Does castor oil have an expiration date?

The essence of colon cleansing

There are many methods for cleansing the intestinal tract, and one of the most common is castor oil cleansing.
Reviews about this method are very different: some came up with the method, others absolutely not. We will tell you all about this method and whether to use it or not is up to you. What is a colon cleanse? Starting from afar, the human digestive system, in addition to the stomach, pancreas and other organs, consists of almost 3 meters of intestine. You can determine for yourself how much waste they accumulate over a person's life.

If you have been experiencing frequent indigestion, constipation, bloating, or bad breath, then cleansing your intestinal tract may be the best way to eliminate these symptoms. First, the body will get rid of digestive debris, feces and toxins that are “stuck” in the intestinal tract. These residues can poison the entire body with toxins and other toxic substances, which has a terrible effect on the health of internal organs, overall well-being and appearance.

Castor oil, which is produced from castor oil seeds, has a mild laxative effect on the stomach and intestines, as it has long been used medicinally to cleanse the intestines before surgery.

Composition of castor oil and beneficial qualities

Castor oil is a pale yellow liquid with a mild odor and a specific, somewhat unpleasant taste. High quality oil is obtained by cold pressing, while hot pressing and solvent extraction are used to obtain lower quality oil.

The boiling point of castor oil is 313 degrees Celsius or 595 Fahrenheit, with a density of 961 kilograms per cubic meter. We can confidently assume that castor oil has the highest density among other vegetable oils and has a high viscosity. Castor oil does not form a film and does not dry out.

This oil can be mixed with chloroform, absolute alcohol, ether and acetic acid. The oil is soluble in ethanol, does not oxidize in air, and solidifies at a temperature of 16 degrees Celsius, forming a pasty whitish mass.

Castor oil is resistant to rancidity; the shelf life, subject to storage rules, is up to two years. Storage conditions are the same as for other natural oils: in a closed container, cool, protected from light. After opening the container, store in the refrigerator.

Castor oil consists of 85% ricinoleic acid, which makes it a valuable chemical raw material. Oleic acid (2%), linoleic acid (1%), linolenic, stearic and palmitic acids (0.5% each), other acids (0.5%).

Castor seed contains ricin, which is toxic. Therefore, castor bean harvesting is not without risks to the health of the pickers, who often suffer from harmful side effects. These health issues are driving the search for alternative sources of essential acids. Additionally, some researchers have tried to genetically modify castor beans to prevent the synthesis of ricin.

The main producers of castor beans and castor oil are India, Brazil and China. The United States is the main industrial consumer of these products.

The most valuable properties of castor oil, which are actively used in cosmetology, include the following:

  • softening and nourishing skin, including dry and sensitive skin; the use of oil helps reduce flaking and excessive dryness of the skin;
  • skin whitening; the oil helps reduce the appearance of age spots and can make freckles visually less noticeable;
  • With constant use of oil, you can even out your skin tone and smooth out its unevenness;
  • castor oil can have a rejuvenating effect on the skin and eliminate shallow wrinkles;
  • castor oil is used to strengthen and grow hair, eyelashes and eyebrows;
  • to a lesser extent, castor oil is used to eliminate cracks in the skin, minor scars and skin growths, warts; used to remove calluses and corns on the feet.

Castor oil, from the seeds of which castor oil is extracted, is planted by many people in summer cottages as a decorative ornament. The Palm of Christ, as it is also called, really looks exotic and colorful, especially during flowering. Not many people know that its seeds are poisonous and deadly, as well as the fact that it is from them that the famous castor oil is produced; its use in everyday life, meanwhile, is completely harmless, since toxins are destroyed during the processing of seeds.

The chemical composition of this vegetable oil, on the one hand, is of the same type (about a dozen substances in total), and on the other hand, it is unique. It consists almost entirely of triglycerides of fatty acids:

  • linoleic (5-7%);
  • oleic (3-5%);
  • alpha-linolenic, palmitic, stearic (approximately 1% each);
  • ricinoleic (about 90%).

The last compound, ricinoleic acid, is found almost nowhere else in nature, which is why castor oil is so different in both taste and properties from other vegetable oils.

Castor oil consists of:

  • 90% castor acid;
  • 4% linolein;
  • 3% oleine;
  • 1% stearic acid;
  • 1% palmitic acid.

In particular, higher ricinoleic acid content determines the desired quality of the product. Thanks to this, the oil increases intestinal motility, irritating its receptors. Active muscle contractions help remove digestion, feces and water, leaving the body very clean. The laxative effect usually occurs approximately four hours after ingestion.

The main symptoms that require cleaning the intestinal tract:

  • various digestive tract disorders;
  • bad breath;
  • bought times or constipation;
  • diarrhea;
  • skin rash;
  • flatulence.

Cleansing is not just about getting rid of toxins and toxins. Castor oil is also used to treat constipation and get rid of digestive parasites. It is justified to cleanse even before performing certain honey functions (for example, before a colonoscopy).

The product is also widely used in compresses for back pain, to heal skin lesions, and to maintain the beauty and health of hair, eyelashes and eyebrows.

Castor oil is a readily available remedy for excellent cleansing of the intestinal tract.

Castor oil as a laxative

Treatment with various herbs is considered alternative medicine. Herbal medicine has been popular since very ancient times, when traditional medicines had not yet been developed, and it was necessary to treat diseases.

Castor oil is one of these remedies , and a universal one, since it can be used not only to treat problems with the gastrointestinal tract, but also in cosmetology to improve the appearance of hair, nails, etc.

Castor oil (in common parlance castor oil) is a product obtained by pressing it from castor beans.

Castor bean, in turn, is a very poisonous plant and is not used for food or other purposes, but it is often grown as an exotic garden ornament.

When preparing the oil, all toxic substances remain in the waste, and the medicine is absolutely safe for humans.

Release form and composition of castor oil

It is a yellowish viscous oil with a not very pleasant characteristic odor. Castor oil tastes bitter, so it is advisable to give it to children not in liquid form, but in capsule form.

It is most often produced in the form of oil in dark medical glass bottles. It comes with instructions and, in some cases, a cap with a pipette. The volume of bottles can be 30, 40, 60 and 100 milliliters.

You can also find castor oil in soft capsules in the pharmacy. Each blaster contains 10 capsules, and there are only 10 blasters per package. 1 capsule contains 1 gram of medicine.

Composition : The composition includes all the active substances contained in castor bean seeds, with the exception of the component dangerous to humans - ricin.

Indications for use

This herbal medicine has a wide spectrum of action and can help with many disorders in the body, especially the following:

  • Constipation of various types . Castor oil is an effective and fairly mild laxative. It can be taken by both adults and children suffering from constipation. Improvement occurs within a few hours after taking the medicine;
  • Poisoning . Due to its constituent components, it is able to cleanse the body of harmful toxins, quickly improving well-being, however, if intoxication is caused by fat-soluble substances - benzene, phenol or phosphorus, castor oil is not recommended for treatment ;
  • For mechanical damage to the skin . Wounds such as cuts, punctures and abrasions can be treated not directly with oil, but with ointments that include castor oil;
  • Castor oil can be used to treat sore joints by making compresses, colds and infections. You can relieve severe headaches by applying the oil to your temples and waiting until it is absorbed; relief occurs almost immediately.

In addition to all of the above, this product is widely used in cosmetology. It is used for general strengthening of the entire body. They make health masks on the hair, it is believed that it promotes hair growth.

Use of castor oil during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the female body becomes more sensitive and vulnerable, so various medications should be treated with greater caution.

Although this medicine contains only natural ingredients, and therefore has advantages over chemical drugs, it is contraindicated during pregnancy.

It can only be prescribed by the attending physician in very rare cases. It is worth remembering that castor oil can provoke premature birth, especially if the dosage is exceeded.

Mode of application

When treating various diseases, their own dosage is prescribed, but since it is mainly a laxative, we give an example of a dosage for constipation. The dose is taken orally, several times a day. The maximum dosage for adults is up to 30 grams of oil or up to 30 capsules. Children should take no more than 15 grams or 15 capsules.

If you are constipated, you should not drink the oil for longer than 3 days . In all other cases, it is better to consult with your doctor, except for those cases if it is rubbing or compresses for joint diseases and burns. In this case, you should do the procedures once a day until recovery.

Side effects

If we compare this product with other pharmacological preparations that contain chemical additives and have the same spectrum of action, then the oil has significant advantages.

Side effects appear extremely rarely, and they are usually caused by improper use, namely by increasing the dosage, then phenomena such as:


Castor oil has no direct analogues in composition . However, it can be replaced with other drugs that are similar in their spectrum of action, it will simply be narrowed and they will be aimed at treating only one disease. If the oil is not suitable for some reason, it can only be fully replaced with a complex of medications.

How to drink castor oil correctly

Price in Russia and Ukraine

The price is extremely low. For a bottle of 30 milliliters you will have to pay about 50 rubles or 10-15 hryvnia. The larger the bottle, the more expensive the medicine will be.

If it is more convenient to be treated with oil in capsules, then it will be about 2-3 times more expensive. It is worth remembering that the price of medicines depends on the pharmacy itself and its location.

The price of those medicinal and cosmetic preparations that contain castor oil can be very different from the oil itself and can be much higher.

Storage conditions and periods

Store in a dark place out of reach of children. The expiration date for castor oil in different forms of release differs, and you should look at the date of manufacture and the date until which use is permitted.


Significant positive effects have been reported by people who have been treated with castor oil for constipation. Approximately 92% of consumers who were authorized to use it were satisfied. The advantages were noted that improvements occur very quickly, unpleasant symptoms disappear or decrease after one or two doses.

It is also worth noting the low price of the medicine, when you will have to pay much more money for another good laxative.

Doctors do not prohibit the use of castor oil for treatment, but they advise you to first consult with a specialist who can determine the degree of its positive effect on a particular illness.

Traditional medicine recipes

In both domestic and foreign official medicine, castor oil is often used as a component of complex therapy - in ointments, balms, pastes. But folk practice uses castor oil, both internally and externally, for a very extensive list of ailments. It has proven itself well, in addition to its laxative effect, for:

  • colds;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • joint diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, “spurs”);
  • dermatological problems (papillomas, eczema, age spots).

In addition, castor oil is an assistant in losing weight, and it is also used to cleanse the intestines.

For weight loss

The powerful laxative effect of the oil is based on the ability of ricinoleic acid to irritate the receptors of the rectal mucosa, as a result of which reflex peristalsis of smooth muscles occurs, stool liquefies and moves out. This usually occurs after 2-6 hours (depending on the dose, individual sensitivity and other factors).

If you constantly drink castor oil for constipation, you may develop addiction and intestinal atony. Therefore, in order to empty the rectum, it is taken once or in courses from 3 to 7 days. Then a break is required. The standard dosage is 1 g of oil per 1 kg of weight, however, for each specific case, a different scheme has been developed:

  1. General bowel cleansing and weight loss: 2 tsp. in the morning an hour before breakfast (after half an hour it is recommended to drink a glass of warm water) for 1 week. After a week of break, you can repeat the 7-day course again.
  2. Normalization of metabolism, diet: 1 tsp. castor oil with chicory or kefir (in equal proportions) in the morning on an empty stomach for 1-2 weeks.
  3. Single dose for constipation: 30 g (for adults) or 10 g (for children) 1 time per day for 1-3 days.
  4. Fasting days (1 time per week): 1 tbsp. l. in the morning on an empty stomach (for body weight over 90 kg - 2 tbsp.).

Because of the unpleasant taste, many people do not like castor oil and prefer the encapsulated product. But for an adult, this is not a big relief, because the average single dose is up to 30 capsules, which is also not very well accepted by the body.

Naturally, you will not be able to lose significant weight just by taking castor oil. Carrying out special physical activity and diets in combination with regular bowel cleansing will be more effective. The undoubted advantage of castor oil is that it reduces appetite.

An important feature of castor oil is that, along with cleansing the intestines, it helps to improve the microflora in it and overall health. So, castor oil:

  • eliminates putrefactive and fermentation processes in the intestines;
  • evacuates excess liquid;
  • gets rid of parasites;
  • stimulates liver function;
  • strengthens the immune system.

At the same time, this is a rather aggressive agent, potentially dangerous for healthy microflora, and not just pathogenic ones. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow the recommended dosages.

Colon cleansing is carried out to:

  • get rid of stagnant feces;
  • remove toxins;
  • normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • lose weight;
  • improve the condition of the skin, the functioning of internal organs and systems.

Before the procedure, abstain from food for at least 12 hours. Lightly heat the oil (in the amount of 1 g per 1 kg of weight), drink it in one gulp (it’s more convenient through a straw), you can snack on raisins or wash it down with grapefruit juice. They also do not eat anything for the next 12 hours, and for the next couple of days it is better to stick to a gentle diet.

As a result of this procedure, it is possible to lose up to 3-4 kg.

For joints and muscles

Rubbing painful areas of the body with warm oil relieves pain and inflammation, relaxes muscles, and softens the skin. Rubbing is relevant for:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • arthritis;
  • hallux valgus deformity (“spur”);
  • arthrosis;
  • rheumatism;
  • sprains;
  • muscle overstrain after physical activity.

Warm oil compresses, lotions, baths, and massage with oil also help. So, for “spurs”, the heel is lubricated with castor oil and a hot heating pad is applied - the heat facilitates the penetration of the active components.

  • Compresses. Slightly heated oil is soaked in a piece of natural fabric or a napkin, applied to the chest or throat for colds, flu, sore throat, ARVI, and kept for about 2 hours.
  • Rubbing. Use undiluted oil to massage any problem areas - joints, spine, limbs to relieve tension, fatigue, pain.
  • Lotions. Cotton pads and gauze swabs soaked in oil are applied to wounds, abrasions, and insect bites to speed up healing and relieve discomfort.
  • Baths. Sedentary (4 liters of warm water - 1 tablespoon of oil) - used for hemorrhoids, gynecological disorders, urethritis.
  • Drops. For ear and eye diseases, slightly warmed castor oil has long been used; the use of the product is as follows: 1-3 drops in each eye or affected ear canal. Effective for otitis, inflammation, fatigue, dry eyes, and in the prevention of cataracts.

Warts, age spots, stretch marks, scars, burn scars are noticeably reduced or completely eliminated with the help of castor oil. It is recommended to rub the oil into the affected areas every day for 20 minutes twice (for warts - 3-4 times) a day. The method can be used for a long time - for one to several months, until the problem is completely eliminated.

In addition, castor oil is a popular ingredient in anti-cellulite massage programs: heated oil (permissible in equal proportions with almond and olive oil) is rubbed into the skin during an anti-orange peel massage. The powerful regenerating, toning and rejuvenating potential of castor oil in this case is manifested more clearly in comparison with other massage bases.

Instructions for use of castor oil

As a remedy for constipation, as indicated in the official instructions:

  • adults need to consume castor oil in a dosage of 15-30 g,
  • children – 5-15 years old.

With long-term use, intestinal atony may develop, so you should not constantly use castor oil internally. As an intestinal stimulant, castor oil is drunk for no more than 3 days in a row.

But for external use there are no restrictions on the duration of the course of use (except for contraindications).

How the cleaning method works

Castor, when it enters the intestinal tract, is broken down into its constituent components by the enzyme lipase. Allowed castor acid irritates the mucous membrane and causes active motility. And the diuretic effect of the drug retains water in the intestinal lumen, which moisturizes accumulated feces and expands the walls of the body for successful evacuation.

This period, according to various estimates, takes about 20 - 40 minutes, and bowel movements can be caused within 6 hours, so on the day of cleaning you need to walk far not home, but straight from the toilet. Painful abdominal cramps may occur, but you can help the intestinal tract empty by giving a gentle massage in a clockwise direction. The end of the product occurs when the housing is completely emptied.

Castor oil and use in skin, nails and hair care

The fatty acids of castor oil, led by ricinoleic acid, are extremely beneficial for skin of all types, including oily and problem skin, due to their disinfectant and regulating properties. In addition, castor oil - being a base oil - moisturizes, nourishes, softens the skin, relieves dryness, evens out tone, brightens, tones subcutaneous blood flow, and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. In caring for mature skin, castor oil rejuvenates well, and at a younger age it will help maintain elasticity and smoothness longer.

In its pure form, the oil is suitable as an eye cream, lip cream, day or night care (if it does not cause swelling), and a component of masks.

  • Dry facial skin. Nourishing and moisturizing weekly mask: beat one yolk with a tablespoon of castor oil, apply for 10 minutes (as the mask dries, you need to refresh the layers). For oily skin, a similar mask with white instead of yolk is suitable.
  • Wrinkles. To prevent aging, a mixture of castor oil, olive and sea buckthorn oils (2:1:1) is useful. Apply daily for 20 minutes, residues are removed with a napkin.
  • Dull skin. Fruit-castor mixtures charge the skin with energy, health, and radiance. For dry skin, take the pulp of a banana, apricot or melon; for oily skin, use apple or kiwi; for combination skin, take lingonberry. A tablespoon of fruit puree is mixed with a teaspoon of castor oil, applied to the skin for 15 minutes, and washed off. The mask is good not only for the face, but also for the décolleté, arms, thighs, and buttocks.
  • Pigmentation. To lighten the skin you will need cucumber or lemon juice: add a teaspoon of castor oil to a tablespoon. Apply pointwise to areas of pigmentation (freckles).
  • Lips. Homemade balm for delicate lip skin: castor oil, Vaseline in a ratio of 4:3. Lubricate lips before going outside or 2-3 times a day.
  • Hands. For the mask, take equal parts honey and castor oil. Application: spread on hands, put on plastic gloves, hold for half an hour or an hour.
  • Calluses, rough heels. Heat the oil in a water bath, lubricate your feet, put on socks, and leave overnight.

The miraculous effect of castor oil on the growth, strength and condition of hair is truly legendary. The oil really takes excellent care of curls, eliminates dandruff, oiliness, and dullness. Eyelashes and eyebrows also become thicker and longer after a course of using castor oil.

Despite the fact that the external use of castor oil almost never causes an allergic reaction (however, if it occurs, then the bottle of oil should be put aside), its internal use has contraindications. Thus, drinking castor oil is not recommended for pregnant women, lactating women, children under 12 years of age, as well as people suffering from chronic constipation, kidney disease, appendicitis, poisoning and any acute abdominal pain, with a tendency to uterine bleeding.

Down with wrinkles!

You won't believe it, but castor oil can get rid of wrinkles and even turn back time. Yes, this is exactly what castor bean extract has! Just apply a thin layer of oil to your face before going to bed. The daily procedure will return you to a youthful, wrinkle-free face.

To enhance the effect of the nourishing cream, add 2-3 drops of castor bean extract to it before applying it to your face.

Face massage

Castor oil is perfect for facial skin care. No worse, and even better, than many of the most expensive products.

To do this, it is best to slightly heat the oil in a water bath and rub it along the massage lines of the face.

Give a light massage. After 10 minutes, remove excess oil with a napkin. You can also recommend this facial massage: dip a spoon in hot water, heat it, dip it in oil and rub it along the massage lines with the spoon itself.

Universal mask

Suitable for any skin type: 1 yolk, 10 drops of castor oil, mix, apply to face. Keep this mask for 15-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. This mask is very suitable for winter. Nourishes the skin well.

For aging and dry skin, it is good to make the following mask: peel a medium-sized potato, boil it, mash it with a fork, add 1 tablespoon of milk and warm butter. You can also add the yolk of a chicken egg here. Stir everything. Apply a fairly thick layer to the face for 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Toning face mask

Grate 1 apple (without peel) using a fine grater. Add 1 tablespoon of oil to it. Apply to face for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. And then cool water. Instead of apples, you can use kiwi, grapes, tangerines.

Types of cleaning

If you are set on this feature, prepare a light diet in the refrigerator. It doesn’t hurt to go on a light diet for 2-3 days to give your body rest and gain strength. Be it yogurt, yoghurt, light soups, juices, cheese, low-fat cheese, bran bread, cereals.

The most common method of cleansing the intestinal tract involves taking castor oil at the rate of 1 g per 1 kg of weight. A portion of castor oil is heated in a water bath and drunk in large sips. Remotely squeeze the juice out of 2 lemons and drink the oil. If you feel nauseous afterward, experts advise you to slowly chew a handful of raisins. Wait for the function to take effect after 1.5-2 hours.

Before doing a colon cleanse with castor oil, you should avoid eating for 5-6 hours. That is, the last lunch is dinner. Not lunch tea and dinner. The entire function is performed before bed to minimize discomfort in the digestive system. Try to fall asleep faster to combat unpleasant nausea.

There are usually two main types:

  1. A method of obtaining pure castor oil, based on how to drink castor oil for the intestinal tract, as well as dosages.
  2. Cleansing the intestinal tract with castor oil formulations.

In the first embodiment, the product is used in an ideal form, in the form of drops or capsules. The average daily dose for an adult is up to 30 g. Duration of administration is 3 days. The frequency of the course is once every 3 months.

The dose should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening. Eating in the evening is prohibited. If you take a morning course, the first meal should be taken no earlier than 3 hours later.

All 3 days you need to drink more volume of pure still water at room temperature.

Here are some of the most common methods for making cleansing compositions that have numerous positive reviews.

Castor and lemon

The method of cleansing the intestinal tract with castor oil and lemon is one of the most popular. It's more efficient. The property of negative causes can be called vomiting and abdominal pain. Before running the features, there are a few things to do and a few rules:

  • 10 days before cleansing the intestinal tract, they go on a diet: cereals, dairy products, bran, juices.
  • The last meal should be left 15 hours before starting castor oil with lemon.
  • Wash at home, after choosing 2-3 days without work or travel.
  • After the first use of the product, it is prohibited to eat at least any food during the day.
  • Keep the dose in this proportion: 1 g of oil = 1 kg of weight.
  • The function frequency is not frequent every 30 days.
  • The warehouse must be drunk. To avoid the gag reflex, cover your nose tightly with your hand or a tissue. If vomiting still occurs, eat 1-2 slices of lemon.
  • The laxative effect will appear 4 hours after administration.

Sequence Recipe:

  1. Calculate the amount of oil based on your current weight.
  2. Prepare freshly squeezed juice from several lemons. The volume of juice should be 2 times the amount of oil.
  3. The product should be warmed just above room temperature. Warming up the steam will be good.
  4. Add one cup of oil and lemon juice.

Lemon juice perfectly dissolves toxins, and castor substance quickly and perfectly removes them from the body. Cleansing the walls of the intestinal tract with castor oil and lemon is not actually accompanied by vomiting.

The composition prepared by introducing cognac cleanses the body not only of toxins and stagnant feces, but also of helminths.

The world recognizes a huge number of methods for cleansing the body of parasites. This section is about the works of recognized honey stars. Thus, according to Neumyvakin, there are more than 160 parasite removal devices. I.P. For many years, Neumyvakin has studied the effects of baking soda and oils on the human intestinal tract.

A great time for this feature is at night. This is justified by the fact that at night, when parasites are in the body, their huge concentration is concentrated in the intestinal tract.

The function diagram is as follows:

  • Prepare oatmeal for dinner, add raisins or dried apricots. Eat porridge no later than 7 pm. You need 2-3 hours of sleep before going to bed.
  • After midnight, prepare half a glass of very sweet green tea. Drink up. Next, use a 50 ml comb. I prefer a good result. Do not drink homemade or unknown alcohol. Wait 20 minutes. Heat pharmaceutical castor oil in a water bath. Dose - 50 ml. Drink this in one gulp. If you have acute vomiting, eat a piece of fresh lemon.
  • After 10 minutes. go to bed after implantation. Helplessness or dizziness in the morning are strong signs of organ toxicity resulting from death from parasites.

The intestinal tract should be cleansed with castor oil and cognac for 5 days.

Castor oil can be taken in combination with other herbal products such as flaxseed. Take 1 teaspoon castor oil and 1 tsp. linseed oil. Stir in a glass bowl. Add 200 ml of clean water at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees. Mix well and drink. The composition works very well when consumed in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening.

It is believed that before at least some cleansing, the introduction of therapeutic fasting or ingestion of several oils will be required. These include olive, almond or cedar. They can be drunk either in their ideal form (without mixing) or as salad dressings. This “lubricant” has a beneficial effect on the intestinal tract, carefully preparing it for its main function.

Cleansing the intestinal tract can be carried out both for preventive purposes and in preparation for any type of surgery. In the latter case, you need to execute the function quickly and flawlessly. Castor is indispensable for this.

Kefir is one of the mildest and most beloved dairy products with a laxative effect. Castor oil for cleansing the intestinal tract in combination with kefir optimizes internal microflora, promoting weight loss. You need to go through the previous functions before you can see the song.

  • There are several days off. During the fasting period, abstinence from fatty foods, smoked foods and alcohol is considered.
  • Be sure to consult with your doctor about the ability to affect the intestinal tract, taking into account the personal characteristics of your body.
  • The warehouse must be specially prepared before sale. Mix 1 tsp finely ground wheat bran with 1 tbsp. l low-fat kefir and 1 tsp. oil.
  • The resulting consistency should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning or evening 3 hours after dinner.
  • The duration of the kefir course is 1 week.

Treatment of a delicate problem

Castor oil is taken for constipation. Experts advise taking it only in extreme cases. Avoid taking it regularly so that your intestines do not get used to its help.

Buy capsules of this product at the pharmacy and take 20 capsules at a time or 2 tbsp. in liquid form. The duration of treatment is no more than 3 days. The expected effect of this medicine occurs within 2-8 hours. It is better to stay at home during treatment.

It is best to take castor oil with a ginger drink or any tea; the main thing is to follow the dosage exactly.

Preparing for a bowel examination

When you are prescribed a colonoscopy, you should follow all the doctor’s recommendations:

  • follow the prescribed diet for 3-4 days,
  • before the colonoscopy, the day before, around lunchtime, drink 2-3 tbsp. oil, dissolving it in half a glass of kefir,
  • in the evening, do a cleansing enema,
  • Before the examination, do 2 more enemas to get “clean” water.

Residue-free diet before colonoscopy

Before the study, exclude the following products from the menu:

  • fresh vegetables;
  • porridge – oatmeal, pearl barley, millet;
  • legumes – peas, beans, beans;
  • nuts;
  • berries;
  • fruits;
  • black bread;
  • carbonated drinks, including kvass;
  • milk.

You can include in your diet:

  • dairy products;
  • wholemeal bread;
  • lean beef, fish, poultry;
  • dietary broths.

Considering the reviews of doctors, castor oil is an excellent cleanser when used correctly.

Customer Feedback on Castor Oil Processing

“I cleansed my intestinal tract with castor oil several times. Naturally, the function is quite unpleasant, although it is difficult to drink this bad-smelling water. And I was very pleased with the effect, I lost 3.5 kg, the swelling disappeared and my complexion was restored. A renowned therapist recommended a cleanse one day, and now I take his advice every year.”

Kristina, Voronezh.

“I once drank castor oil to cleanse my intestinal tract before a sigmoidoscopy. Huge, I didn't repeat it. The taste and smell are simply unbearable, I tried drinking it with pear syrup, but it is still impossible to kill the aftertaste. After implantation, the abdominal cavity twisted for a long time. The desired fruit is achieved, but I do not repeat the function.”

Lena, Kostroma.

“For a long time I was tormented by constipation, all other medications had a short-term effect, and after 2-3 implants they stopped helping. I tried using castor oil as a laxative. The product itself is not the sweetest tasting, but if you drink it with juice, you can avoid vomiting. After the function, I lost 2.5 kg, began to recover both in good physical shape and with constipation, constipation does not bother me at all. I looked at the positive reviews online and didn’t regret it.”

Vladimir, Lipetsk.

“I was diagnosed with helminthiasis, I did not want to take chemicals, so I decided to slow down the tried and tested folk remedies. According to friends, castor oil with cognac coped with my problem very well. Indeed, the morning after the injection I found many dead worms in my stool. However, this medicine does not treat helminthiasis. I had to resort to medication, although I am happy with my intestinal tract. »

Valentin, Orel.

“An excellent medicine that should not be confused with the dose is that diarrhea is different. It’s best to clean on weekends or holidays because the intestinal tract empties during the day.”

Galina, Alexandrovna.

I have only tried castor oil for my intestinal tract once when I decided to cleanse and lose weight. I will say right away that I will do everything right, considering the fact that you will be at home all day, otherwise you will not be able to avoid emergencies. In my version, the output was not minimal, but quite noticeable. The stomach became thin, and the body seemed especially light. But in order to perceive the compression of castor bean seeds in ideal form - a real torture, it was necessary to dilute the juices to taste. Yulia, 28 years old

I sometimes suffer from bowel movements because I don't always get better. To normalize peristalsis, doctors, as always, prescribe aqueous lactulose or other herbal capsules, but this is a long process. Therefore, from time to time I resort to castor oil, which is very easy to buy at the pharmacy. It can even cleanse worms. However, the reception function is not the most “tasty”, but you can combine the treatment with lemon and drink without nausea.

Alina, 34 years old

In case of constipation, doctors do not recommend using castor oil as it may worsen the situation and cause abdominal pain. In particular, you should be attentive to people who suffer from stomach disorders such as gastritis. You can only use flaxseed mixture on an empty stomach and then with your doctor's permission.

Valentina, 42 years old

My cleanse recipe involves squeezing castor seeds and cranberry juice. This cocktail is very easy to drink and will also act as an anthelmintic. After the function, the skin becomes fresh and flaky, and does not even cause junk food!

Victoria, 26 years old

When you decide to begin a colon cleanse with castor oil, read all instructions for this medication. Utility can only be obtained by matching the selected product concentration. Your health is in your hands!

The prospects for cleansing the intestinal tract with castor oil are mixed. Some complain of severe vomiting and abdominal pain. Unfortunately, a cleanse without certain side effects will not work. The fact is that the release of sediment, feces and toxins from the intestinal tract is accompanied by a reduction in cramps.

At the same time, almost everyone who tried the feature said it had a quick effect. Many have a positive effect on the next day. Improvement in the general condition of the body, yawning of the skin, lightness - these are only the first results. Cleaning also helps reduce weight, up to several pounds in some cases.

Castor oil is a natural and excellent colon cleanser. With the rules of cleansing, the risk of unpleasant symptoms will decrease and the effect will not be long in coming.

The main thing is the quality of the oil!

Each oil has its own expiration date. Any manufacturer is required to indicate it on the packaging. Be sure to check this information so as not to harm yourself. Expired oil decomposes into fractions and acquires completely different, unpredictable properties. By using oils that have expired, you risk being left without eyelashes altogether.

Buy oils only from a store or pharmacy that specializes in selling such drugs. Oils should not be stored in plastic containers or packaging; such substances should only be stored in glass. Do not buy oils in random places, from unknown sellers. Having fulfilled all these simple conditions, you will use essential oils to make your eyelashes truly beautiful, long and fluffy.

A transparent, thick, viscous, colorless or slightly yellowish liquid with a specific odor.


Pediatricians do not recommend administering castor oil as a remedy for constipation in children due to its taste and olfactory characteristics. Typically, it is quite difficult for a child to drink this yellow water, which causes vomiting, so children under 12 years of age should use gentler laxatives.

Contraindications for cleaning:

  • pregnancy (before the birth of castor oil, it is unacceptable to avoid involuntary or early termination of pregnancy);
  • adhesions in the intestinal tract (in this case the product leads to bleeding); menses;
  • inflammation in the intestinal tract;
  • gallstones;
  • colitis;
  • lactation period (cleansing the intestinal tract with castor oil is unacceptable for nursing mothers due to impaired production of breast milk due to dehydration);
  • poisoning with fat-soluble toxins (pesticides, heavy metals).

Continuous use of castor oil to obtain a laxative effect is a prerequisite for intestinal atony. The body loses the ability to respond without fail, reacts to the level of fullness and removes the contents, which leads to acquired constipation, inability to defecate due to muscle atrophy, and fecal incontinence.

Indications for use

  • The instructions for use indicate castor oil as a remedy that is suitable for the treatment of constipation, diseases of the large intestine and varying degrees of food poisoning, the removal of toxins from the large intestine before clinical diagnosis.
  • This is an effective means for stimulating labor in the uterus and increasing the production of breast milk after childbirth.
  • In traumatology, castor oil is used to treat skin wounds and ulcers.
  • The oil also stimulates blood circulation and enhances metabolism.
  • The use of castor oil in trichology for the treatment, restoration and strengthening of hair, and also in cosmetology for cleansing, nourishing and treating facial skin is popular.
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