What is the shelf life of Erespal after opening?


The composition of the tablets is as follows: each tablet contains the active ingredient fenspiride hydrochloride , as well as additional substances: hypromellose, calcium hydrogen phosphate, macrogol 6000, silicon dioxide, povidone, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, glycerol .
The composition of cough syrup is as follows: active substance fenspiride hydrochloride , additional substances: flavoring agent, glycerol, licorice extract, Sunset Yellow S, propyl parahydroxybenzoate, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, sucrose, saccharin, potassium sorbate, water.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Erespal (Eurespal) prevents bronchoconstriction and slows down exudation . The anti-inflammatory effect that fenspiride is due to inhibition of arachidonic acid metabolism. Antibronchoconstrictor effects are produced due to inhibition of the process of secretion of biologically active substances: histamine , serotonin , bradykinin . In addition, the drug blocks α-adrenergic receptors, upon stimulation of which there is an increase in the production of bronchial secretions.

Prevents bronchospasm . If the drug is prescribed in large doses, it reduces the production of various inflammatory factors.

The medicine is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The highest concentration of the active substance in the blood plasma is observed approximately 2.5 hours after oral administration. The half-life is 12 hours.

Approximately 90% of the drug is excreted through the kidneys, the remaining 10% is excreted through the intestines.



100 ml of syrup contains:

active substance:

fenspiride hydrochloride 0.200 g;


flavoring composition with hints of honey scent* 0.500 g, licorice root extract 0.200 g, vanilla tincture** 0.400 g, glycerol 22.5 g, methyl parahydroxybenzoate 0.09 g, propyl parahydroxybenzoate 0.035 g; saccharin 0.045 g, sucrose 60.0 g, potassium sorbate 0.19 g; purified water up to 100 ml.

* Ingredients: flavorings, including natural ones, sunflower honey, water, ethanol1

** Ingredients: natural vanilla flavor and other components, including ethanol1

1 The total ethanol content in 100 ml of syrup is no more than 0.29 mg.

The liquid is brownish-yellow, transparent or slightly opalescent. During storage, sediment may form that disappears with shaking.

Anti-inflammatory antibronchoconstrictor agent

An anti-inflammatory agent, has an antiexudative effect, prevents the development of bronchospasm.

Shows antagonism with mediators of inflammation and allergy: serotonin, histamine (blockade of H1-histamine receptors), bradykinin. Has a myotropic antispasmodic effect.

When administered in large doses, it reduces the production of various inflammatory factors (cytokines, arachidonic acid derivatives, free radicals).

Well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.

The maximum concentration in blood plasma after oral administration is achieved after 2.3 ± 2.5 hours (from 0.5 to 8 hours). The half-life is 12 hours. It is excreted mainly by the kidneys (90%), 10% through the intestines.

Diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract:

– nasopharyngitis and laryngitis;

– tracheobronchitis;

– bronchitis (with or without chronic respiratory failure);

– bronchial asthma (as part of complex therapy);

– respiratory phenomena (cough, hoarseness, sore throat) with measles, whooping cough and influenza;

– for infectious diseases of the respiratory tract accompanied by cough, when standard antibiotic therapy is indicated.

Otitis and sinusitis of various etiologies.

Hypersensitivity to the active substance and/or any of the components of the drug.

Children under 2 years of age.

Patients with fructose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption, sucrase/isomaltase deficiency (due to the presence of sucrose in Erespal® syrup), patients with diabetes mellitus (due to the presence of sucrose in Erespal® syrup).

There are no or limited data on the use of Erespal® in pregnant women.

Taking the drug during pregnancy is not recommended.

Fenspiride therapy is not a reason to terminate an ongoing pregnancy.

Erespal® should not be used during breastfeeding due to the lack of data on the penetration of fenspiride into breast milk.


Shake before use.

Adults and teenagers

From 3 to 6 tablespoons of syrup (45-90 ml) per day, take before meals.

Children from 2 years old

Recommended dose 4 mg/kg/day.

body weight up to 10 kg:

from 2 to 4 teaspoons of syrup per day (or 10-20 ml), can be added to a bottle with food

body weight more than 10 kg:

from 2 to 4 tablespoons of syrup per day (or 30 – 60 ml), take before meals

1 tablespoon (15 ml of syrup) contains 30 mg of fenspiride hydrochloride and 9 g of sucrose.

1 teaspoon (5 ml of syrup) contains 10 mg of fenspiride hydrochloride and 3 g of sucrose.

The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor.

In case of an overdose of the drug (cases of overdose have been reported when taking the drug at a dose of more than 2320 mg), you should immediately seek medical help.


drowsiness or agitation, nausea, vomiting, sinus tachycardia.


gastric lavage, electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring.
Maintaining vital body functions. No special studies have been conducted on the interaction of fenspiride with other drugs.
Due to the possible enhancement of the sedative effect when taking histamine H1 receptor blockers, it is not recommended to use Erespal® syrup in combination with drugs that have a sedative effect, or in combination with alcohol.

The drug contains parabens (parahydroxybenzoates), as a result of which taking this drug can provoke the development of allergic reactions, including delayed ones.

When prescribing the drug to patients with diabetes, it is necessary to take into account that Erespal® syrup contains sucrose (1 teaspoon – 3 g of sucrose = 0.3 XE; 1 tbsp. spoon – 9 g of sucrose = 0.9 XE).

No studies have been conducted to study the effect of Erespal® on the ability to drive vehicles and operate machinery.

Patients should be aware of the possible development of drowsiness while taking Erespal®, especially at the beginning of therapy or when combined with alcohol intake, and should be careful when driving vehicles and when performing work that requires a high speed of psychomotor reactions.

Produced by Servier Industry Laboratory, France


150 ml of syrup in a brown plastic bottle (PVC) with a plastic cap with tamper evident. One bottle with instructions for medical use is placed in a cardboard box.

During production at Pharmstandard-Leksredstva OJSC, Russia:

150 ml or 250 ml of syrup in a brown plastic bottle (PVC) with a plastic cap with tamper evident. One bottle with instructions for medical use is placed in a cardboard box.

No special storage conditions are required.

Keep out of the reach of children.

3 years. Do not use after the expiration date indicated on the package.

Source: https://medum.ru/ehrespal-sirop

Indications for use of Erespal

What are the tablets and syrup for? Indications for the use of the drug are diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract of humans.

What does the medicine help with:

  • laryngitis , nasopharyngitis ;
  • bronchitis;
  • tracheobronchitis;
  • bronchial asthma (as part of complex treatment);
  • hoarseness, cough, tickling, disturbing patients with whooping cough , influenza , measles ;
  • infectious respiratory tract diseases, the symptom of which is cough;
  • sinusitis , otitis media .

Thus, according to the annotation, indications for the use of Erespal are diseases accompanied by cough and other symptoms of respiratory tract diseases. Indications for the use of syrup are the same as for the use of the drug in tablets. When prescribing a treatment complex, the doctor determines which form of the drug is preferable.

Erespal cough syrup: what for? Indications for use

The main component of the cough medicine Erespal is fenspiride hydrochloride. Being a selective antihistamine, it has a bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory and anti-exudative effect in the respiratory tract.

It has also been clinically proven that Erespal enhances and improves the activity of the ciliated epithelium of the bronchi, normalizes the volume and composition of mucus, somewhat diluting it.

The medicine effectively eliminates bronchial obstruction and restores gas exchange in the lung tissue.

The mechanism of action of fenspiride hydrochloride is that it inhibits the synthesis of arachidonic acid by blocking histamine H1 receptors.

During the inflammatory process, active metabolites (inflammatory mediators) are synthesized from it: free radicals, leukotrienes, prostaglandins, serotonin, bradykinin and cytokines, which play a major role in the development of bronchospasm, edema and hyperproduction of mucus.

Fenspiride also blocks α-adrenergic receptors, which are involved in stimulating the production of bronchial secretions.

The complex effect of the drug is based on a significant reduction in the exudative component of inflammation and a bronchodilator effect, due to a strong myotropic antispasmodic effect.


We can draw conclusions why Erespal is prescribed. First of all, I use it to reduce the production of mucus in the bronchi and their expansion.

As a result of these effects, the severity of the cough reflex will decrease and the discharge of sputum, if present, will improve. In addition, the active substance inhibits the progression of inflammation in the respiratory tract.

The instructions for use of the drug contain the following information regarding indications:

  1. Acute and chronic laryngitis.
  2. Sinusitis and viral, fungal, bacterial or allergic nature.
  3. Rhinopharyngoconjunctival fever of adenoviral etiology.
  4. External and otitis media.
  5. Tracheobronchitis, acute simple and obstructive bronchitis.
  6. Bronchial asthma and inflammation of the bronchial tree due to viral or bacterial infections (whooping cough, influenza, measles, parainfluenza, etc.).


The following contraindications to taking the drug are noted:

  • high level of sensitivity to the active substance or other components;
  • children up to two years of age.

The syrup is used with caution to treat people who have fructose intolerance , glucose-galactose malabsorption , diabetes mellitus , sucrase or isomaltase deficiency, since the syrup contains sucrose.

Side effects

If Eurespal syrup or tablets cause any side effects, you should definitely consult a doctor and inform him in detail about what is happening.

When treated with Erespal, the following side effects may occur:

  • In the functioning of the cardiovascular system: in rare cases, tachycardia , which decreases when the dose of the drug is reduced.
  • In the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract: stomach and intestinal disorders, pain in the epigastrium, nausea are often observed; Sometimes vomiting and diarrhea .
  • In the functioning of the central nervous system: drowsiness is rarely observed, dizziness is sometimes observed.
  • Asthenia and severe fatigue may occur
  • Skin reactions: in rare cases, urticaria , erythema , rash are observed, and sometimes skin itching may be bothersome.
  • You may be sensitive to the dye contained in the product.

Instructions for use of Erespal (Method and dosage)

The drug in tablets is used only for the treatment of adult patients. During treatment, the instructions for use of tablets and syrup must be strictly followed.

Instructions for Erespal tablets

The medicine should be taken before meals. For chronic inflammatory diseases, it is recommended to take two 80 mg tablets per day - morning and evening. In the acute course of the disease, the doctor may prescribe a course of treatment that involves taking three tablets - morning, afternoon and evening. The doctor can prescribe an individual plan for how to take the pills. The duration of therapy is also determined individually.

When is Erespal prescribed to adults? How should I take it?

It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to whether Erespal is an expectorant or not, but clinical trials have proven that its use improves and shortens the duration of the cough itself.

For adults, it is most often prescribed for a prolonged cough due to obstructive bronchitis, chronic laryngitis or tracheitis.

The drug is prescribed at 80 mg (that is, 1 tablet) twice a day. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disease, but should not exceed one month.

If necessary, the dosage can be increased to 320 mg/day, which is equal to 4 tablets. Adults also drink Erespal in syrup form, namely 50-90 ml per day in two doses.

According to this article, it becomes clear what the drug Erespal is, for what cough it is indicated in adults and children, how to correctly calculate the dose and what is the optimal duration of the course of therapy.

The active ingredient of Erespal is fenspiride. The product belongs to the category of anti-inflammatory, antibronchoconstrictor medications.

Intended for symptomatic treatment of the respiratory tract, ENT organs, blocking inflammatory processes and eliminating allergic reactions due to diseases.

In this article we will look at why doctors prescribe the drug Erespal, including instructions for use, analogues and prices for this drug in pharmacies. If you have already used Erespal, leave your feedback in the comments.

special instructions

Often patients have a question about whether Erespal is an antibiotic or not. In fact, treatment with Erespal cannot replace antibiotic therapy. Therefore, if necessary, an additional antibiotic is prescribed.

People with diabetes are prescribed the drug in tablets, since the syrup contains sucrose.

sunset yellow in the syrup, people with intolerance to acetylsalicylic acid , as well as other NSAIDs, may develop bronchospasm.

No studies have been conducted that would allow conclusions to be drawn about the effect of Erespal on the ability to drive vehicles and work with precision mechanisms. However, drowsiness may occur when using it, especially if the drug is combined with sedatives or alcohol. It should be noted that such a combination may lead to a reaction disorder.

Erespal's analogs

Level 4 ATX code matches:

In pharmacy chains you can find similar drugs that have the same properties. Analogs of Erespal syrup and tablets in terms of effects on the human body are Stoptussin , Fenspiride , Ascoril , Fluditek , Lazolvan , Ambrobene . The price of analogues can be either higher or lower. But, despite the desire to find cheaper analogues, you should ask your doctor about what you can replace 80 mg tablets or Erespal syrup with. In some cases, Erespal can be replaced with the drug Bronchicum . It is used for bronchitis, both dry and wet cough.

Which is better: Erespal or Sinekod?

Sinekod is a drug that is a direct-acting antitussive drug. Its active ingredient is butamirate . This remedy is used primarily for non-productive coughs. It is not recommended to take Erespal and Sinekod at the same time. In this case, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Which is better: Erespal or Lazolvan?

Only a doctor should prescribe a drug for the treatment of an adult or child. Erespal more effectively reduces inflammatory processes, and Lazolvan promotes the liquefaction and removal of sputum. That is, Lazolvan is used for wet coughs. Often patients are also interested in whether it is possible to take Erespal and Lazolvan at the same time. The compatibility of these drugs is acceptable. However, only a doctor can prescribe Lazolvan and Erespal together, since compliance with a special regimen for taking these drugs is required.

Which is better: Erespal or Ambrobene?

Patients also wonder whether Erespal and Ambrobene can be used together during treatment. The active ingredient of the drug Ambrobene, like Lazolvan, is ambroxol hydrochloride . Therefore, the answer to the question of what to prefer, Erespal or Ambrobene, is similar.

Review: Servier syrup

Before using medications, consult a specialist! Effectively fights cough. Normal taste for me. Once opened, can be used until the expiration date.

Compound. No measuring spoon. Lid without child lock. The kids didn't like the taste. Price

We used this syrup with children twice, once with our daughter, and the second time with our son. 1. The first time: when my daughter and I were in the hospital, at the very beginning we were prescribed Erespal syrup. With it, the cough became more wet and rare.

We took it for exactly 3 days and “with grief in half.” My daughter categorically did not want to drink it. We had to resort to various tricks.

But my daughter had dermatitis at that time.

And I asked the doctor to change this syrup to another, since “Erespal” has a very strong dye. In addition, it is allowed for children from 2 years old, and my daughter at that time was a little more than 1.2 years old.

Then the doctor prescribed us the usual “Ambroxol”, which we had already saved ourselves with many times. For what reasons this medicine was prescribed to a child with allergic dermatitis remains a mystery to me.

2. After returning from the hospital, some time later, my son fell ill. He had a cough and runny nose. I decided to give him this syrup, since neither Ambroxol, nor Abrol, nor Lazolvan was at home. Only “Erespal” remained.

My son drank it normally, although without much enthusiasm. He immediately realized that it was a different syrup. He's almost 4 now, so you can come to an agreement with him. In total, I gave it to my son for a little over a week. About 7 days regularly, until the cough began to go away, and another couple of days, when there was almost no cough. As a result, “Erespal” cured the cough, but I still discovered some shortcomings.

Therefore, below I write point by point the most important advantages and disadvantages for me. ***ADVANTAGES of “Erespal” syrup: 1. Effective. It helped both my daughter and my son, only my daughter and I were treated with a different syrup; 2. I can’t call it very tasty, but still, the taste is quite pleasant. I tried it myself - it’s just a little bitter, but, overall, it’s similar to all the other slings we’ve tried.

If I needed to take it, I would drink it without problems; 3. Shelf life – 3 years. But what I liked is that after opening the shelf life is not a month or a month and a half, as is often the case. Once opened, it can be used until the expiration date.

This point indicates that the syrup contains a preservative, thanks to which, after opening, the syrup can be stored for a long time. This, of course, is not very good. But the good news is that you can use it again if the medicine is left over from the previous time. Especially considering the price. This is, perhaps, all its advantages. DISADVANTAGES of Erespal syrup: 1. Composition.

The amount of excipients is greater than that of Ambroxol. E-shki are presented here in considerable quantities. Dye is a completely different matter. you can see for yourself what a bright color this syrup is; 2. No measuring spoon, measuring cup, syringe or anything else. You need to measure the required amount of syrup yourself using teaspoons and tablespoons. My daughter was prescribed 1 tsp.

3 times a day. Out of curiosity, while still in the hospital, I decided to check how many “cubes” there are in a teaspoon. It turned out that in my spoon, which I took from home, there were a little more than 4 “cubes”, and in the hospital there were almost 5.

Reasoning logically, I can assume that not all spoons are the same and, perhaps, there are some that hold even less liquid (for example, promotional ones that come as a gift for tea or coffee, they look suspiciously small). So, the difference in the amount of syrup you give your child may differ by 1-1.5 “cubes”.

In general, I measured the amount I needed with a regular five-cc syringe; 3. Despite the quite normal taste, as for me, my daughter did not want to drink it, and my son did not find it very tasty; 4. I didn’t like the fact that the lid is very ordinary. It closes very easily and, accordingly, opens too. So, absolutely any child who has reached 1.5-2 years old can easily unscrew it.

I believe that all syrups that are intended for children must have lids with a “locker” (which must first be pressed and then unscrewed) so that the child cannot open it. This is oh-so-important; 5. The price of Erespal syrup is not small - about 80 UAH. (240 rub.).

This, of course, is not the highest price for a medicine, but if we talk about cough syrups specifically, there are quite a few others that are 2-3 times cheaper. You don’t have to go far, these are the same “Ambroxol”, “Abrol” and even “Lazolvan”, the price of which, although higher than the first two, is still lower than “Erespal”.

Considering the ill-conceived lid, lack of a spoon and not the best taste, I think the price is very high. And the above-mentioned drugs help no worse than this. *** Still, there were no allergic reactions in my son and no additional rashes in my daughter. Hooray! *** CONCLUSION: To summarize, I would like to note that the syrup is suitable for children over 2 years old.

Therefore, be very careful if your child has not reached this age and has been prescribed this drug. “Erespal” has proven itself to be a good, effective cough medicine. But its composition is not the best, and the taste, and the price too. Before buying it at the pharmacy, ask your doctor, maybe he will prescribe something else. Please note that the active ingredients of all syrups are different, so if the doctor insists on this, it may be necessary. But, in any case, you can ask. Despite its shortcomings, the syrup is effective, so I will still recommend it. But my mark will not be high for him. ***

PS: If anyone needs it, here I wrote about Erespal tablets.

Source: https://otzovik.com/review_3308649.html

Reviews about Erespal

Reviews of Erespal tablets and syrup are both positive and negative. Positive reviews are mainly left by those who took the product or gave it to children after a doctor’s prescription. In particular, the rapid action of the drug, a decrease in the manifestations of the disease - cough, shortness of breath, and an improvement in the general well-being of the patient are noted. Reviews from doctors about Erespal syrup are also mostly positive.

However, there are also negative opinions about the drug on various resources. Patients note the manifestation of some side effects - weakness, insomnia, tachycardia, nausea, etc. Often negative opinions are left by those who started treatment with the drug on their own, without determining what kind of cough this medicine is used for, whether it can be taken for a dry cough, how to take it - before or after eating. It should be borne in mind that Erespal is a potent medicine, so it should not be used based only on the statement of forum members that the drug was recommended by Dr. Komarovsky or another expert.

Erespal price, where to buy

Important! On February 14, 2020, the healthcare surveillance service Roszdravnadzor announced the withdrawal from circulation of the drug Erespal in the form of syrup and tablets. This decision was made by the manufacturer of the drug itself, due to the suspension by the French agency ANSM of the registration certificates of drugs containing fenspiride .

Before the ban, the price of Erespal cough syrup 150 ml averaged 250-300 rubles. The price of Erespal in tablets was approximately 400-500 rubles. for 30 tablets of 80 mg. The cost of tablets in Ukraine is approximately 120-140 UAH. for 30 tablets.

How much Erespal tablets or syrup cost in cities such as Odessa, Kharkov can be found out exactly at specific points of sale.

  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine
  • Online pharmacies in KazakhstanKazakhstan


  • Erespal 200 mg/100 ml 150 ml syrup Laboratories Serve Industry, France
  • Erespal 80 mg No. 30 tablets Laboratories Serv'e Industry, France


  • Erespal liquid Erespal syrup 200mg/100ml 150ml France, Servier Industrie
  • Erespal tablets Erespal tablets. 80 mg No. 30 France, Servier Industrie

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Life-saving medicine

"Erespal" (active ingredient fenspiride) is prescribed for the treatment of cough, laryngitis, bronchitis, nasopharyngitis and for the treatment of bronchial asthma.

Problems arise only while taking the drug, so there is no danger for those who have been treated with Erespal previously. Those currently taking the medication are advised to consult a doctor to consider alternative therapy.

What will happen to the popular cough medicine in Russia, where it is included in the list of vital drugs, is still unknown. Now the Russian representative office of the company is discussing the procedure with the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare and the Ministry of Health.

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