What is regulated

  1. GOST 31649-20112 “Fat-based decorative cosmetics products.”
  2. GOST 28303-89 “Perfume and cosmetic products. Packaging, labeling, transportation, storage.”
  3. GOST 31697-2012 “Products of decorative cosmetics on an emulsion basis.”
  4. GOST 32117-2013 “Perfumery and cosmetic products”. Contains information for the end user and regulates issues related to products in consumer packaging.
  5. GOST 31698-2013 “Powdered, compact cosmetic products.”

Selection of shadows based on a woman’s color type

Conventionally, all persons can be divided into 4 types:

  1. "Winter". Girls of this color type have light skin, dark hair, blue or brown eyes. If you fit this color palette in appearance, then it is best for you to abandon chocolate and coffee shadows, replacing them with plum and blue (all cool shades). Light beige and pink pastels will do.
  2. "Autumn". These girls include those with bright red hair, eyebrows and long eyelashes. The girl’s “autumn” type eyes are brown, her eyelashes are very long. Ideal shadows would be peach and almond. You can experiment with purple and gold.
  3. "Summer". Albino people, as well as anyone with light skin and hair, fit into this category. Ladies with blue, green and brown eyes can safely use gray, purple shades, bronze and gold in everyday makeup. You can add a little pink to blue eyes, and its dark counterpart to light green eyes.

  4. "Spring". These ladies include girls with fair skin, dark hair, blue or green eyes with short lashes. You can use peach, green and brown shadows. If you like blue, try applying it, but don't overdo it.

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Does he exist?

Any product has an expiration date, eye shadow is no exception.

Standardization is the reason that in our country regulatory documents regulating the requirements for decorative cosmetics have been reissued several times: shelf life, time of use.


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Now there is a standard according to which the suitability of each type of product is established by the manufacturer. Information is brought to the attention of the consumer through product labeling.

There is a generally accepted period of storage and use of decorative products based on their basis. Cosmetic eye shadows are produced from fatty (cream) components, water-emulsion, mineral (natural), and dry components. The length of the shelf life depends on this variety:

  • the longest period of time for use with dry compact shadows is 2-3 years;
  • The base of natural cosmetics is titanium dioxide, it is stored for 1.5 years;
  • the fat base is suitable for use for 1 year;
  • Aqueous derivatives are stored even less.

If the packaging contains data on the year and month, therefore, the last day of use is considered to be the 30-31st day of the specified month. Of course, the next day the cosmetics will not acquire toxic properties, but for safety reasons it is better not to use them.

The period of consumption of makeup products is short, so purchasing them in the last days or for future use is uneconomical and ineffective.

How long can eye shadow be stored?

When buying eye shadow or face powder, you need to carefully study the shelf life and expiration date. There are manufacturers who hide the production date and expiration date under a special code. To obtain complete information on such powder, eye shadow or blush, you must contact a service representative.

Eye shadows, which consist of natural ingredients, also have a short shelf life. The reason is that no preservatives are added to such cosmetics. Therefore, the development of microorganisms can occur more actively. The manufacturer must indicate on the packaging of natural eye shadows the period of operation and storage after opening.

The shelf life of the foundation is no more than a year. Such time frames can also be applied to compact face powder, blush, and liquid cream. To prevent bacteria from growing in the sponges, they must be changed or washed in very hot water.


According to current GOSTs, raw materials are marked, thanks to which the consumer learns the following information:

  • name, purpose;
  • country, manufacturer's address;
  • trademark;
  • mass or volume;
  • color or tone;
  • constituent components;
  • storage conditions (if different from generally accepted);
  • preparation time;
  • instructions for use;
  • certificate.

Each manufacturer presents the necessary information in an individual context. Some indicate the date of manufacture, storage time, others indicate the end of suitability: “Use before”, others encrypt the date with code numbers. In the latter case, you need to turn to the company’s calculator to calculate the validity period.

Information on the limits of use on products of foreign origin is located under the sticker with the translation. If you have the batch number, the sales consultant will help you decipher the storage time.

Important: if there is no expiration date at all, you should not buy shadows!

The labeling also contains information about the period of use of the product after breaking the sealed packaging. The generally accepted sign is a drawing of a jar with an open lid, a number and a letter on it. This marking indicates the number of months recommended for use after opening.

It is worth marking this date with a marker; it will warn the hostess about the end of the expiration time.

Expiration date after opening

On the cardboard packaging or bottle of many cosmetic products there is an icon with an image of an open can, in which a number and the letter M are indicated. This number indicates the number of months during which the product can be used after opening the package.

In order not to forget exactly when you started using this or that cosmetics, write down the dates. For example, you can make a corresponding note on the packaging using a marker or keep a separate notebook for these purposes. It is especially important to record the dates you started using skin care products. This is explained by the fact that these drugs usually contain antioxidants and other active ingredients, which after a certain time lose their beneficial properties.

Types and terms

Water-based eyeshadows do not last long after opening. If the period of use is exceeded, the product dries out or turns sour.

The basis of cream products is their fatty texture. It is also prone to rapid spoilage, especially under improper storage conditions.

Natural cosmetics do not contain chemical additives or concentrates. The period of time for storage does not differ in duration.

Dry compact shadows are the most durable.

View Terms (months)
Before opening After opening
Water based 12 4
Cream 12 3-4
Natural 18 4
Dry (compact) 2-3 years 18

How to determine the expiration date?

Each palette has 2 expiration dates: before and after opening.

It is best to immediately pay attention to the general shelf life of eye shadows, before opening them. This indicator will help you decide whether to purchase cosmetics.

The expiration date is recorded in date/month/year format. Some palettes use the exact number: 6M (6 months), 12M (1 year), 24M (2 years).

As a rule, dry shadows are resistant to external irritants, which means they have a longer shelf life. The shelf life of eyeshadows with a solid consistency after opening is no more than 3 years, and cream ones - 6-12 months.

Storage rules

Compliance with certain conditions will increase the shelf life and use. Before applying makeup, hands and spatulas are treated with an alcohol solution, brushes and sponges must be washed and dried. These simple rules will prevent germs and toxins from getting inside the packaging and extend the life of use.

ViewStorage rulesTips and tricks
Water basedfrom + 5 to + 25 ˚С1. Keep away from sunlight.
2. Do not store near heating devices.

3. Do not remove the protective film from under the cover.

4. Do not touch the product with your hands.

5. Remove any remaining raw materials from the inside of the lid.

6. It is advisable to store natural shadows in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf.

7. The bathroom is not for cosmetics.

Creamfrom 0 to +25 ˚С
Naturalfrom 0 to + 25 ˚С
Dryfrom 0 to +25 ˚С

What about the expiration date of the set of cosmetics in the suitcase?

A set of cosmetics in the form of several palettes has 2 shelf life options: total (all products from one manufacturer) and single (various boxes with cosmetics or sets).

  • Total. Cosmetics produced by the same company may have the same expiration date indicated on the packaging. It is worth noting that if in addition to eyeshadow palettes there are other products in your suitcase (foundation, powder), then they will have a completely different expiration date.
  • Single. Relevant for assemblies of cosmetics from different manufacturers. The expiration date for eye shadows in boxes varies, look for it on the palette.

External signs of delay

The appearance of damaged products differs significantly from the natural image:

  • the packaging swells;
  • the consistency changes: lumps appear or the product separates;
  • color is lost, the substance becomes dull;
  • roll off when applied and blend poorly;
  • an unpleasant odor appears.

Important: water-based or cream-based eyeshadows will indicate their unsuitability by appearance and smell, but dry ones do not show external signs of deterioration.

When using expired decorative products, a feeling of burning, itching, and skin irritation occurs. If such problems arise, the product should be withdrawn from use without regret.

How to save shadows?

It happens that the shadows begin to break, crumble and are worse applied even before the expiration date. It is important to store and use them correctly:

  • It is best to leave the eyeshadow palette closed and away from sunlight.
  • So that you can simply pick up the shadows on a brush, take some adhesive tape and use it to remove the top layer of the entire palette. Cosmetics will apply much better, and the color will become richer. This problem arises when, when using shadows, application is carried out with dirty brushes, the bristles of which have not been washed or are stained with another sticky product.
  • Clean your makeup brushes regularly! This applies not only to shadow, but also tonal and contouring.
  • After you have washed your brush, let the bristles dry. Under no circumstances should you apply shadow with a wet or damp brush, as this can lead to uneven application and damage to the palette.

Wipe your brushes with micellar water after each application of cosmetics, wash 1-2 times a week.

Can I use expired ones?

To avoid health problems, using a cosmetic product after the expiration date is prohibited.
Opened containers interact with the external environment, where bacteria and toxins live. After the end of the permissible period of use, the makeup product loses its decorative and antibacterial qualities.

Important: after the expiration date, danger lies not only in cheap, but also in expensive branded products.

Once in a favorable environment, bacteria multiply and have inflammatory, allergic, toxic effects on the thin membrane of the eyelids. If it falls off and gets into the eyes, it causes inflammation of the inner membranes.

The use of expired goods is the cause of various diseases: conjunctivitis, dacryocystitis, blepharitis. In such cases, the help of a doctor is required.

How to increase shelf life?

To prevent eye shadow from deteriorating ahead of time, you must follow the rules of proper storage:

  • The cosmetic product should be kept in a dry and dark place at room temperature.
  • It is not recommended to throw away the film that is in the box, as it is intended for additional protection of the shadows.
  • Avoid using cosmetics with your hands, as the risk of breeding bacteria increases. For greater safety, it is best to use brushes and applicators.
  • After use, the brush should be rinsed and dried thoroughly.
  • It is strictly forbidden to dilute shadows with saliva or water.
  • Not recommended for general use.
  • After the packaging falls on the floor, it must be treated with alcohol.
  • It is best to purchase cosmetics in specialized stores.

The Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On the Protection of Consumer Rights” stands on guard against violations of the rights of its citizens. If the buyer purchased a defective or expired product, he has the right to exchange or return it. To do this, you will need to write a complaint or claim. If the seller refuses to comply with the consumer’s demands, the latter has the right to appeal to a rights protection organization or to court.

Shadows are a universal cosmetic product that will suit everyone. But in order to correctly highlight the eyes, theory is not enough: practice is important. It’s worth noting that mistakes are inevitable in the early stages, so try not just to find good eye shadow, but also learn how to use it correctly.

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