Does Gainer Have an Expiration Date?

How long does protein last after opening?

But do not forget that protein is an ordinary product that has its own expiration date (the manufacturer indicates this parameter on the supplement label).
Typically, when packaged unopened, the shelf life of protein can range from six months to several years. If the protein is opened, its shelf life is reduced. It's easy to explain. The powder has already been in contact with air, so a number of chemical processes may occur.

Please note that the expiration date is just a guide. During the specified period, the manufacturer guarantees that his product will retain its nutritional properties and give the expected result. But what if you find (or buy) an unopened can of protein at home that has already been stitched?

If the expiration date has recently expired, then you can safely accept the product - it is unlikely to have deteriorated. The worst that can happen is a slight upset stomach and flatulence. It is unlikely that it will seriously harm your health.

Manufacturers often indicate on the package information that the opened product can be stored for no more than two weeks.

About the expiration date

There are no universal shelf life for carbohydrate-protein mixtures. Each manufacturer determines how long the product is allowed to be stored in the open and closed position.

This period can range from a couple of months to 3-4 years. When the package is opened, the shelf life decreases, because the powder has already been in contact with air and, as a result, entered into a chemical reaction. For example, if the shelf life when unopened is 1-2 years, then after opening the package it can decrease to 3-6 months.

How is protein made?

As we said, protein is natural protein. On the other hand, in addition to it, protein powders may contain other natural components. If we talk about the most popular types of proteins, then it is worth mentioning whey protein (denoted as Whey protein). Also no less popular are Soy and Milk, respectively soy and milk types of protein.

If you try to break down the process of making such protein powders into stages, you will get the following list:

  1. At the first stage, the primary raw materials are fermented. Dairy products are sources of whey protein and casein. By the way, this composition is different from Whey protein.
  2. Next, the whey protein is divided into fractions.
  3. The concentrate drying stage, after which the protein is ready for sale and consumption.

It is worth saying that protein powder can have different percentages of protein.

Shelf life of the protein after opening the package

After opening the package, the expiration date changes (we have already discussed this above). In this case, manufacturers limit the time of use to two weeks and no more.

It is believed that after this period, the effectiveness of the protein decreases or is completely leveled. But that's not true. Even 8-12 months after opening, the supplement will retain its qualities.

Another question is whether it is worth experimenting with your body. If a package of protein is not hermetically sealed, then long-term storage can lead to the loss of many beneficial qualities. What is the point in taking the product in this case? – It’s easier to buy new powder and avoid wasting time.

Does protein have an expiration date?

are a source of additional protein and healthy fats.

At the same time, protein, like all protein-based products, has a relatively short shelf life, which also depends on the tightness of the packaging.

Some protein supplements are used as aids for reducing excess body weight, while others are used as the main building material for muscle development. They are a source of protein, an ingredient that is essential whether we want to gain or lose weight. Find out, . Protein supplements may be helpful:

  1. vegetarians, as it replenishes the lack of animal protein in the body.
  2. when you need to quickly gain or restore muscle mass;
  3. to strengthen bones, as it contains a sufficient amount of vitamins;
  4. during the period of weight loss (some meals are replaced by protein);
  5. during muscle gain (the mixture is considered an additional meal);

The male body, due to the large amount of testosterone, absorbs protein better than the female body, which should be taken into account when selecting the dosage.

Important! Simply consuming extra protein does not necessarily lead to muscle growth or loss of body fat.

The shelf life of sealed, printed protein and protein shakes varies greatly.

To protect yourself, you need to strictly adhere to the storage time of each type. According to European standards, the shelf life of protein supplements in dry form is two years.

Typical protein shelf life

Protein is a natural product. If it does not contain special additives, then you can use protein powder for not such a long time. Generally, the shelf life with the lid closed is six months to a maximum of three years. Of course, this figure varies depending on the manufacturer. The exact date of manufacture and expiration date can be seen directly on the packaging.

If you suddenly bought expired protein, you most likely will not get poisoned. On the other hand, if you use a product whose permitted use time has expired, the manufacturer does not guarantee effectiveness.

Shelf life of sealed protein

There are some recommendations for saving this supplement, which is popular among athletes. To do this, you should choose a certain convenient place. It should be:

  • dark;
  • dry;
  • with a temperature of about +20ºС.

The shelf life of the product depends on the country of origin, the manufacturer and the conditions in which the powder is stored. On average, the additive can last from six months to several years. European manufacturers present goods with a maximum shelf life of up to 2 years, while American ones are stored for up to 3 years.

If the protein is purchased in liquid form, it can be stored for about a month. It is worth noting that the humidity in the room does not matter.

Shelf life before opening the package is 2 years .

Shelf life of the cocktail

Now it is worth considering another question. The shelf life of protein in an open or poorly closed jar is one thing. How long does a ready-made protein drink retain its properties?

If you are going to prepare the cocktail in advance, then at most this can be done in two or three hours, no more. Otherwise, for example, after five or six hours, the cocktail will definitely disappear. In a matter of hours, all useful components, including protein, are destroyed. Eating spoiled protein doesn't make much sense. Moreover, its taste changes dramatically. And the smell of the cocktail is quite unpleasant, so it is simply impossible to drink it expired.

There is a not entirely correct opinion that if you put the protein prepared for use in the refrigerator, then all the beneficial properties of the drink will be preserved. This is, of course, not true. If the cocktail is cooled, this will stop the destruction of the protein for a maximum of an hour. It is also necessary to observe the expiration date of the protein after preparation.

The shelf life of a cocktail that has already been prepared is even shorter. In this case, it is better to take the protein within 3-4 hours.

Many athletes put the cocktail in the refrigerator and believe that in this way they increase its life expectancy. But that's not true. At best, refrigeration will increase the storage period by half an hour, no more.

What happens if you don’t drink a cocktail on time?

– The process of destruction of proteins by other components – enzymes, which are also in the cocktail, starts. If you waste time and don’t drink the finished cocktail 5-6 hours after preparation, it may turn out to be completely useless. It is not difficult to recognize a missing cocktail - its taste changes (it becomes unpleasant), and a nasty smell appears from the mouth.

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Protein Storage Recommendations

Please note that the effectiveness of the additive largely depends on where it is stored.

To preserve its quality, the protein should be kept in a dark and dry place. Direct exposure to the sun or high temperature can significantly shorten the shelf life. In such a situation, taking an expired supplement is no longer recommended.

  • The diluted cocktail should be drunk immediately. The longer it sits, the more useful properties it will lose.
  • In a sealed container, protein powder can be stored for two to three years without any harm.
  • As soon as you open the package with the mixture, you should immediately place it in the refrigerator. This way you will prolong his life.
  • The optimal temperature for storing an open package of protein is from 5 to 19 degrees.

Is it possible to drink expired gainer?

On many cans containing sports nutrition it is written that if this package is not opened, the product will be stored for two to three years. But if the jar is open, then the product in it spoils already in the second or third week. Many scientists say that gainer can be consumed even if the expiration date has expired six to twelve months. Even if the expiration date has expired, you will never be poisoned by the mixture because it practically does not deteriorate. The worst thing you will get from an expired product is that there will be absolutely no benefit.

The finished gainer cannot be stored for a long time and loses all its positive qualities after half an hour.

Very often, after the expiration date, a gainer loses all its beneficial properties, turning into a useless mixture in a jar. It is very important not to forget the fact that the shelf life is affected by how and where you store the carbohydrate-protein mixture. If you follow all the manufacturer's recommendations regarding storage conditions, then even if the expiration date expires, the protein will not lose its properties. Very often, manufacturers recommend storing the gainer in a dark and dry place.


When purchasing, always pay attention to the expiration date indicated by the manufacturer, as well as under what conditions the product should be stored. If the requirements are met, the product can be taken even after the expiration date.

July 3, 2015

Features of consumption of expired protein.

Can this harm the body? Today, many men and women take protein. Moreover, each of them may have different goals.

Some people need an increase in muscle mass, others want to urgently lose weight, others are at the “drying” stage and in this way protect themselves from catabolic processes. In general, sports nutrition can and should be taken to solve a variety of problems. But many people forget that protein, like any other product, has an expiration date.

There are situations when you bought sports nutrition, but did not drink it right away, or the product you ordered from the online store turned out to be expired. What to do in such a situation?

Is it possible to drink protein that has already expired? Surprisingly, such questions are being asked more and more often by athletes. Well, let's figure it out.

Thus, when purchasing a product, be sure to check its expiration date. This parameter is not indicated for the sake of “clarity”. The manufacturer guarantees that during this period his product will give maximum results and will not cause harm to the body.

In case of receiving an expired product, the manufacturer is not responsible for the consequences.

This doesn't mean something terrible is going to happen. It’s just that the risk of buying a useless “carrying” product increases significantly. Essentially, you're buying protein and flushing the money down the toilet.

There is only one conclusion - you can drink expired protein, but whether you need it is a big question. Good luck.

January 12, 2015

How long can a protein supplement be stored? How to check its authenticity.

Sports supplements made from protein mixtures have gained popularity all over the world. But, like all products based on this type, the protein has a rather short shelf life. The question arises: how unhealthy is expired protein?

It should be noted that the shelf life of protein from different manufacturers may vary significantly. It is believed that in hermetically sealed packaging it does not lose its properties for about two years (the norm for European-made products).

For American protein, this period reaches three years. Most manufacturers assure customers that the protein expires after two weeks. This is not entirely true, but you still should not use the protein complex for a long time after the package with the drug has been opened.

Speaking about a protein shake, we draw your attention to the fact that its shelf life is shorter compared to a crumbly mixture.

It can be stored at room temperature for no more than three to four hours. Even if you put it in the refrigerator, this will increase the “life” of the drug by only an hour and a half. It is preferable to prepare a protein shake before training, otherwise the proteins begin to be destroyed by the enzymes included in its composition - the compounds are subject to the destructive effects of bacteria.

Care should be taken when consuming protein shakes so that a drink aimed at good does not do harm. The first sign that you drank an expired protein shake is a bad taste in your mouth. Stomach upset may occur if the opened protein product has been stored for more than one year.

Of course, protein is a natural product. As you know, natural protein substances deteriorate much faster than chemicals. When you open a can of powder, you need to use it within two weeks. In the future, the protein (after the expiration date) is unlikely to give any results, and it’s not worth risking your health.

Protein in the life of an athlete

There are no harmful extraneous additives in sports nutrition of our time. Heavy sports training causes protein deficiency. Eating high-quality protein will help every athletic person achieve high results.

Nowadays, there are quite a lot of sports supplements based on protein mixtures. Therefore, protein has a rather short shelf life. In order to choose a high-quality and desired product, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer and expiration date.

But the shelf life of supplements is different for each manufacturer. It is believed that protein, hermetically packaged, can have a shelf life of up to two years. It is not recommended to use the protein complex if a long amount of time has passed after opening the package of the drug.

Caution must be exercised when consuming protein shakes. You can also determine the suitability of a cocktail by taste. An expired drink leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth. Another sign may be an upset stomach. These side symptoms indicate that the drug was stored after opening for more than one year, and its expiration date has expired.

Sports nutrition is very popular these days. For this reason, you need to be careful when choosing a product, because cases of counterfeit goods have become more frequent. The counterfeit itself does not harm a person’s life, but it also does not give the desired effect. A survey was conducted among gym visitors. The following brands became the leaders in protein production: Optimum Nutrition: 100% Whey Gold Standard; Ultimate Nutrition: ProStar 100% Whey Protein; Twinlab: 100% Whey Protein Fuel; Dymatize: Elite Whey Protein.

What if the expiration date has expired?

Sometimes sellers on the Internet offer to buy cheaper protein that has already expired. Everyone decides for themselves whether it is worth making such a purchase.

In fact, expired protein is the same as expired milk protein. No one has ever died from taking such a cocktail. However, in most cases, expired protein causes stomach upset.

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Identifying expired protein is not always easy. Of course, if we are talking about a finished cocktail, then this can be understood by the taste - the drink becomes extremely unpleasant. In other cases, it is easier to rely on certain factors when making an assessment. Do not forget about where and when you stored the container with the powder. Look at the consistency of the product, monitor your own well-being.

By the way, the activity of microorganisms almost instantly affects the condition of the product. The consistency (and sometimes color) of the powder changes, and the taste and smell of the finished cocktail changes.

Shelf life of protein in unopened packaging

The information on the label will help you determine the expiration date of the product. On average, this figure is six months. Sometimes it reaches several years, but here we are talking about adding additional components, impurities and preservatives to the mixture.

If the package is opened, the protein should be consumed as soon as possible. As soon as the bottle is opened, oxygen reacts with the composition and the inevitable oxidation process begins. Therefore, athletes are increasingly purchasing large packages for several people at once, and then packing them into separate jars.

But this does not mean that if the jar is still sealed, it can be stored indefinitely. The expiration date, again, has not been canceled and must be followed strictly. Although some people still take the protein and insist that nothing bad happened. Digestion is normal, muscles are growing, weight is being lost. Therefore, decide for yourself whether you are ready to risk your health or, no matter what, are 100% confident in your good health.

Briefly about production

We must not forget that the most popular types of proteins (whey or casein) are made from dairy products.

That is, sports nutrition is, roughly speaking, a dehydrated version of the same whey or milk. Production technologies, of course, differ, but the essence remains the same. Protein is a natural product that has a shelf life and can deteriorate over time.

For a better understanding, let’s briefly look at the stages of sports nutrition production:

  1. In the first stage, the whey is separated from the milk. It is made by fermenting milk, when cottage cheese and fats are separated from the total mass. At the same time, cottage cheese remains a “carrier” of casein, and whey remains a “carrier” of whey protein.
  2. The whey is then separated into its individual components. This can be done using a special membrane filtration method (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and nanofiltration).
  3. Then the resulting composition goes through the stage of concentration and drying.
  4. The output is a finished protein with varying percentages of protein content - from 60 to 95%.

Of course, all stages of production are considered conditionally. The main task is to convey that the protein is of exclusively natural origin.

Reasons for consuming expired protein by athletes

If you suddenly drink expired protein, then don’t worry too much. Most likely, using a powder that has passed its expiration date simply will not have any effect.

If you suddenly notice mold or a change in the color of the powder (for example, it turns yellow), you should immediately throw away the product. If you have drunk a cocktail that shows signs of bacterial infection, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. After all, consuming a spoiled product can lead to irreparable consequences. Experts say that you should not use protein after the due date.

The widespread belief that the manufacturer deliberately reduces shelf life confuses the buyer. The argument is dubious. As a rule, the seller offers at a significant discount a product that has expired. It is the price reduction that is the first factor for purchasing.

The second reason is ignorance of the properties of dietary supplements and what they are made from. A person will not eat expired cottage cheese or canned meat, because he knows that such a product is harmful and hazardous to health. Beautiful packaging, a well-known manufacturer, and a confident seller can be misleading. You should know how long protein is stored and how it changes properties over time.

Is it possible to drink expired gainer? The product has a natural protein base, just like protein. If upon purchase it is discovered that the expiration date is expiring, it must be consumed as soon as possible. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with what is included in the powder and how it was stored. If you have any doubt about the quality of the supplement, it is better not to take risks.

Gainer expiration date

  • Shelf life: 6 months
  • Shelf life: 6 months
  • Shelf life in the refrigerator: not specified
  • Freezer life: not specified

Gainer is a class of sports nutrition that consists of excellent protein-carbohydrate mixtures. Sometimes manufacturers also add creatine, microelements, vitamins, and amino acids to gainers.

Many will be interested to know about the shelf life of the gainer, as well as its composition. You need to know that gainers can often contain a small amount of fat. The main function of a gainer is to increase body weight, as well as to quickly replenish energy reserves.

The expiration date of the gainer may vary. Of course, everything will depend on the manufacturer of the gainer and the composition of this product. Very often, the shelf life of a gainer is literally a couple of months. You can also find inscriptions on the packaging stating that the gainer has a shelf life of six months. There are also gainers whose shelf life can be up to several years.

You should also know that the history of gainers is very rich. This is one of the very first sports supplements. Previously, gainers were produced using very cheap types of proteins. They were also loaded with sugar and fats. Thus, the calorie content of the product was maximized. After some time, better products began to appear on the market. These are balanced gainers that contain purified protein with very high biological value. They also contain special carbohydrates and many other beneficial substances.

About motivation

Many athletes buy expired protein for one simple reason - it has an affordable price.

Many sports nutrition sellers take advantage of the financial problems of their customers and offer them products that have expired or are on the verge of expiration. Of course, the price in this case is much lower. The most paradoxical thing is that there is a demand for such a “cheaper” product, and quite a good one.

But this is stupid. Do you think it is possible to eat decomposed food?

The answer will be clear - no. Of course, deaths from taking expired protein have not yet been observed, but problems with the gastrointestinal tract are possible. The expiration date is put on the product to protect the buyer from many troubles.

But here, too, not everything is clear. If the protein is made by a reputable manufacturer and from quality ingredients, then you can drink it even after the expiration date. Of course, it is advisable to know when to stop.

If the expiration date of the product passed just a couple of months ago, then nothing bad will happen. The worst thing you can expect is an upset stomach and no results. This, in fact, is called risk.

Gainer expiration date

I once bought a gainer, put it on the shelf and forgot. And time goes by. You remember about the miracle supplement, glance at the expiry date of the gainer (“expiry date”), and there is a long-past day and month, maybe even a year. But, after surfing foreign forums, we managed to find out a lot of interesting things about the expiration dates of the gainer.

Firstly, sports nutrition manufacturers know that consumers like to keep the product beyond its expiration date and underestimate it slightly for gainers. In addition, manufacturers do not want lawsuits because someone took a few spoons of 4-year-old gainer and “threw away their skates.” The gainer contains no dangerous additives that could have a negative effect. In the worst case, you will end up with a long stay on the toilet.

Protein is an essential protein supplement for athletes

It has been established that protein is a building material for muscles. It plays an important role in muscle growth and recovery. So, if you want to make your body strong and pumped up, you should definitely add protein to your diet, which is a source of amino acids and a stimulator of protein synthesis.

There are several reasons why you should buy this drug when you start working out in the gym.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the lack of proteins that come with regular food. To make up for this deficiency, the athlete must consume kilograms of food, thereby overloading the stomach and other organs, or take protein as a dietary supplement. Agree, the latter option is much more convenient, practical and effective.

When choosing a protein drug, you need to focus on its type. Depending on their origin, proteins are divided into the following types:

  • whey, characterized by the greatest biological value. In addition, this type of protein is well digestible and contains a minimal amount of lactose;
  • casein preparations, characterized by a reduced rate of absorption. Thanks to their high concentration of glutamine and amino acids, they prevent the destruction of muscle tissue;
  • soy, is an excellent alternative solution for overweight people;
  • egg, has an average absorption rate, does not contain lactose.

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There are several reasons why you should buy this drug when you start working out in the gym. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the lack of proteins that come with regular food. To make up for this deficiency, the athlete must consume kilograms of food, thereby overloading the stomach and other organs, or take protein as a dietary supplement. Agree, the latter option is much more convenient, practical and effective.

How to check the authenticity of a protein?

Today, sports nutrition is gaining popularity, which is why many fakes are appearing. Recently, cases have become more frequent when a purchased protein drug turns out to be counterfeit. Fortunately, it doesn't cause any harm to your health, but it does hurt your wallet and doesn't live up to your expectations.

It is quite difficult to distinguish real protein from ordinary flour, and chemical analysis of the powder in a special laboratory will cost you a considerable amount. This is usually what scammers count on. What should you pay special attention to and how to check the purchased protein?

The analysis of the protein complex should begin at the store window, with a detailed study of the appearance of the packaging. The pack must be sealed tightly. Plastic packages are wrapped using a special wide film. There should be no breaks in the film or label. Particular attention should be paid to the expiration date indicated on the drug.

Proteins and carbohydrates are substances that dissolve in water and have different properties, they all manifest themselves differently in water. Once in a hot liquid, the proteins coagulate into lumps. Knowing about these properties, you can independently check the protein’s naturalness at home.

  • Tip 1: after purchasing, place a small amount of protein in warm water. Real protein must coagulate.
  • 2nd tip: dilute twenty grams of protein powder with one hundred milligrams of water: you should get a mixture similar to cottage cheese. Protein has the property of swelling in water, but flour does not give such thickness.

The analysis of the protein complex should begin at the store window, with a detailed study of the appearance of the packaging. The pack must be sealed tightly. Plastic packages are wrapped using a special wide film.

There should be no breaks in the film or label. Particular attention should be paid to the expiration date indicated on the drug. We advise you not to purchase sports nutrition if the expiration date is approaching, since storage conditions in the store may differ significantly from those recommended.

December 9, 2014

Protein, like many other protein products, has a minimum shelf life.

Athletes often complain that they don’t have time to finish a recently purchased can of protein before it expires. But is this product dangerous for athletes if its expiration date has expired? Does this change its taste somehow?

It is believed that in a closed, hermetically sealed state, the protein can be stored for quite a long time - up to two years.

Moreover, the American product has an even longer shelf life - three years. However, when opened, the protein can be stored in different ways. Much depends on its type.

  • Whey Protein. This type of protein is today considered the most biologically valuable drink among its analogues. It is made from natural protein, and its shelf life is not too long. Of course, in a closed, airtight container it will keep for a year or more, and if you open the product, you should use it within three to four weeks.
  • Whey Gold Standard. The high-quality protein Whey Gold Standard, so beloved by many athletes, has a shelf life of 24 months. Once opened, it can be stored for no more than thirty days.
  • Protein Dimatize. Many athletes are faced with the fact that they cannot find the expiration date on the Dimatize protein label. Typically the label with this information on this product is located exactly below the barcode. The shelf life of Dimatize protein reaches 2 years.
In a closed package2-3 years
Whey Gold Standard2 years
After opening2 weeks
Diluted4 hours

Gainer expiration date

The storage time of the product in a closed or open state is set by the manufacturer. Bags and unopened jars can be stored for 18 to 24 months in a cool, dry, and preferably dark place.

The expiration date is indicated on the packaging in the form of numbers indicating the end date of consumption, and recommendations on storage conditions and rules are also written there.

The optimal storage temperature for the drug is from 5 to 20 degrees Celsius. If the original packaging is not damaged, the drug can be used even if the expiration date is coming to an end or has expired. The additive can be used within 1.5-2 months after the end of the shelf life, provided that the container is sealed and the recommended storage conditions are observed.

Shelf life of diluted drink

Diluted protein is stored several times less than the dry product. At room temperature, the finished cocktail will not be stored for longer than four hours. It will last only an hour and a half more in the refrigerator.

Otherwise, enzymes will gradually destroy the proteins that are also included in such a drink, which turns out to be an excellent habitat for bacteria. Therefore, the best option would be to prepare and consume a protein shake immediately before training. An unpleasant taste in your mouth is the first sign that you have tried an expired protein shake.

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