.

Getting rid of diseases

The seed contains life, just like the egg of birds. This is why eggs are often used in cleansing rituals. There is an equally effective way to get rid of diseases using grain.

Materials and time:

For this ritual it is necessary to sew a bag of black cloth and fill it with wheat grains. It is better to carry out this ritual on the waning moon on Saturday.

Progress of the ritual:

Light a black magic candle or an ordinary church candle. Conduct your own meditation on connecting with the Earth, imagining how roots grow from your feet, which reach the center of the Earth and energy rises through them. When you are ready, take the bag in your hands, lean it against the sore spot and say the following words:

The progenitor, Mother Earth, is the one who gives life to everyone on this earth. Help me heal from my illness... (name the illness). Take this disease, let it go back where it came from. Fill me with your strength. Let it be so and so it is! True!

At the same time, imagine how your illness goes into a bag of grain, and the sore spot is filled with the healing power of the earth. Once you are ready, thank the Goddess for her help. Ask her how you can thank her in the real world.

As the birds peck these grains, so my illness goes away... (name of the illness). Let it be so and so it is! True!

Depending on the severity of the disease, this ritual must be repeated until you recover.

Amulet for home made of wheat

This is a powerful amulet that will attract prosperity and create peace in the home.

Materials and time:

the time of year is the harvest from July to September, so don't miss out. On the waxing moon, collect a bouquet of 12 ears of wheat; ears of other plants will also do. Tie them with a green or gold silk ribbon.

Progress of the ritual:

Conduct a meditation right on the field and turn to the Ancestress with a request to endow this bouquet with your power, and also bring gifts to the Goddess (for this you can use milk or honey).

When you arrive home, walk around the inside of the house clockwise, starting and ending with the front door. Then place this bouquet in a visible place, watch the bouquet carefully so that it does not gather dust or break. After a year, you should burn the old bouquet and make a new one.

1. Flowers in pots always reflect the state of their owners.

If you care about flowers, they will always tell you with their condition.

2. Tanned skins in the home (shop, office...) contribute to successful trade, increase capital, and also protect property. Only the skins need care and attention.

3. Dried flowers, placed in a vase and creating a unique bouquet, promote well-being, wealth, health and comfort. They neutralize negative energy. True, in Russia today there is a completely erroneous opinion that dried flowers cannot be stored in the house. Flowers and herbs hung in bunches in a certain place or in utility rooms further improve the energy of the house.

Remember, before in every village house, bunches of herbs were suspended from the ceiling or tucked behind the ceiling. Herbs and flowers kept in the house and allowed to dry naturally release health energy that protects the house during periods of epidemics.

4. Animal figurines (not grotesque ones) protect the house from misfortunes, and also store financial wealth. Dogs, bears, tigers, dragons protect you. Figures of soldiers, warriors, and nesting dolls, repeating each other and placed in a row, are an excellent cleanser. Elephants, following each other and decreasing in size from larger to smaller, are a universal cleaner. It is no coincidence that elephants used to stand on shelves in many homes.

5. Pillows are amulets of marital love. If the pillows are tapestry, with an embroidered pattern, bright, they protect against separation from your loved one and focus attention on your partner. If there are flowers on the pillows, this is a talisman of health; if images of people, animals - protect from dangers; if the image is of landscapes, buildings, it helps your endeavors to be successful.


Our apartments are full of a wide variety of objects and things - from purely functional to decorating the interior. But not everything is good to have in the house.

1. Old, worn slippers should not be kept in the house - they attract negative energy. If the slippers are torn, they must be removed from the apartment. 2. Also, you should not store torn, unusable clothes in the house. Always evaluate old shoes and clothes based on whether you will still wear them. If you don't, throw it away.

3. Dishes with cracks, chips, or defects resulting from use disrupt the energy of food, making it dangerous to human health. No matter how much you like the dishes, if they crack or a piece breaks off, such dishes need to be thrown away. The plate (bowl) symbolizes family. Flaws in the dishes indicate possible problems in the relationship.

4. Living plants whose stems cover the walls cannot be inside the house. Climbing plants attract various diseases. If the plant is located outside the house, on the outside, then this is only beneficial - your house is protected. But if such a plant is inside the house, then its growth should be organized in such a way that the climbing stems form a ball in the pot. You can install a wire frame. 5. Keeping reeds in the house is dangerous. Dried, they attract misfortune and portend illness and death. Feather grass will bring similar troubles if you decorate a room with it. It foreshadows widowhood.

6. At the same time, you can have other dried flowers in the house; most of them process negative radiation, protecting residents from diseases. 7. Flowers such as pansies should not be grown at home. They are traditionally planted near graves.

8. It is appropriate to place coniferous branches in a vase only during the New Year holidays. It is bad luck to keep these branches in your apartment during the rest of the year. 9. But begonia - a symbol of family well-being - will always help balance the situation. 10. Never bring a gifted palm tree into your home - this will lead to great grief.

Surely everyone knows that wealth is attracted by such indoor plants as crassula and geranium (pelargonium), especially if coins are buried in the ground in which they grow.

1. Crassula for wealth

On the full moon, before planting the plant, sprinkle the pot with holy water. Take a lit church candle in your right hand and pass it over the pot 3 times with the words: “Mother Earth, accept my tree, feed it with juices, give it your strength, reveal your riches to it! Father sun, warm my tree with your rays, give it warmth, light and life, so that its leaves fill up and bring prosperity to the house! Water-water, wash my tree with your streams, give it dew, give it gold and silver drops, let silver and gold remain in my house! Brother wind, fan my tree with your living breath, drive away misfortunes and illnesses from it, bring wealth and prosperity into my home! And may my wealth increase with every new leaf, with every new twig! Let it be so. Amen!"

Pour some soil, put three 50-kopeck coins and plant a sprout. Water it with the words: “Little fat sister, grow up, be a man, give me your monetary power: for trade, for income, for a tight bag, for full bins! Just as your foliage is growing every day, my money is not transferred!”

If you purchased a fat plant growing in a pot, you will not need the first spell, but repeat the second every time you water the plant. It would be nice to place the pot on a red napkin, under which there should be three bills.

2. Money geranium

While watering the geranium, repeat the following words many times: “Grow, flower, grow, curl. Come, money, accumulate, multiply.” Or say three times: “You grow, and I bloom in wealth.” This is my will. Let it be so!"

3. Wheat tree

To grow an original wheat tree that attracts the energy of wealth, you will need:

Six grains of wheat, preferably durum varieties (such varieties germinate best); a new light-colored ceramic flower pot with a capacity of a liter or more; soil from a wheat field, vegetable garden, or large, well-tended flower bed with white flowers (avoid soil from flower beds with red, burgundy, or purple flowers); yellow coins - 30 pieces (plus another 3-7 coins, which will be needed later for decoration); water that has been standing for 24 hours (the ideal option is rainwater mixed with morning dew: add a few drops of dew to a glass of water and you will get miraculous moisture; however, ordinary water is also quite suitable).

Plant each seed separately with your left hand. Planting depth is two to three centimeters. All grains should be located close to each other, almost in the same place, so that when they emerge, they merge into one massive trunk.

Water the soil immediately after sowing. In the future, watering should be done every three days. While growing wheat, talk to it - this is an important rule. Fill your magic tree with the energy of your desires. Love it so that it feels your care and warmth.

Place the pot on a windowsill on the sunny side (can be in the living room, kitchen or bedroom). The plant must be given the opportunity to bathe in sunlight. Protect the tree from prying eyes and under no circumstances allow strangers to touch it.

When the sprouts reach a length of approximately 10-15 centimeters, place six yellow coins at the bottom of the vessel where the irrigation water settles. Let the coins remain there until the entire growing process is completed. This water is an excellent fertilizer for a growing money tree.

When the wheat gains strength and ripens, very carefully remove it from the pot along with the rhizome. Tie the stems together with yellow (golden) thread or decorative thin rope and place in a vase without water. First place a few yellow coins at the bottom of the vase (the amount must be even). The first six grains that fall from the ears of wheat can be used to grow the next money tree.

4. Dollar Tree

The so-called dollar tree has powerful magical powers for enrichment, attracting good luck in the financial sphere and activating monetary energy. Its scientific name is Zamioculcas. This unpretentious exotic plant is sold in almost all flower shops. Unlike the wheat tree described above, it attracts only dollars to its owner. By the way, they say: the faster the tree grows, the sooner things will get better. By the way, it can reach a height of a whole meter!

It is better to choose a pot for zamioculcas that is wide and not too high, the soil is moisture-absorbing and breathable. It is not at all necessary to place the dollar tree in the southeast of the house (that is, in the Wealth sector). It will show its power in any part of the room. The plant does not like bright light, so it needs to be placed at some distance from the window, but in no case on the windowsill.

To activate the tree and charge it to work, you need to attach one dollar to the flowerpot, and it doesn’t really matter whether it is unfolded or rolled up into a tube (bow). But it is important that the pyramid depicted on the bill is visible. It is desirable that its tip is directed upward.

One cent should be placed under the pot or hidden in the ground. Such a coin will feed the flowerpot with energy, which it will give through its leaves to you and your home. This, in turn, will affect the enrichment of all residents of the house.

You need to water Zamioculcas not with plain water, but with money. It’s quite simple to prepare: put a few cents in plain water for 15-20 minutes. Water the plant immediately afterwards.

5. Bamboo prosperity

An excellent money tree is obtained from the “lucky bamboo” (Dracaena sanderiana). This plant attracts good luck in all areas of life, including material ones. Strengthens the movement of positive energy, harmonizes space. Place five zigzag stems in a tall vase and they will multiply your financial flow.

And if you attach Chinese coins on red strings or bells to the stems, there will be even more money. In addition, to enhance the magical properties, the stems are tied with golden-yellow ribbons. The main thing is to avoid direct sunlight on the dracaena, otherwise it will quickly turn yellow and wither. Helpful advice: change the water in the vase more often - every other day, or even every day.

6. Linden tree

On the young moon, go to the linden tree and ask it for permission to take three branches to improve your well-being. If the wind does not rise and the leaves do not rustle, this means the tree agrees to help you. Otherwise, find another linden tree. Pluck the branches, thank the linden tree for its help and leave some sweets (candy, cookies) on the ground as a gift. Bring the branches home and place them in water. Meditate on the linden tree in the first half of the day (before noon), whisper or mentally talk about your desire to get rich. After 10 days, the branches can be dried, stored for a year, then burned.

7. Money decor

In principle, you can make a money tree from almost any plant with green leaves growing in your home. According to Feng Shui, all plants are associated with the element of Wood. There are a great many ways, the main thing is the right attitude and faith that everything will work out for you. For example, on a waxing moon, roll three real or printed banknotes into a tube and simply stick them into the ground with the plant. Another option is to cover the pot with banknotes or their imitation. Third - throw a few coins on the ground in the pot.

If you are not a fan of indoor plants, take a photograph or image of a tree and stick or attach coins in any other way (for example, using plasticine) on its branches. Hang this picture in the left corner of the room farthest from the front door.

The image of an ear of wheat is one of the monetary symbols of the magic of attracting material wealth.

An ear of wheat is a symbol of life and prosperity. Many legends and myths are associated with it.

In Greek mythology, the constellation Virgo is personified by Demeter, the goddess of fertility, the patroness of agriculture, who taught people to cultivate the Earth.

Ears of wheat also occupied a special place in the life of the great Coco Chanel; she considered them a lucky talisman, a metaphor for inexhaustible creativity.

That is why they could be found in the apartments of the great fashion designer: in the form of a bouquet standing on the table, or drawn especially for mademoiselle by the great artist Salvador Dali.

It can be worn like, it can be placed in the wealth zone, but there is another interesting way to get rich - to grow a money ear of wheat with your own hands.

You already know that the theme of money trees is generally very popular among financial magicians.

In many cases, it is the host’s energy that works, not the plant itself. If a person believes in the magical properties of a flower, then he is guaranteed 50% success.

This is self-hypnosis and coding of space for mandatory well-being. For people with weak energy, this method of increasing income may be absolutely useless.

There are various techniques for growing a money tree. And each of them involves working with a specific plant.

The simplest one is to grow an ear of wheat.

Wheat is very close to the Slavs. Since ancient times, people have brought tied ears of wheat into their homes. They were placed on the table, hung from the ceiling or sewn into feather beds.

There is also historical material that the ancient Egyptians used similar techniques with the ear of wheat in their occult arsenal.

In Egypt, wild Emmer wheat was used for similar rituals; it grew throughout the Nile Delta. From Emmer wheat, Egyptian farmers developed several different varieties of cereal.

What is needed to grow an ear of wheat

1. 6 grains of wheat, preferably durum. These varieties are unpretentious and have a high percentage of seedlings. The result will be better.

2. A new flower pot in light colors, with a volume of at least a liter. You can make an inscription on it reflecting the purpose for attracting money.

3. Soil from a wheat field. It is advisable to dial in advance, because it will be difficult to do this in the city.

If you haven’t done this, then as a last resort, soil from a large and well-kept flower bed will do.

Please note that the flowerbed contains mostly plants with white flowers. Red, burgundy and purple colors should be avoided. These colors carry unfavorable energy for our process.

4. Yellow coins, at least 30 pieces (an even number), must be yellow. Then the water will require a few more coins, the sum of all coins is even.

Coins are needed in yellow color; it is to them that magical powers are attributed and they are used for various spells. They were awarded these qualities precisely for their color, since it is believed that they contain precious metals and are less oxidized.

5. Water. The water must be infused separately. The ideal option is rainwater (melt in winter) mixed with morning dew. A few drops of dew per glass of water are enough and rainwater turns into miraculous nectar. Place 6 coins in a container with water a day before sowing.

When you have everything you need, you can start. Focus on your wish and imagine how happy you will be when your tree makes your dreams come true.

What conditions are necessary for growing wheat?

To get a good wheat harvest, you need to provide optimal conditions for this - a certain level of humidity, lighting and temperature. You should also take into account local climatic conditions and choose the right area for planting.

High-quality watering

For good germination and further development of seeds, wheat plantings should be provided with the required level of moisture. It should be noted that hard varieties of water require more water due to the higher protein content in the grain. This plant crop especially needs watering when the sprouts move into the tube and during the formation of ears. The recommended soil moisture should be 65%.

How to carry out the ritual of growing a money ear

1. Prepare the soil you brought, mix it with 24 coins and pour it into the pot. Pre-place drainage at the bottom of the pot.

2. Plant each grain separately with your left hand (according to the superstition: you need to take money with your left hand and give it with your right) to a depth of 2-3 centimeters.

All grains should be planted close to each other, almost in the same place, so that when they emerge they form one massive trunk.

3. Water the soil immediately after sowing.

4. In the future, water once every three days. Do not remove coins from the water.

5. When the wheat sprouts, talk to it. Fill it with the energy of your desires. Love her so that she feels your care and warmth.

Place the pot in your bedroom, on the window, so that the plant is bathed in sunlight. If possible, protect your tree from prying eyes and never let strangers touch it.

6. When the wheat grows and ripens, remove it from the pot, along with the root system. Tie the stems together with a thin gold chain or thread and place in a vase without water. There should be 24 yellow coins at the bottom of the vase.

7. The first six grains that fall from the ears can be used to grow the next “tree”.

Grow money wheat ear once a year. The most favorable time for growing is, of course, spring, but this is not necessary.

The most important condition is your desire. Passionately desire to grow your ear of money, and the result will not take long to arrive.

The woman poured water on the ears of wheat... In the blink of an eye, she created a miracle of miracles!

The harvest is just around the corner, and we strongly recommend that readers stock up on golden ears of wheat. For what? Now we'll tell you! Spikelets of wheat are a real treasure trove of stylish ideas for the home and beyond, which drove our entire editorial team crazy.

Ears of wheat

The first and easiest thing you can do with wheat ears is to weave them into a cozy wreath.

And by mixing many ears of different colors, you can get something very original!

If you think round wreaths are too boring, try making a heart-shaped wreath. It looks very unusual.

And by preparing and drying a few ears of grain for the year ahead, you can make an amazing wreath for the bright holiday of Easter. Complete it with birds, colorful feathers and festive eggs, and you can't go wrong!

If the wreaths are completely boring, you can decorate the door with a wonderful bouquet of spikelets. A bright ribbon will set the right mood!

Wedding decor is not complete without cozy spikelets. Dried ears of wheat will fit well into a rustic wedding style.

In this simple and very original way you can decorate the central decorations of the festive table, invitations for guests and boarding cards.

Just look how amazing it is!

A themed wedding cake decorated with ears of wheat will become a real highlight of the holiday. Guests will be delighted!

You can put together an original bridal bouquet from dried ears of wheat.

Well, where would we be without a boutonniere for the groom in country style!

Add a little bright colors to a bouquet of spikelets, and an ordinary feast will turn into a colorful celebration. This bouquet will be a great addition to a children's party.

This is a whole work of art! There is wheat, poppy seeds, and pumpkin... Everything looks very natural and homely.

Another great fall decor idea. Lush sheaves at the head of the table!

Using ears of wheat, beans and twine, you can decorate a jar for bulk food in an original way. This candlestick is not difficult to make. 10 minutes - and on your table there is a cozy fireplace that will become a faithful companion to warm home gatherings.

There is an opinion that a composition of spikelets on a window or a wreath on the front door protects a home from evil spirits and brings good luck and love. A beautifully decorated home or an event decorated with soul can not only lift your spirits, but also add coziness. The main thing is to show your imagination, and your life will be filled with warmth and joy!

But we don’t say goodbye to you here, come back again!


Step-by-step instructions for growing in the ground

After preparation, you can start sowing. This operation should also be carried out correctly, taking into account the variety of wheat and local climatic conditions. The agricultural technology of winter and spring wheat is noticeably different from each other.

Sowing rules

Spring wheat varieties should be planted in early spring. In the southern regions, sowing is allowed at the end of February. This type of cereal is not particularly bushy, so sowing is carried out with sufficient density. For forest-steppe plots, 5-6 million seeds are needed per 1 hectare of land, and for steppe plots - 4-5 million pieces. With nutritious soil, the rate can be reduced by 10–12%, and on poor soils it can be increased by 15%.

Preparatory work

To obtain a rich wheat harvest, it is important to choose and purchase seed material correctly. You should purchase seeds of good quality and of a variety that is suited to the climate conditions and soils for further cultivation. Then pre-planting preparation of the grain material should be carried out. Before sowing, the area must be prepared for the selected wheat variety.

Seed selection

To get a good grind of grain, you need to take care of high-quality planting material. As mentioned above, it is best to purchase zoned varieties.

You should also decide what kind of wheat you want to plant:

  1. Spring or winter . The latter gives more yield, tolerates difficult weather conditions better, but is demanding on the soil. Spring grain is resistant to drought and produces grain with better baking qualities.
  2. Soft or hard . Soft varieties are used mainly for flour. Hard ones are found only among spring wheat.

Did you know? China is the leader in wheat cultivation. In 2020, 134.3 million tons of grain were harvested in the country. Russia took third place (85.9 million tons).

You need to purchase seeds from agricultural stores and choose a brand from a manufacturer that has proven itself well in the market . To make sure that the planting material is of high quality, you can place a handful of grains in a glass of water. If up to 2% of the seeds float to the surface of the liquid, then the quality is good, but if more, the quality is poor. The proper quality of the grains will be indicated by their uniform size and shape, the absence of impurities, damage and the smell of rot.

To be on the safe side, you can sow several varieties and pay attention in the future to those plants that performed best under specific cultivation conditions.

Preparation of soil and planting material

Planting material must be processed for disease prevention purposes. Small quantities of grain can be pickled using the following methods:

  1. Heat treatment is soaked in a container with water heated to +50°C and covered with a lid. After 25 minutes, the cereal is taken out and immediately cooled - a few minutes in cold running water.
  2. permanganate (10 g/1 l of water). The seed is kept in it for 20 minutes and then washed well.

For significant volumes of seed, the following means can be used:

  1. Fungicides "Raksil", "Vincite", "Dividend" . These are effective chemicals, but not the most environmentally friendly. It doesn’t always make sense to use them at home.
  2. An organic fertilizer solution will increase the immunity of plants and will contribute to a higher yield. It is good to use “Yaros” or “Gumisol”. They contain not only nutrients, but also beneficial bacteria.
  3. Rodenticides are products against rodents that can significantly damage crops.

The land should be prepared for sowing. It is leveled and loosened to provide aeration necessary for seed germination.

It is also recommended to apply fertilizers:

  1. Phosphorus-potassium fertilizers are applied to winter crops (before sowing) so that the plants can survive the winter. If necessary, enrich the soil with organic matter.
  2. For spring varieties, organic fertilizers are incorporated into the soil. Mineral salts are added after germination.
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