Just about health: to eat or not to eat mushrooms

What fresh mushrooms need to be soaked?

All freshly picked mushrooms, which are classified as lactiferous and lamellar, are soaked in water. For soaking, it is correct to use a cold saline solution (70 g of salt per 1 liter of water). In this case, 2-3 times a day the liquid must be drained, the mushrooms washed and refilled with a fresh portion of water and salt. Soaking can last from 1 to 5 days. A whitened color indicates readiness.

Types that need to be soaked:

  • chanterelles;
  • milk mushrooms;
  • waves;
  • bitters;
  • saffron milk caps;
  • valui;
  • whites;
  • pigs;
  • earrings;
  • floodplains.

It is better not to soak other types of mushrooms, but to clean, rinse and immediately use them. The oils must be cleaned completely dry, since when wet they become slippery and tend to escape from your hands. If for some reason you can’t start cooking right away, you can pour cold water over the crop and store it in the refrigerator overnight.

Regardless of whether the mushrooms were collected independently or purchased at a retail outlet, they must be sorted before soaking. If there is the slightest doubt, the specimen should be put aside from those you know well and not eaten.

Is it possible to eat boiled potatoes at night?

Is it possible to eat boiled potatoes at night? with bread and without bread?

You can eat boiled potatoes, but you need to cook them properly so as not to gain extra pounds.

Cook in its uniform and not until ready. Let it be a little raw. And don’t eat it right away. You need to leave it under the lid for about two hours. Then the starch is converted into a prebiotic. And this is useful. This prebiotic feeds the bacteria we need in the intestines. Eat it it is necessary without bread. It’s better to stew your own chicken. 125 g of chicken meat and 90 g of boiled potatoes for dinner will not bring harm and extra pounds.

Is it possible to eat boiled potatoes at night? with bread and without bread?

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the benefits of cedar essential oil

How to soak dried mushrooms?

Dry mushrooms are a fragrant reminder of warm summer and generous autumn. They are easy to store in this form. They do not take up much space, and when soaked they expand 6–10 times. That is, if the recipe calls for adding 300 grams of fresh mushrooms to a dish, then the dry equivalent will be 50 grams.

How to soak dry workpiece?

  1. Pour the mushrooms into a clean container, add water and rub thoroughly with your hands. Drain the liquid.
  2. Pour water over the mushrooms in a ratio of 1 to 10. Leave for 1–8 hours.

What water should you soak dried mushrooms in?

To soak mushrooms, use clean water at room temperature. To speed up the swelling process, you can warm it up slightly.

Under no circumstances should you pour boiling water over a dried product. This way you will get a fragrant liquid, but the mushrooms themselves will become tasteless and tough.

If you need to quickly add an ingredient to a dish, it would be better to grind the dry preparation and use it as a seasoning.

How long should you soak mushrooms for soup?

A tasty broth is of great importance for soup. When dried mushrooms are soaked, they release most of the nutrients and flavor into the water. Therefore, it is not drained, but filtered and used in cooking. If the mushrooms are dirty, then fill them with water 2 times. The first time - for 30 minutes to rinse thoroughly.

How long does it take to soak before cooking the soup?

  • Minimum – 2 hours.
  • Maximum – 8 hours.

Woody Chinese mushrooms, which are sold in briquettes, take longer to soak than others. You can absolutely safely leave them in water overnight.

In general, it is correct to navigate not by time, but by the degree of increase and softness of the mushrooms. If they are cut into thin slices, then the process can take much less time - 10–15 minutes.

The liquid after soaking often has sediment in the form of particles of dirt and sand. Therefore, only the upper transparent part is taken for the broth, and the rest is drained.

How long should you soak mushrooms for frying?

Dried mushrooms are also soaked before frying. But in this case it is important not to overexpose them in water.

After what time should you start frying? The correct answer is in 2–3 hours. After this time, the mushrooms should be thoroughly rubbed with your hands, rinsed with running water and drained in a colander.

If you plan to use dried porcini mushrooms for frying, experienced chefs recommend using full-fat milk instead of water. How tasty and juicy boletus mushrooms are! The soaking process takes the same amount of time. Beforehand, the mushrooms are thoroughly washed and the milk is boiled.

So, soaking mushrooms is not a difficult task. The main thing is to know what kind of water they should be in. It is best to use clean water at room temperature. The duration of the procedure may vary. If these are dry preparations, then it is correct to focus on appearance. Have the mushrooms swelled, gained fullness, become soft? It's time to start cooking!

You don’t always have fresh mushrooms on hand, from which you can prepare many delicious and vitamin-rich dishes. If possible, they can be replaced with a dried analogue. Dried mushrooms, when properly stored, can be stored for future use and used as needed. To make a dish made from such products tasty, you need to follow a few simple rules. mushrooms? This is what we will talk about in this article.

A special feature of this is the lack of treatment using water. Otherwise, they are not washed. Therefore, the first thing to do is rinse them thoroughly under water to remove dirt, dust, sand and other debris.

After this, you need to carefully remove the mushrooms from the container. If you do this carefully, there will be debris at the bottom. Therefore, it is not recommended to simply drain the water. Then the mushrooms must be placed in a pan and filled with water. Cooking time varies depending on the type. So, for example, porcini mushrooms are cooked for about 40 minutes, and the rest for about one hour. You should also add a little salt to the pan. After this, they can be consumed in various dishes.

To prepare the soup, you need to take about one and a half glasses of dried. Usually, the dried product is taken 10 times more than the fresh product (in grams). Pre-soak the mushrooms in water. Next, if they are large, cut them into pieces of the desired size. Place the container for cooking soup on the fire and pour in water. When it boils, put the mushrooms in the pan. Add celery, carrots and onions to them. Vegetables can be placed whole or cut into large pieces. Cook dried mushrooms with vegetables for about 30 minutes.

In the meantime, you can start preparing other ingredients. Take another onion and finely chop it. We do the same with carrots. Sauté these vegetables with the addition of vegetable oil until golden brown. 3-4 medium-sized potatoes need to be peeled and cut into thin strips.

When all the ingredients are almost ready, you need to add about 70 grams of thin noodles. If desired, you can use any cereal (rice, pearl barley). In this case, they need to be placed a little earlier. You don't have to use this ingredient at all. In this case, you will get mushroom soup with vegetables, of which you need to add more. Sometimes boiled mushrooms are taken out of the pan and added to fried vegetables (onions and carrots). After a short frying, everything is placed in a pan. At the last moment, add finely chopped parsley and dill to the soup. After this, the fire is turned off. Let this dish sit for 10 minutes. After this, it can be served.

When thinking about this, you need to take into account the soaking time. Any product can be overcooked and then it will look unsightly.

Many cooks always try to keep dried mushrooms on hand. Just like fresh, they add amazing flavor to any dish - from soups to sauces. This list can be continued endlessly. However, before adding mushrooms to the dish, you need to boil them. Do you know how long to cook dried mushrooms?

How to use boiled mushrooms and mushroom broth

In folk medicine, raw potatoes are used in grated form, and their juice is used. Some recipes involve soaking the root vegetable in water overnight.

Potato juice is most often used for stomach and intestinal problems. The liquid helps treat stomach ulcers and heal intestinal inflammation. For this purpose, it is recommended to drink it 3 times a day, 100 ml. The root vegetable contains a lot of potassium, so regularly drinking the juice leads to a slight decrease in blood pressure. Therefore, hypotensive patients should be careful when using it.

Also, potato juice is not suitable for people with excess potassium; contraindications also include kidney disease. But the healthy liquid can be used as a rinse.

Its anti-inflammatory effect helps treat oral ulcers and periodontal disease. You can make a strengthening drink from it to support the immune system by mixing it with red beetroot and lemon juice (equal quantities).

Grated potatoes

Grated potatoes are suitable for the treatment of various types of eczema, acne, and are used as a moisturizing face mask with a lifting effect. It is applied for 25 minutes. Potatoes are effective for burns. For treatment, compresses should be applied at least 3 times a week.

Traditional medicine also recommends eating raw grated potatoes in the morning on an empty stomach for irritated stomach and intestines. In some cases, the product relieves chronic inflammation. Thus, patients with Crohn's disease should not stay away and try treatment with either juice or raw grated potatoes.

Using grated potatoes for the stomach is a therapeutic method of herbalist Vitaly Ostrovsky. He advises using a root vegetable with a red skin and a yellow center. Grate it and consume 1/2 cup on an empty stomach.

Don't chew, just swallow! According to V. Ostrovsky, this method of treatment helps eliminate stomach ulcers and cleanses the body of toxins.

Is it possible to eat boiled potatoes when losing weight: is it acceptable to eat boiled potatoes on a diet

Fresh, dried and frozen boiled mushrooms rarely become a separate dish. Usually they are boiled for pickling, pickling, freezing (if the mushrooms are fresh). In addition, dried and frozen mushrooms are boiled to make soup, mushroom salad, filling in pies or pancakes, julienne, fried potatoes.

After cooking the mushrooms, the broth should not be poured out. This is a valuable food product, on the basis of which you can cook a light, aromatic soup or prepare a wonderful sauce for a meat or poultry dish.

The broth can be frozen in a plastic container or bottle. This is very convenient, because you can prepare soup or sauce with fresh mushroom broth at any time.

How long should you cook dried mushrooms: the soaking process

Dried mushrooms are widely used by culinary specialists around the world. Due to the rich aroma and pleasant consistency that they add to the dish, the popularity of this product does not fade. Dried mushrooms are added to sauces, used to make soup, porridge, and even included as a filling in pies.

But before you start preparing the main dish, dried mushrooms need to be soaked in water for a while so that they return to their original shape. Mushrooms are soaked in different ways:

  • to obtain a richer taste - in cold water;
  • to soften the aroma, use milk;
  • As an express method, use hot water.

The amount of soaking water will depend on how many mushrooms you use:

  • at 3/4 tbsp. water take 15 g of dried mushrooms;
  • for 1 ½-st. liquids - 30 g, etc.

The mushrooms should be completely covered with liquid. In addition, to add a special aroma and taste, dried mushrooms are sometimes soaked in cognac or wine.

The soaking time will also depend on the type of mushroom and its size. For clarity, we provide a comparison table.

In addition to time, when soaking mushrooms, you should focus on their appearance. If the mushroom is well swollen and has practically taken its previous shape, and is soft enough to the touch, then the water can be drained. Homemade dried mushrooms processed at high temperatures in an oven or oven will soak much longer than store-bought ones.

In what other cases should you soak?

Mushrooms are soaked not only before cooking. Experts recommend carrying out this process in many other situations:

  1. For thorough cleaning after forest. It is better to use slightly salted water - it will eliminate possible worms inside the mushrooms. To do this, take 1 tbsp per 2 liters of water. a spoonful of coarse salt (and definitely not iodized).
  2. Before salting or pickling. Can be soaked for 30 minutes.
  3. To protect against blackening. In this case, the mushrooms are immersed in water with a small amount of vinegar.
  4. If you have purchased dried mushrooms and you are not sure about the quality of drying. In this case, soaking will help remove debris and prepare the mushrooms for subsequent cooking.

Rules for soaking honey mushrooms before cooking

How long should you cook dried mushrooms after soaking?

It is worth noting that not all dried mushrooms are suitable for cooking. Some types give a peculiar bitter taste and are more suitable for sauces. In general, how long to cook dried mushrooms will depend on the variety and whether they were previously soaked. If the soaking process was omitted for some reason, then it will take a very long time to cook the dried mushrooms, sometimes this procedure can take from 6 to 8 hours.

Mushrooms pre-soaked in water or milk take an average of 30-40 minutes to cook. But most often, experienced housewives determine the readiness of a mushroom without time. If you take the pan by both handles and lift it, the cooked mushrooms will settle to the bottom, and the raw ones will float to the top.

How long should you cook dried porcini mushrooms?

Porcini mushrooms are considered royal not only because of their impressive appearance, but also for their pleasant taste and aroma. Magnificent juliennes, stews, rich soups and cold appetizers are prepared from this variety. In terms of richness and calorie content, porcini mushrooms are in no way inferior to meat bone broths.

Cooking white mushroom is very simple and much faster than other types. For soup, 20-30 minutes will be enough, and for subsequent frying, boil the porcini mushroom for only 15 minutes. Only dried champignons cook faster. Cut into pieces, they cook for only 5 minutes.

How long to cook dried mushrooms for soup?

The variety of dried mushrooms on sale gives the buyer complete freedom of choice. But each type has characteristics that need to be taken into account for the harmony of taste. If you are making a creamy sauce or preparing a meat dish, then it is best to buy dried morels. They have a pleasant earthy flavor and a meaty texture.

For Chinese cuisine, get Shiitake - black mushrooms. They are endowed with a tough stem that is best removed after soaking. Chanterelles are used for risotto and other Italian dishes. But porcini mushrooms and champignons are ideal for making soup.

You need to cook dried mushrooms for soup for the same amount of time as for regular broth, that is, about 20 minutes, depending on their type. Since mushrooms cook quite quickly, it is best to prepare frying, cutting and stewing the vegetables in advance. When preparing soup, it is worth considering the fact that dried mushrooms increase 6-8 times in volume. Therefore, if the recipe states that you need to take 300 g of fresh mushrooms, and you decide to use dry ones, then 50 g will be enough.

Another way to use dried mushrooms without soaking is to grind them into powder and add them to soup as a seasoning. In this case, you need to prepare the first dish in the usual way, and add the crushed mushroom mixture 5 minutes before the end of cooking.

Dried mushrooms can be a real lifesaver in the kitchen, especially when it is not possible to buy a fresh product. They will add an unsurpassed rich mushroom aroma to the dish, and they will help bring any sauce to the desired thick consistency. But even dried mushrooms need to be able to choose and cook correctly.

Here's what experienced chefs advise:

  • When choosing dried mushrooms, pay attention to their appearance. All pieces should be uniform and dark in color. Avoid dried mushrooms with small holes in the cap or stem; it is possible that worms lived in them before drying.
  • If you have the opportunity to smell dried mushrooms, be sure to do so. Good mushrooms should have a rich and intense aroma.
  • If you have enough time, soak the mushrooms in cold water overnight. This way they will better retain their taste.
  • After soaking, the broth can be used instead of liquid in the main dish or frozen for future use.
  • Be sure to rinse dried mushrooms after soaking, as most often they are poorly washed and cleaned before drying.

Methods for soaking dried mushrooms

You may want to know how to make dried mushroom soup and whether you need to soak the mushrooms first.

There are different recipes. In some, dried mushrooms are immediately poured into a pan of water, in others it is recommended to pre-soak them.

Tea or water?

You can also soak mushrooms in several ways; the most popular liquids for this are green tea, black tea, or just water. You just need to leave them for a few minutes and you're done!

Beer or wine?

You can also use beer or wine, but then you need to let it sit for 30 minutes.

The Best Soaking Method for Soup

Some people recommend soaking dried mushrooms in olive oil. The good thing about this option is that we can add aromatic herbs and spices to our taste to get an excellent ingredient for our favorite dishes, for example, dried porcini mushroom soup.

Can butter marinade left overnight spoil?

Of course, it is advisable to immediately sell the mushrooms and prepare whatever you need from them. But if you can’t do this, put the peeled butter in an enamel bowl in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours. Cleaned mushrooms cannot be stored for more than a day. Remember: fruiting bodies strongly absorb extraneous odors from other products, so cover the container with butternuts with a small piece of cloth or parchment paper.

When marinating boletus, some housewives often end up with some leftover filling. Can butter marinade left overnight spoil? We assure you that such a product can last in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

But if you still managed to peel the collected mushrooms, and it’s already late, can you leave the peeled boletus overnight?

A little about the benefits

Mushrooms look like plants, do not contain chlorophyll, are low in calories, have a high saturating ability (due to the large amount of protein and fiber in their composition), are diuretics, have laxative properties and a low glycemic index (the ability to increase blood glucose levels).

Mushrooms contain some of the most powerful medicinal substances on the planet. Of the 140,000 existing species of mushrooms, modern science is familiar with only 10 percent, and about half of them are endowed with the ability to significantly enhance the human immune system.

Although it may seem strange, humanity is actually more closely related to fungi than to any other species in the living world, as we are influenced by the same pathogens, bacteria and viruses.

As a defense against bacterial invasion, fungi have produced powerful antibiotics that have also proven effective in humans. Penicillin, streptomycin and tetracycline are derived from mushroom extracts.

Beneficial features

  1. Weight control. Research has shown that replacing meat with porcini mushrooms can help you lose weight.
  2. Boosting Vitamin D: Consuming dried porcini mushroom extract has been found to be as effective as taking vitamin D2 or D3.
  3. Mushrooms contain both common antioxidants in the plant world and unique ones.

How long to cook porcini mushrooms

First, dried mushrooms must be soaked in water or milk for at least 2-3 hours, then squeezed and cut into small pieces. Place the mushrooms in a saucepan with water and cook for at least half an hour over low heat. From vegetables, you can add onions, potatoes, carrots, after cutting them to your taste and frying them in vegetable oil. How long to cook dried mushrooms for soup depends on the readiness of the remaining vegetables; potatoes take the longest to cook. Before finishing the cooking process, do not forget to add salt and spices. You can add fresh herbs to the cooked soup.

You can also make mushroom soup from dried mushrooms using the same recipe, replacing potatoes with noodles and reducing the cooking time.

Mushrooms to Add to Your Diet: Shiitake

Shiitake is a Japanese forest mushroom that is not only used for medicinal purposes, it is also very popular in cooking and has earned its place in many dishes around the world. It contains a large number of substances that have a positive effect on our health, including lentinan and polysaccharide. Lentinan is isolated and used to treat certain types of cancer due to its antitumor properties. It has been found to protect the liver, fight stomach diseases (high acidity, gallstones, ulcers), anemia and ascites.

Useful properties of shiitake

  1. Improves immune system function. In addition, it has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, stabilizes blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduces platelet levels and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.
  2. It is a powerful anti-cancer agent and can reduce the harmful effects of chemotherapy and other drugs.
  3. Recommended for hypertension, it contains elements that inhibit platelet aggregation and therefore prevents heart attacks and improves the condition of the arteries.
  4. Useful for viral infections of the lungs and respiratory tract (flu, colds, runny nose, tuberculosis, bronchitis, etc.).
  5. As a rule, it promotes the production of killer cells and stimulates the immune system, which obviously plays an important role in the fight against any disease (cancer, AIDS virus, herpes).
  6. Thanks to its high fiber content, it promotes digestion, helps proper metabolism, good intestinal function and normalization of intestinal flora.

Original shiitake soup recipe

Mushroom soup made from dried shiitake mushrooms will delight you with its taste and healing effect. All ingredients can be purchased in specialized oriental cuisine stores.

You will need:

dried shiitake mushrooms, rice noodles, bell peppers of different colors, carrots, dried ginger, miso paste and soy sauce. Salt and spices to taste.

Pre-soak the shiitake in water or milk with spices for a couple of hours. Then cut the mushrooms and vegetables into squares and fry in oil, then put them in a saucepan and fill with cold water. You need to cook them for at least half an hour, then add the remaining ingredients, except for rice noodles, which are cooked separately and added to the finished soup. Once the soup has returned to a boil, remove it from the heat.

You may prefer to freeze your mushrooms and store them fresh. In this case, you can cook mushroom soup from frozen mushrooms, the recipe will be the same, only the mushrooms will need to be thawed first.

Cheese soup

One of the best options for preparing mushroom soup from dried mushrooms. The main component is soaked, boiled, and crushed. The mushroom broth is salted and potato cubes are dropped into it. While it is boiling, fry the chopped onion, and later add mushrooms to it. The frying is added to the pan, and vermicelli is poured in almost immediately (it is better to take small ones). When it is almost ready (check the instructions on the package for cooking time), add processed cheese. Stir the soup until the last component is completely dissolved. Before serving, the soup is infused in a saucepan with a lid for 5-10 minutes.

Do you properly preserve and store your products?

Of course, this is very important because your health may suffer.


No, what could happen besides diarrhea?


We store it as it turns out, we don’t really think about how and what is right.


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Video recipe for dried porcini mushroom soup


When consuming mushrooms, it is very important to know where they were collected, because they absorb and concentrate everything that is around - useful and harmful. This is what gives them strength. Mushrooms are known to concentrate heavy metals and pollutants from air and water, so healthy growing conditions are considered crucial.

Some types of mushrooms can cause diarrhea. Pregnant women should consult their healthcare provider before consuming any type of mushroom. Also, people who take anticoagulants should be careful with this dish (it is better to consult a professional).

Mushrooms are an excellent culinary ingredient that are available in dried form all year round, retaining maximum organoleptic properties even after soaking. You can learn about which dishes are the most popular and how to cook dried mushrooms from the article.

Preliminary preparation

Drying is the most common, simple and affordable method of processing and further storage. Dried mushrooms are famous not only for their aroma and outstanding taste, but also for their very modest dimensions. Mushrooms are 85% water, so it’s not surprising that when dried, they shrink in size by up to 7-9 times. Current sanitary standards allow human consumption of umbrella polypores, all varieties of honey mushrooms, as well as champignons, morels, porcini mushrooms, Polish mushrooms, boletuses, honey mushrooms, butter mushrooms and boletus mushrooms.

Before subjecting this product to any heat treatment, they must first be soaked. The simplest way is this:

  1. Dried representatives of the mushroom kingdom are washed under running cold water to remove traces of sand and dirt.
  2. For 30 g of dried caps and legs you will need 350–400 ml of warm water. Boiling water cannot be used in this case.
  3. How long will it take to soak? It depends on the type of mushroom, but on average the rules are as follows: the dishes should be covered with plastic wrap and left for 30–45 minutes at room temperature.
  4. After the specified period of time, the remaining liquid is poured into a separate container.

It is worth noting that dried mushrooms, after soaking, increase significantly in size and can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes in the same way as freshly collected specimens that have been cleaned of dirt and film.

How to soak such mushrooms? For such tasks, it is recommended to use exclusively clean water (warm or cold). By the way, you can also soak them in olive oil, to which various spices, herbs and aromatic herbs are added.


You can cook mushrooms either as an independent dish or use them as one of the ingredients for first and second courses, cold or hot appetizers, as well as for preparing various sauces. This product is often used as a filling for pies.

Mushrooms are an excellent source of plant protein, the digestibility coefficient of which is much higher than that of animal protein. When dried, the taste becomes more distinct and rich, so when preparing dishes it is worth using them in small quantities. For example, an average handful of dried mushrooms is enough for a pot of aromatic soup, and in this case it does not matter whether they were pre-soaked or not.

Some chefs make finely ground powder from dried mushrooms, which can later be added to various dishes as a spice or to create all kinds of sauces. It is believed that dried boletus and chanterelles are best combined with garlic, bay leaves, as well as black and allspice.

It is not recommended to use boletus and aspen mushrooms for making soups. To speed up the process of cooking chanterelles, you should add a small amount of ordinary soda to the water. There is definitely no need to fry mushrooms for too long, since during prolonged heat treatment they lose useful substances.

Can butter marinade left overnight spoil?

Of course, it is advisable to immediately sell the mushrooms and prepare whatever you need from them. But if you can’t do this, put the peeled butter in an enamel bowl in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours. Cleaned mushrooms cannot be stored for more than a day. Remember: fruiting bodies strongly absorb extraneous odors from other products, so cover the container with butternuts with a small piece of cloth or parchment paper.

When marinating boletus, some housewives often end up with some leftover filling.

Only boletus, boletus and aspen mushrooms are immediately washed, cut and stored in the freezer. And tomorrow I’ll process the rest - salt and fry them.

We usually arrive from the forest late, so we don’t have time to process all the mushrooms that same evening (night) and leave them spread out on film until the next day.

The next day we process it (cook, marinate, freeze). If you put the mushrooms in the refrigerator, they will lie there quietly for two days and will not spoil. In any case, store mushrooms without refrigeration for no more than a day, and in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days.

Of course, it is advisable to process the collected mushrooms in the forest on the same day. Fresh, unprocessed mushrooms can be stored for about a day at most, and even then soaked in cold water.

To avoid wasteful use of raw materials, it is advisable to package the mushrooms into portions before freezing, each of which will be used to prepare one dish.

Recipes for porcini mushrooms

How to cook dried porcini mushrooms? They are usually dried whole, so before cooking they are usually soaked, then squeezed and cut into pieces. A popular dish in Russian cuisine is cabbage soup, to which tasty and aromatic boletus mushrooms are added. The classic recipe looks like this:

  1. The soaked mushrooms are washed and chopped.
  2. Then they are filled with clean warm water and brought to a boil.
  3. After half an hour, salt and spices (bay leaf, pepper) are added to the broth.
  4. Next, you need to finely grate fresh carrots (1 piece), cut the onion into rings (1 medium-sized piece), and potatoes (5-6 pieces) into small slices.
  5. Add chopped potatoes to cabbage soup, sauté carrots and onions in olive oil.
  6. After 10–15 minutes, add 250–300 g of fresh or sauerkraut.
  7. After fifteen minutes of cooking over low heat, the cabbage soup is completely ready.

Try to prepare a delicious, but at the same time quite affordable recipe, which involves dried porcini mushrooms - pasta with aromatic boletus mushrooms. For cooking you need pasta made from durum (durum wheat). Pre-soaked mushrooms are fried, then mixed with paste and served along with herbs.

No less popular is the sauce with the addition of broth, which remains after boiling the boletus mushrooms. The following seasonings are used to prepare the sauce: cloves, pepper (black peas) and thyme.

What else is worth knowing about cooking

How to properly cook mushrooms? If there is not enough time to soak them, you can put the product in boiling water and cook over low heat for at least ten minutes. Then drain the water, rinse the mushrooms and use them for preparing other dishes.

For those who are interested in the topic: “Dried mushrooms: how to cook boletus mushrooms in order to preserve their rich taste and aromatic qualities as much as possible?”, the following tips will be useful:

  • Firstly, when cooking, it is necessary to strictly observe the proportion of 1: 6. That is, for 200 g of dried boletus mushrooms you will need 1.2 liters of clean water.
  • Secondly, they need to be cut into small pieces before blanching or mixing with other ingredients.

Oh, how many recipes for wonderful mushroom dishes there are! This product is equally good and healthy both fresh and dried. Choose, cook, try. Bon appetit!

Is it possible to leave raw and cooked boletus overnight?

It is better to disassemble the mushroom catch immediately, on the day of collection. But if there is no time for cleaning and processing, is it possible to leave raw butternuts overnight and then put them in proper condition in the morning? It is possible, but only if the boletus is to be dried for the winter.

It is better to dry the oil before cleaning rather than soaking it. This will make it easier to remove the slimy skin from their caps.

Mushrooms can be stored at room temperature for no more than one day.

Kefir Tibetan mushroom is very unusual. It has the ability to create a healthy product - kefir. Milk fungus is usually stored in a jar, filled with milk, but how to store it if there is no milk? Or what to do with the mushroom during a break from making kefir? Just fill a jar with water and put it in the refrigerator. This way the mushroom can be stored for a couple of days. If you need to leave for several days, the mushroom can be frozen in the freezer.

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