Does the supplement have a shelf life?

Undoubtedly, like any other chemical compound intended for consumption, creatine also has a certain shelf life during which it remains suitable for use for its main purpose.

What exactly does this period of time guarantee?

Reference. In accordance with clause 4 of Article 5 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On the Protection of Consumer Rights”, the expiration date means the period of time after which a particular product becomes unsuitable for further use.

Thus, within the expiration date, the manufacturer guarantees customers the safety of all performance indicators and consumer properties of the purchased product. In this case, an important condition that the consumer must comply with is the correct storage of the purchased product.

Is the manufacturer obligated to install it?

In paragraph 4 of Art. 5 of the above-mentioned Law of the Russian Federation states that for certain types of goods the manufacturer is obliged to set expiration dates. These include:

  • Food;
  • medicines;
  • perfumes and cosmetics, etc.

Thus, a complete list of such products is reflected in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated June 16, 1997 No. 720. This also includes dietary supplements (biologically active additives), which include creatine.

Thus, the manufacturer is obliged to set an expiration date for creatine. The sale of this food additive without compliance with this requirement is prohibited by law (clause 5 of article 5).

In general, it can be noted that in the current legislative system of the Russian Federation there is no separate GOST regulating the process of creatine production. This issue is regulated within the framework of the general GOST 56202-2014 “Specialized food products...”, which applies to all biological active additives.

From what time does the countdown start?

In accordance with the provisions set out in Article 473 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the shelf life of the product begins to be calculated from the date of its manufacture, that is, from the moment when the production process was completely completed and packaging was carried out.


Important! To begin with, it is worth noting that clause 4.7 of clause 4 of GOST 56202-2014 states that dietary supplements, including creatine, must be packaged and labeled in accordance with the rules prescribed in the Technical Regulations CU 022/2011 and 005/2011.

Thus, the following terms should be indicated on the packaging of creatine (clause 4.1, article 4 of TR CU 022/2011):

  1. Date of manufacture - here is the date, month and year in which the dietary supplement was produced. In this case, a designation consisting of the following words is used: “Date of manufacture.” After this phrase, a specific period may be immediately indicated or a reference may be made to the place of packaging where such information can be viewed.
  2. Best before date – here the manufacturer offers the following options to choose from:
      you can write “expiration date” and indicate the month and year of creatine use;
  3. use of the wording “best before” indicating the full date (day, month, year).

Information about the expiration date and manufacture of creatine must be indicated on the following types of packaging:

  • transport;
  • consumer, including the label affixed to it (if any).

In addition, the manufacturer must also indicate the basic rules for storing creatine. This is written in clause 6, clause 4.1, article 4 of TR CU 022/2011.

How can I find out the dates if the dietary supplement was purchased abroad?

Reference. In most cases, the creatine purchased by many athletes is of foreign origin, that is, imported from abroad. In this regard, it is not always clear where exactly the expiration date of a given dietary supplement is written and what it looks like.

So, you can find this information on the back or side of the can. Typically, it is denoted as follows:

  • “EXP **/**” – this wording indicates the month and year before which creatine can be consumed.
  • “MFD **/**” – the month and year of manufacture are written here.

In addition, if there is no information on the can indicating the expiration date of creatine (in many countries the state does not oblige manufacturers to write this information on the packaging), then you should find the batch code (encrypted in the barcode) and determine the production date by him.

Is it possible to drink stitched creatine?

You probably know that sports nutrition has an expiration date. And it often happens that different sellers on promotion sell sports nutrition whose expiration date is already ending or has already expired. Is it possible to drink stitched creatine? Let's explore this topic in this article.

Personally, I have never bought creatine with an expiration date, I have never bought it at all. And I didn’t take it, all because of my kidneys, which I once had problems with. Now they seem to be healthy, but still there is no desire to take this supplement. Although the reviews about creatine are not bad, the results are also good, as far as side effects are concerned, there are practically no side effects.

It seems to me that you should not take stitched creatine, since the results from taking it can be bad, or none at all, and you can also harm yourself. Well, maybe if the expiration date has already expired or is 1 month expired, then the product will still be normal, as a rule, manufacturers make a reserve of the expiration date, a few more months after the expiration date.

It seems to me that if the protein is expired, then I think there shouldn’t be much harm, but creatine may lose its properties and there will be no effect.

Personally, I think it's better not to skimp on this. If money is too tight, then if it’s on sale, then you can buy a product whose expiration date is coming to an end, but has not yet expired, and you are going to accept it immediately after purchase, and not wait a few more months, and then accept it.

I had a case, I bought 8 kg protein, installed it and temporarily did not play sports, due to life circumstances. And when the expiration date came to an end, I printed it out and started taking it, then the expiration date expired, everything seemed fine, nothing happened to me. But creatine seems to me to be more serious. And expired creatine may no longer work; you’ll be wasting your money.

I read articles on the Internet that say that creatine can be stored for up to 3 years, even if the shelf life on the package is 1-1.5 years. Honestly, I don’t believe it, I can believe it if I add 2-3 months to this shelf life (1-1.5 years), but not 1.5-2 years!

I think they started writing such articles to get rid of expired goods, since it’s a pity to lose money (throw it away).

Buy normal, not expired goods and rock, grow and everything will be ok. Only a stingy person spends money twice. I hope I answered your question: “Is it possible to drink stitched creatine?”

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How long can monohydrate and its compounds be stored?

On average, the shelf life of creatine varies from 2 to 3 years. At the same time, the duration of the period during which this additive can be used for its main purpose is directly influenced by the following factors:

  1. Composition - can be in the form of a monohydrate, combined with malic acid, buffered or micronized, etc. It is worth noting that if there are additional substances in the composition, the shelf life will also be determined based on the time of their beneficial action.
  2. Release form - most often available in powder or capsule form. The latter option has a longer shelf life, since in this case the influence of the external environment on the active substance is minimized.
  3. Storage conditions - if the buyer stores creatine in accordance with the rules indicated on the packaging, the supplement will remain usable throughout the entire expiration date.

Table of time of use of supplements of popular brands

In order to understand what expiration dates can be set for creatine, you can consider several types of it from different manufacturers.

NameRelease formBest before dateStorage conditions
Micronized Creatine Powder (from Optimum Nutrition)Powder.2 years.In a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
Platinum 100% Creatine (from MuscleTech)Powder.3 years.Dry place out of reach of children.
Creatine Monohydrate (from Ultimate Nutrition)Powder/capsules.2.3 years.Dry, cool place (temperature should vary between 15 and 20 degrees).
Creatine Micronized (by Dymatize)Powder.2 years.A cool, dry place out of reach of children.
Performance Creatine (from SAN)Powder.2 years.Dry cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Shelf life of creatine from some manufacturers

Whatever form the drug is sold in, it must meet certain quality standards and be 100% creatine, without any impurities. In some cases, the use of food flavorings is allowed, but they do not affect the quality of the product.

The main producers of creatine are:

  • Cell – Tech from the world famous company Muscle Tech, which has many years of experience in the production of bioactive supplements for athletes. The drug is valid for 3 years from the date of production;
  • Universal Nutrition powder – 3 years;
  • Pure Creatine in powder form from the German company Power System – 3 years;
  • Now Foods creatine monohydrate – 3 years;
  • Kre – Alkalyn EFX in capsules from the manufacturer All America EFX – 5 – 6 years, which depends on the type of product;
  • Weider creatine monohydrate powder – 2 years.

Considering that products from different companies have a similar composition and identical effect on the body, when choosing supplements you should pay attention to their cost, manufacturer’s reputation, packaging weight, and taste.

It is not dangerous to consume expired creatine powder diluted with liquid after slightly exceeding the shelf life. Another question is how effective the composition is and whether there will be positive results from its use. The cost of this dietary supplement is not too high, so saving on it is, at a minimum, pointless.

Storage rules at home

It is worth noting that the duration of the period of use of creatine, during which it will not lose its beneficial properties, largely depends on compliance with the rules for its storage. In general, these conditions are the same for all types of such dietary supplements.

Where to put it until it is opened?

After purchasing creatine, the consumer should follow the following basic rules for storing it:

  1. it should be placed in a dark place where direct rays of the sun will not penetrate (a closet is ideal);
  2. the air in the room where creatine is stored should be dry (the main enemy of this dietary supplement is high humidity);
  3. compliance with the temperature regime (not higher than 20-25 degrees).

How long is the powder form good for after opening?

As a rule, the packaging of creatine does not indicate how long it can be stored after use. In this regard, it can be assumed that this period corresponds to the general shelf life of the supplement.

Attention! However, in order for the substance to remain suitable for use for a set period of time, it is necessary to tightly screw the jar of creatine so that moisture does not get in (this is especially true for powder).

The finished mixture should be consumed immediately after preparation.

Can I drink if the drinking period is about to expire or has already expired?

As a rule, the instructions make a note that this dietary supplement should not be consumed after the expiration date. At the same time, according to reviews from some athletes, it is quite suitable for use for another 6-8 months after the period of use specified in the instructions has expired. However, it's not worth the risk.

The following signs may indicate that the additive has deteriorated:

  • formation of lumps (relevant for powder);
  • the appearance of traces of mold;
  • color change.

Thus, creatine can be stored for 2-3 years , while maintaining its basic consumer properties. The main thing is to prevent moisture from getting into the jar, and also protect it from direct sunlight.

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Shelf life of sporpitis: what you need to know?

All sports nutrition products can be divided into three groups depending on their shelf life:

  • The first includes perishable products, in particular, all liquid mixtures that are ready for use. They must be drunk immediately, within the period indicated on the package. They are not subject to long-term storage.
  • The second group is liquid, tablet, powder and encapsulated products. The main condition for their proper maintenance is a dry and dark place, with a temperature from +5 to +23⁰С. In some cases, for example, if it is fish oil, polyunsaturated acids in capsules, storage in the refrigerator is recommended.
  • The third group is vitamins and various mineral complexes. They must be stored under the same conditions as for the previous groups, but they have a longer shelf life.

It is worth understanding that all manufacturers guarantee the high effectiveness of products (in particular, powdered protein shakes, gainers, BCAA, etc.) on the last day of the expiration date. After a few days or even weeks, the product will not deteriorate, and certainly will not cause harm to the body. According to some studies, products remain effective for 2 years after the expiration date. This indicator depends on the class and quality of processing. More detailed data depending on the sports nutrition group is presented below.

Expired protein: what to do with it?

Protein is one of the most common sports nutrition products. It is taken for various purposes: during drying to prevent catabolism processes, for weight loss, for increasing muscle mass.

Powdered protein shakes will not only be ok, but effective even 12 months after the expiration date on the package. Moreover, to add to the guarantee, it is recommended to store them in tightly closed packaging and in a dry, cool place.

Amino acids, as well as expired vitamins and minerals

Amino acids, as well as minerals, vitamins in the form of capsules and tablets, after the end of use indicated on the package, have a maximum effect for about 2 years. This fact applies to those products that are produced in tablet and capsule form. Amino acid powders, like proteins, can be stored for up to a year after expiration.

If we are talking about polyunsaturated acids, fish oil, which are produced in liquid form in capsules, they are less stable. It is recommended to store them in the refrigerator. It is recommended to take them no more than 6 months after the last expiration date.

Expired l-carnitine, gainers and fat burners

Carnitine and other fat burners will be effective up to 2 years after expiration. The same applies to gainers (if properly stored in a dry place, all powders will remain effective even after the expiration date for at least 1-1.5 years).

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