How to fold women's panties correctly

How to properly fold underwear in a closet

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    Lingerie is one of the most representative categories of our clothing. Yes, few people really see him. But believe me, this greatly affects our internal state and attitude towards ourselves. It’s not without reason that they say that a woman’s self-esteem can be understood by her underwear. What is yours: beautiful and comfortable or unloved, with pills, protruding “bones” and stretched straps? How do you store what is closest to your body? In this article we’ll just talk about this, we’ll look at different ways to fold and store underwear.

    Shoe boxes

    Many girls store their underwear in a dresser drawer or on a shelf in their closet. To avoid clutter, it is very convenient to use ordinary shoe boxes or their lids . If desired, they can be decorated with beautiful fabric or, as I did in my time, with the remains of wallpaper.

    Special organizers for linen

    For those who want to not only organize space in the closet, but also think about the ideal place for their linen, plastic and fabric organizers . This can be a simple storage case without any compartments, or a special organizer for underwear with compartments in which it is very convenient to put bras and panties. And the main thing is that such boxes are not only convenient, but also very stylish!

    Plastic dividers

    Dividers in the form of partitions and honeycombs , which are easily inserted into a dresser drawer, are great for storing underwear Thanks to the rigid structure of the cells, things will not get tangled or scattered around the box. Such partitions can be made from thick cardboard, and the cells can be short pieces of plastic pipes, cards and even toilet paper tubes. For beauty, the bottom can be covered with paper.

    Vertical organizers

    This option is suitable for those who do not have a separate dressing room or a spacious chest of drawers, but only a small wardrobe. Typically, such organizers with transparent pockets are used to store household small items and jewelry. But it will also come in handy for storing underwear, especially for children. It can be placed on inner closet doors or hanging rods.


    If you are the happy owner of a spacious dressing room, then you can allocate a part of the closet for your underwear, hanging it on hangers. These can be either special or small plastic hangers. In my opinion, this is the perfect way to keep your bras looking their best, making it easier to find the set you need.


    Now on the Russian market there are not only organizers for storing underwear at home, but also travel organizers for underwear, which are very convenient for transporting bras and panties. It will keep your laundry clean, fresh and not wrinkled.

    Ways to compactly fold underwear

    To save closet space, you can resort to interesting ways to fold underwear.

    Method No. 1. With a tube (roll)

    1- Lay the panties out on a flat surface, right side up;

    2- Fold the crotch so that the bottom seam and the top elastic are in line;

    3- Roll the product horizontally.

    Store the “tubes” vertically, close to each other. It is convenient to use this method for children's underwear , because... it itself is compact.

    Method number 2. Square

    This method is most suitable for folding men's briefs and boxers.

    1- Place the panties face up;

    2- Divide them vertically into three equal parts;

    3- Fold the left and right parts of the linen inward in turn;

    4- Fold the resulting rectangle. You should get a small neat square.

    Method number 3. Roll

    This method is used in her work by Marie Kondo, a Japanese consultant and author of four books on home organization. Fold beautiful women's panties with embellishment, such as a bow in the center of the waistband, so that they are visible from the outside.

    1- Place the product face up with the main elastic facing you;

    2- Fold the elastic edge away from you several times (try to make very thin folds);

    3- Now turn the product over and fold the sides to the center;

    4- Fold the crotch up so that it forms one line with the top;

    5- Now you need to turn the roll inside out 3 times.

    For more information about this method, see the video by Ekaterina Sukharskaya.

    Method number 4. In your pocket

    fold underwear in the form of classic women's panties, thongs and men's boxers by watching Victoria Kiriyenko's video.

    1- Fold the side parts towards the center;

    2- Fold the crotch to the middle;

    3- Place 2 fingers inside the elastic and turn the product inside out.

    How to fold bras

    A common and unfortunate mistake is to flatten the cups and stack bras on top of each other. This is blatant negligence. Instead, place the bras next to each other, but not too tightly. By nesting the shoulder straps and side pieces inside the cups, you can support the cups and easily remove the bra you want without disturbing the rest of the row.

    General recommendations for caring for bras

    In summer, bras need to be refreshed daily , at other times the recommended washing frequency is every 3-4 wears.

    How to fold things

    1. How to fold a fitted sheet

    1. Lay the sheet face down on a flat surface.

    2. Fold in half widthwise and fold the bottom ends into the top ends.

    3. Fold the sheet, folding all four corners into each other.

    4. Straighten the sheet and fold one third of it in the center. Next, bend the other third to the center.

    5. Bend the bottom third up to the center and also bend the top third.

    2. How to compactly fold plastic bags

    3. How to fold a plastic bag to carry food

    4. How to fold a T-shirt

    The most intimate: where and how best to store underwear?

    Experienced housewives know how to store underwear so that it takes up little space and does not become deformed. Our regular readers - Marina from Yekaterinburg and Valentina from Moscow - agreed to share their secrets. And judging by the fact that their closets are always in exemplary order, there is a lot to learn from these women if you have not yet developed your own rules for storing clothes.

    Experienced housewives know how to store underwear so that it takes up little space and does not become deformed. Our regular readers - Marina from Yekaterinburg and Valentina from Moscow - agreed to share their secrets. And judging by the fact that their closets are always in exemplary order, there is a lot to learn from these women if you have not yet developed your own rules for storing clothes.

    Useful tips and tricks

    In order for things to have a high-quality and neat appearance longer after storage, and for there to be no clutter in the closet, we recommend that you follow several rules that will help create and maintain order in your wardrobe:

    1. Knitted and woolen items must be ventilated before putting them in the closet.
    2. Knitted clothing must be washed well and folded in plastic or vacuum bags before storage.
    3. Ventilate the closet periodically.
    4. Dresses and trousers should be placed on hangers.
    5. Clothes that are stored in the back corner of the closet are best stored in covers.
    6. At least once a month you need to wipe the dust inside the cabinet.

    How to store beautiful underwear?

    Dear girls.

    Recently my friend came to visit me, and when she saw how my laundry was stored, she exclaimed: “God, this is Paradise!! I want that too. “

    Which was the reason for me to write this article. I do not pretend to be original in my methods of storing laundry, but maybe something will be interesting and informative to you.

    Lingerie is such a part of a woman’s wardrobe that absolutely needs careful storage. after all, what could be better than in the morning, standing in front of the closet, with a slight movement of the hand, take out your favorite silk underwear (and all day long feel like a luxurious Lady under an office suit), lace underwear (and know that in the evening there will be a date with a continuation) or cotton ( and feel comfortable and cozy)?

    I will give you several recommendations for storage, which I myself came to through experience.

    1. Sorting. Pamper yourself - lay out all your linen on the bed, for example, and evaluate it with a critical eye. Get rid of any panties that have stretched, become faded from washing, or have torn lace. Do you know that it only seems to us that men don’t notice details - but in fact they pay great attention to underwear, and even if you love these lace panties, he will notice the lace that has come apart. Throw away bras that have stretched or become deformed from wear - they are not only unsightly, but also do not fulfill their main function - to support your breasts and prevent stretching. My advice is that I take out the bones from old bras, because they can later be useful when sewing corsets (especially important for girls with large breasts).

    Sorting will help you not only get rid of the old, worn-out, boring ones, but also understand which bras you are missing. Do you have a classic white sleek bra that you can wear under tight clothes? And flesh-colored - to wear under a white shirt and it won’t show through? What about a bra with removable straps/convertible? And the black lace one - especially for Him?

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