Shelf Life of Boiled Beetroot in the Refrigerator

Why is it important

Why is it so important to know the answer to the question of how long boiled beets can be stored? First of all, because this product has a lot of useful properties. Among them:

  • normalization of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • cleansing the liver of toxins;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • preventing the formation of malignant tumors;
  • improved mood;
  • calming effect on the nervous system;
  • increase in hemoglobin levels in the blood.

Boiled beets retain most of the beneficial properties inherent in the raw product. Proper storage will avoid their loss.

To store or not

So, the answer to the question of how long boiled beets can be stored is known. Whether it is worth preparing the product for future use or not - each person decides for himself. Unfortunately, even with proper storage, the product will still lose some of its beneficial properties. Therefore, whenever possible, it is recommended to eat freshly prepared root vegetables. Fortunately, beets can be purchased at any time of the year.

If you freeze boiled beets, they will retain most of the nutrients. However, it should be understood that its taste will deteriorate.

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In a refrigerator

Boiled beets in their properties are almost as good as the raw product in terms of usefulness, while significantly superior in taste. Obviously, the shelf life of a cooked vegetable is shorter than that of a raw one. Beets will spoil if kept at room temperature for more than a day. Leaving the cooked vegetable on the table for more than a few hours is strongly discouraged.

How long do boiled beets last in the refrigerator? The answer to this question depends primarily on the condition of the product. If the vegetable has already been peeled and cut into pieces, it is not recommended to keep it for more than a day, even at a low temperature. It is advisable to wrap the beets in cling film before placing them in the refrigerator. You can also put the vegetable in a deep bowl and cover it with something on top.

How long can boiled beets be stored if they have not yet been peeled? In this case, the vegetable can be kept in the refrigerator for up to three days. Recommended temperature is from 0 to 6 degrees. If you leave beets for a longer period, they will begin to lose their beneficial properties.

Proper storage of beets

The shelf life of beets in the refrigerator is no more than 30 days . The vegetable must be wrapped in plastic wrap or a bag with holes punched in it. The most suitable temperature for beets can be considered up to + 2 degrees. Humidity should be up to 90 percent. If the temperature is high, the tops of the beets will begin to grow, and the root crops will begin to wither and deteriorate. The shelf life of beets boiled in the refrigerator is several days . It must be in an airtight container. To extend the life of the vegetable, you can freeze it. The shelf life of frozen beets is 8 months .

How to store beets in winter

In order for beets to be stored well during the winter, they need to be prepared for storage.

It is best to leave the beets in the sun to dry a little after purchasing or digging for 1-2 days. This will allow the vegetable to get rid of excess moisture, and will also help to better clean it of dirt and soil. Under no circumstances should beets be washed before winter storage.

After drying, the root vegetables must be sorted, leaving only whole, uninfected and undamaged vegetables for storage. The tops are cut off from the selected root crops, leaving a few centimeters. You cannot tear off the tops, as there is a high risk of damage to the vegetables.

For winter storage of beets, a cellar or basement is ideal, which must be disinfected and well ventilated. It is also important to create optimal temperature and humidity conditions in the room - a temperature no higher than +3 degrees and a relative humidity no more than 90%.

How and in what should beets be stored in the cellar/basement?

Beets are stored well in wooden boxes, sprinkled with dry sand.

For long-term storage, you can sprinkle the beets with salt. It will absorb excess moisture and this will contribute to longer storage of beets.

When storing beets in a cellar or basement, check them from time to time for damage and diseases, and promptly get rid of spoiled root crops so that they do not have time to infect the rest.

How to store beets in the refrigerator

Beets belong to the category of vegetables that can be stored in the refrigerator for a very short period of time.

The shelf life of beets in the refrigerator is 30-40 days , then the root crop begins to wither, lose moisture and beneficial properties.

In order for beets to be stored in the refrigerator for as long as possible, they need to be properly prepared:

Vegetables are first cleaned of dirt using a dry method, and then laid out in plastic bags, in which several holes must be made for natural ventilation. Vegetables can be stored in this form for 2-3 weeks .

To store in the refrigerator, you can pack the beets in paper bags; in this form, the beets will be stored for 1-2 weeks .

If the beets have been washed under water, their shelf life will be 5-7 days .

Peeled and washed beets can be packed in vacuum bags. In them, the shelf life of beets will be about 1 month .

Washed and peeled beets can be stored with other vegetables for up to 3 days .

When storing beets in the refrigerator, it is necessary to check them at least once a week for spoilage and remove damaged vegetables so that they do not infect the rest. For storage, it is better to choose medium-sized fruits; they will remain fresh longer.

How to store beets in the freezer

Freezing beets not only allows you to preserve them for a long time, but also allows you to preserve the taste and beneficial properties of the vegetable. There are a few rules to remember before freezing:

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It is better to freeze beets in portions, since they are one of those vegetables that are not recommended to be re-frozen.

If you plan to freeze whole vegetables, you should use freezers with a quick freeze function. This method allows you to freeze vegetables without sad consequences, while maintaining all the beneficial and taste properties.

For freezing, it is better to use fresh, and preferably young, beet varieties.

The shelf life of beets in the freezer is 8-12 months .

To freeze fresh beets, they must be cleaned of dirt and peel, washed under running water, chopped in a blender or cut into the necessary pieces and placed in sealed bags or containers and put in the freezer.

To freeze boiled beets, they should be thoroughly washed, boiled in boiling water, then peeled from the roots and peel of the vegetable, wait for it to cool, and then chop into the necessary pieces and package in bags and put in the freezer.

How to store beets at room temperature

Home storage conditions are not very favorable for storing vegetables. It is very difficult to provide optimal storage conditions in an apartment, so the shelf life of vegetables is significantly reduced.

In an apartment, you can store beets in a pantry, a cool room, or under a bed (closet), if space allows. You can spread the beets on the floor covered with newspapers, you can put the root vegetables in boxes with sand. The shelf life of beets at room temperature is 3-4 months .

When storing root vegetables in an apartment, try to periodically check the vegetables for spoilage and get rid of them in a timely manner.

Shelf life of beets in the refrigerator

3-4 weeks

Shelf life of beets in the freezer

8-12 months

Shelf life of beets at room temperature

3-4 months

In order for beets to be stored well during the winter, they need to be prepared for storage.

Vacuum bags

What should you do if you plan to keep the vegetable in the refrigerator for more than three days? A vacuum bag, which can be easily purchased at the hardware store, will help extend its life. How many days can boiled beets be stored with this packaging? The product can retain its beneficial properties for up to 10 days.

Beets can be stored whole in a vacuum bag. You must wait until the vegetable cools down after cooking and then place it in the package. The product should be placed in the refrigerator in a sealed bag that does not allow air to penetrate.

You can also first peel the beets and then cut them into strips, circles or cubes. It is recommended to place the product on a sieve for some time. This is required in order for the juice to drain. You should not keep the beets on the sieve for a long time, as the chopped slices may develop a dry crust. When the juice has drained, you can pack the product. The cut pieces should lie tightly, but not in a thick layer. They can also be stored for up to 10 days, if necessary. The vacuum bag can be replaced with a container if desired. This does not change the shelf life.

Shelf life in the freezer

How long do boiled beets last in the freezer? This depends primarily on the temperature. At -12 degrees, the shelf life of root crops does not exceed 90 days. The life expectancy of a vegetable increases up to six months if the temperature is -18 degrees or lower.

If you freeze boiled beets, they will retain most of the nutrients. However, it should be understood that its taste will deteriorate.

We don't think anyone needs to store boiled beets for more than 3 days, but if such a desire arises, the refrigerator method can be improved. Vacuum packaging will help to significantly extend the shelf life. Nowadays such bags can be bought in the hardware department.

Clean boiled root vegetables can be stored in a vacuum either whole or cut into pieces.

To preserve the whole vegetable, you need to wait until it has cooled well after cooking and place it tightly in a vacuum bag. In a sealed package without access to air, it is placed in the refrigerator. If you use a vacuum container rather than a bag, the shelf life does not change. The same 10 days in a refrigerator.

Agree, it’s inconvenient to put whole root vegetables in vacuum bags. Therefore, we recommend that you first remove the outer skin and cut it as you require - into circles, strips, cubes, or grate in Korean. Throw the chopped boiled product onto a sieve, wait until the juice drains - the boiled and chopped mass releases enough of it.

Is it really possible to store boiled beets in the freezer?

The methods described above are relevant if the vegetable is not planned to be kept in the refrigerator for more than 10 days. Longer storage of the product may also be required. Is it possible to store boiled beets in the freezer? The answer to this question is positive.

How to do this correctly? First of all, boiled beets need to be peeled. Next, the product should be cut into strips, rings or cubes. The result should be distributed into sealed bags and placed in the freezer.

At what temperature should it be stored?

Boiled beets are stored at temperatures from 0 to 6 C. At this temperature, boiled beets can be stored for up to 10 days. After 10 days it is advisable not to use it. After all, if the temperature is above 0 C, then beets spoil during long-term storage and become unfit for consumption.

When thinking about how long you can store boiled beets in the refrigerator, know that they can be stored for up to 1 month, provided that the temperature in the refrigerator is below 2 C.

Even for a month, the beneficial properties of beets are preserved and can be safely eaten. After the expiration date, do not use beets.

Useful tips

How to store boiled beets correctly? It is recommended to indicate the freezing date on each container. This precaution will help you remember when exactly the product expires. This is especially true when it comes to long-term storage in the freezer.

It is advisable to store no more than one serving in each package. This is due to the fact that repeated freezing is harmful to beets. Because of this, the vegetable loses its beneficial properties, and its taste also deteriorates significantly.

If the root crop is slightly dry, you can try to “revive” it with boiled water. Then you should keep the beets in plain water for some time. It will swell and take on its usual shape.

The best option

We believe that the best method is boiling at one time. Beets are not in short supply; they can be purchased at any time of the year. Industrial vegetable storage facilities provide suitable conditions, so you will not find spoiled vegetables on sale.

If you are an avid summer resident and grow your own root vegetables, without nitrates and other harmful additives, you probably have a cellar, which automatically eliminates the issue of long-term storage.

To feed children, try to use only freshly cooked root vegetables; frozen ones still lose their taste.

There are many original recipes with beets. It can be consumed not only boiled, but also raw. Try the “Tsvetnoy” salad; we are sure it will take pride of place on your table. The dish is exceptionally tasty, and the beneficial qualities are off the charts; a better “intestinal brush” cannot be found. Only raw vegetables are used for this salad, including beets.

There is another proven fact: doctors know that those vegetables that are grown in the area where a person lives permanently are healthier for health. That is, avocados, mangoes and sweet potatoes are still stressful for the Slavic body. Ordinary beets and apples are familiar and extremely useful.

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If you are an avid summer resident and grow your own root vegetables, without nitrates and other harmful additives, you probably have a cellar, which automatically eliminates the issue of long-term storage.

Recommendations for selection

The taste of a root vegetable depends not only on whether it is stored correctly. Of course, it is best to freeze vegetables grown on your own plot. Unfortunately, not everyone has this opportunity.

When purchasing a product on the market, you need to pay great attention to its appearance. Preference should be given to vegetables with thin skin of a dark red hue. The best size is medium. Optimal dimensions are from 12 to 15 cm in diameter.

For many, what is important is how much sugar a vegetable contains. This can be determined by its shape. Flattened roots are sweeter, while oblong ones have a neutral taste.

The age of beets is also easy to determine. Old root vegetables are coarse and have a fibrous structure. They take a long time to cook, but they are better for storage. Young vegetables have a mild taste and delicate structure. You shouldn’t cook them for a long time, as all the color will go into the water.

The cause of poisoning is not only food!

There are people who are said to have an “iron stomach” - they digest everything. But in fact, they just have a strong immune system: it plays a key role in preventing food poisoning. Eating plenty of fruits, nuts and vegetables and leading a healthy and active life, according to doctors, can strengthen the immune system.

But cleanliness is very important for the health of the stomach. Its absence is a common cause of poisoning. E. coli and other destructive microorganisms love warmth and moisture. They love cutting boards and sponges, dirty refrigerators and unwashed food containers. This means that their appearance may have nothing to do with a violation of the food shelf life.

How to cook properly

How to store boiled beets at home? The result also depends on whether the product is prepared correctly. First you need to wash the root crop, remove the tail and tops. Next, the beets are placed in a cooking pot. It is important that the liquid hides the vegetable. The water should rise above it by about 5-8 cm. To make the water boil faster, you need to turn on the maximum heat.

After the liquid boils, you can add a teaspoon of vinegar or a tablespoon of lemon juice to the pan. Thanks to this, the color of the root crop will not change under the influence of heat treatment. After the water boils, the fire should be kept to a minimum. The beets are cooked for about an hour. The cooking time depends on whether the root vegetable is young or mature, as well as on the size of the vegetable.

You can reduce the cooking time for beets by leaving the gas at maximum. In this case, you will have to cook the product for about 20 minutes. After this, the root crop is placed in ice water, where it must be kept for about 10 minutes. The advantage of this approach is that beets are easy to clean and retain their beautiful color. This method is best preferred if you plan to store the vegetable for a long time.

Cooking secrets

You can cook beets in a variety of ways: in a slow cooker, double boiler, microwave, oven, and even in a frying pan. Most owners prefer the traditional method of cooking - in a saucepan. To do this, wash each root vegetable well, and then, without cutting off the tail, place it in a pan. Fill with water so that its level is 5-8 cm above the top of the vegetables and set on maximum heat.

By the way, in order for the beets not to lose their color during cooking, after boiling you need to add a tablespoon of lemon juice or a teaspoon of vinegar to the water.

Most housewives, after the water boils, reduce the heat and cook the root vegetable until tender for 35-50 minutes, depending on its size. However, experienced chefs who have to cook a lot and quickly know a different recipe. After boiling, they keep the pan on maximum heat for a quarter of an hour, and then place the vegetables in ice water for 5-10 minutes.

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