Is it possible to freeze homemade liver pate?

How determined you are!!!!!

And invincible oops I'm proud of you!!!! It’s so joyful to feel that on another corner of the earth, somewhere far away Yes, I am so Incomprehensible, decisive and invincible;-. Thank you, kind man! My daughter is standing behind me and waiting for me to go pick mushrooms. When I arrive, I’ll knock on the door for you as expected!!!!

I would also like to say something like Svetka - you are a real friend Lena I know the Bombovsky pate, I made it myself, I also can’t get away from the refrigerator, you guessed right.

shelf life of homemade pate

Wow!!! I’m somehow on “you” with lentils. So Lenok, your cannery is working at full speed. I also freeze a lot of squash pancakes, in winter I just add an egg and flour and fry. Yes, the recipe is great, I also add nutmeg when I have it. But about the preparation for pancakes - well done for suggesting it!!! I freeze peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, and zucchini separately in pieces. But thank you for the grated zucchini!!!

Len, I rub the zucchini and then simmer it with milk a little, they settle like that, a little milk. Then in cellophane and in containers, then when it freezes I take it out and lay the bricks.

I also freeze grated cucumbers into okroshka in the winter, otherwise the store-bought ones are often nothing at all.

My family really loves homemade liver pate. But since it takes a lot of time to prepare, I prepare it in a large batch at once and then store it in the refrigerator, divided into jars. So the pate can be stored for a month or two. For a regular portion of pate, you need any liver - 1 kg of carrots, onions, gr of butter, salt and pepper, you can also have garlic, but we love the classic liver pate.

I also freeze tomatoes and pizza in circles, first on the board. I also freeze sorrel and green cabbage soup in the middle of winter. We have a lot in common when it comes to preparations!!! Hello, Elena! Very interesting recipe! Please tell me, if you close the jars with regular lids and put them in the refrigerator, won’t they spoil?

Or do you only need ones like yours? Anna, I think you can do it with regular ones. After all, it won’t be stored for a year. Thank you very much! Oh, my mouth is all water, it’s flowing like a stream! Handicraftswoman, cook and just a beauty! Well, let me send you a jar. I still have a little left!!!! Enough for everyone!!! Oh, Lenka, here you are, irritating people with your pate. Yessss, delicious!

And we love liver cake too! We love liver in any form! Maybe we’ll come for a visit in the fall, so please put a jar in for a family of 3. Tomorrow we’re actually planning to go to the dacha, but after the pool. And you definitely said about the meat grinder. I also have an electric one in a box, but I turn everything into an old, grandfather’s one. I really liked the Hugs!

I understood the task, Lenochka!!! I hid the jar!!!! But will this jar wait for you - you are too elusive. We are going to pick mushrooms in the morning. We are putting things in order in the apartment while our husband is on vacation so that he doesn’t get in the way, but Dasha is able to help, you know - soon she will be no help at all.

And the pool is great!!!

Andryushka is probably delighted!!! Do you splash with your whole family or just the two of you? Andryushka is swimming alone. There's a group of guys there. He went to the pool all winter. So we decided to continue. Our dear pool was closed for repairs, so now we go to another one with his classmate.

Yeah, you need to prepare for change. Hello Dashula! Lenchik, dear, it’s time for you to become a chef, so appetizing, tasty, and most importantly, a quick food for the family. Yes, by the way, I really like your hat, at least run to the garage and open the craft season ahead of schedule. I got exactly the same recipe, it’s just amazing!

My family really loves this pate, but I’ve never made it for use, I thought it wouldn’t last, but it turns out you can store it - thanks for the idea!

Comments on the tip

Lenuska, hello! Slowly I drop in to visit everyone. And you are a Clever Needlewoman!!! My God, how I love liver, in all its forms!!!

Thank you for MK.

I would live there: WHERE the place where this paste is stored is. On the weekend - to the market with my dear one, I hope I won’t eat his liver before the weekend. I thought about you in the summer, because I finally created a vase. She stayed at the dacha, I’ll pick her up and take a photo. I also remembered when I looked at my unfortunate hosts, burned by our 10-degree sun. It’s difficult for them here, they would like to come to you. Or at least so that the Mistress waters them every day, and not once a week. And your trees are so loving!

In the last photo, the wood growth or fungus looks like a forest troll. I ran to make it. I made it today, it’s delicious! I'll have to work out a lot. Wonderful way to store!!! I love pate, my daughter doesn’t mind either, although she’s more accustomed to the taste of store-bought stuff - I only buy Egoryevsky, which has a shelf life of only 14 days.

So I’m thinking - since the store-bought one only lasts for two weeks, although they make it in sealed packaging, can the homemade one last longer??? And immediately into the blender, until it has completely cooled down, and put the butter in there. My mouth is just watering.. Please tell me if the liver is of different varieties, then don’t mix it, but make jars of chicken pate, jars of beef pate, right?

Or mix everything in jars? Lena, not even a year has passed since I decided to make pate according to your recipe and it was put aside in my favorites. I couldn’t resist writing Sooo delicious, I didn’t even expect it to turn out this way! Not even close to the store. Thank you very much! Only I simplified the process to a minimum - I didn’t grind anything. I fried the chicken liver almost entirely, chopped carrots and onions and fried them together.

And when everything was ready, I simply beat it with a submersible mixer, and added butter. Apparently I turned out to be even lazier than you!

Thanks again. It’s easier for me to wash the meat grinder once than to put several portions into the mixer and take them out. I’m very, very glad that you liked the pate!!!

I made a bunch of delicious chicken liver pate the other day, but most of it went sour after a few days! True, I had it all in one plastic container. How long does it last in sterile jars? Of course, it will last longer in sterilized containers.

When I open the jars, I hear a click, and this indicates that the product has been preserved. And another interesting idea with conservation. Tell me, does condensation appear when sterilizing jars in the oven? I put the jars in the oven upside down. It is by the dried jars that I determine the end of sterilization.

Sterilize at a temperature no higher than degrees. Suddenly you don’t eat everything. From the freezer, the jar quickly defrosts and does not lose its taste.

Entrance to the Land of Masters

Good evening! And after laying out, you didn’t additionally process the jars in any way: boiling in water, baking. Please explain, I want to understand the issue. Good evening, Elena! As for storage, the refrigerator very often plays a role here. I have two of them in my apartment. In principle, I use only the simplest recipes, since I don’t have enough time and patience for all the preparations. Using the same principle, I prepare salads for the winter from eggplants, peppers, carrots, and zucchini and other vegetables I fry it to my liking in pots I store everything in the basement So I don’t know why, but the preparations do not spoil And each lid clicks when opened, like jars of baby food And, of course, “for so long” it continues to be stored in the freezer.

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How to store homemade liver pate

Kind of work. Good mood. Not determined.

Not defined. Cooking Master class Liver pate “in reserve”. The result is such a mass. Very juicy and tender. And finally, these are the sentimental trees Blog Trifle Comment Report violation Printable page. Eat with the whole family!!!! Mmmmm, how yummy! I don’t like liver, but sometimes I eat pastes and I really want them!

Olya, greetings!!! That's why I showed you this recipe!!! So that you can store it longer!!!! I will be glad if you use the advice!!! If I freeze pate, I put it in a jar not up to the shoulders. We love this very much! But I never cooked for future use. Need to try. To your health. This is for lazy housewives. I like to shoot at one time. Thank you, Raya!

Lena, the recipe is wonderful, I’ll definitely try it, but can you only make it with chicken? I often make it with just chicken Wow! What a yummy!!! I'll definitely try it!!! Simplify the preparation steps Yes, in the refrigerator But you can also store it in the freezer The taste does not change!!!

So far I have only grated carrots and beets for freezing. The instructions are clear!!!! Thank you dear!!! The other day I made liver pate from duck liver - so delicious!

Sorry for the long answer. The liver can and should be mixed all together, it turns out tastier. Hello, guest! It’s a pity that your pate has spoiled. If you have plastic containers, store them in the freezer.

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If you do it right away, the oil is absorbed. You can freeze it. It contains oil, but not a lot of it.

Diet option

  • chicken breast - 500 g;
  • carrots - 1 piece;
  • soy sauce;
  • spices.

Cooking time: 35 minutes.

Calorie content: 104.4 kcal.

  1. Wash the carrots thoroughly, peel and trim the stem. Add chicken fillet and carrots to boiling water. Cook until done.
  2. Cut the cooled meat into pieces, add carrots and beat with a blender.
  3. Add the broth in which the chicken was cooked in small portions to the whipped mixture. The broth will add tenderness and fluffiness to the pate. If you don't add it, the mass will be dry. It should be noted that the broth will add some calories to the pate, but these numbers will be insignificant. You can reduce the calorie content by spreading it not on bread, but on dietary biscuits.
  4. Instead of salt, at the final stage, add soy sauce and your favorite spices to the pate at your discretion. Spices have no calories, they enhance the taste, so they can be safely added to the chicken mass.

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Cooking Master class Liver pate “in reserve”

Clearly, it turns out that everything is not so simple Return to the conference Return to the conference. Article of the day.

Pate is a tasty and healthy dish, which is prepared mainly from liver with the addition of vegetables, butter, spices and salt. This high-calorie, protein-rich dish is an excellent cold appetizer. Pate can be chicken, goose, pork, beef, or rabbit. It can be homemade or store-bought, and the storage of pates depends on the type of production. Since this product is perishable, you should very carefully follow all recommendations on how to store the pate.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Look at other discussions on the topic of “preparing pates for future use”:. Work week - how to plan meal preparation. I just don’t like it when meat and preparations made from it lie in the refrigerator for a long time, so I try to eat everything in the first week.

Can liver pate be stored in the freezer?

Today I made homemade chicken liver pate, it turned out too much, we definitely won’t eat it in 2 days, it’s a shame to throw it away! So the question arose, is it possible to put it in the freezer “in reserve”? Has anyone done this? Will the taste and texture be affected?

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I often make not only liver pate, but also liver cake and pancakes. But since these dishes are perishable, and sometimes you cook a lot of them and don’t eat everything, so without fear that they will lose their original appearance and taste, I calmly freeze them . And I advise you not to be afraid of this. From my own experience, it has been proven that the pate does not change at all, either in appearance or in taste. And I freeze it not entirely, but in small portions - this makes it easier to take out and use. I take it out, put it on a plate, and decorate it with pastry syringe with softened butter, boiled carrot flowers, cranberries and no one will guess that I made the pate yesterday.

Even fresh liver cannot be stored in the freezer for a long time, and even more so, prepared liver runs the risk of being poisoned; it is a very perishable product.

Today I made homemade chicken liver pate, it turned out too much, we definitely won’t eat it in 2 days, it’s a shame to throw it away! So the question arose, is it possible to put it in the freezer “in reserve”? Has anyone done this? Will the taste and texture be affected?

How long does Homemade Chicken Heart Pate last?

Over the course of several years, I have accumulated a decent selection of recipes for vegetable preparations. For advice. Section: Preparations for future use What preparations to make for the winter in July.

Virgos, what preparations are you already making for the winter, please tell me? Pates from Paul Bocuse. Real French recipes.

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Pates are traditionally served hot, cold, and even prepared for future use. This also includes all summer preparations in jars such as lecho appetizers, horseradish appetizers, winter salad. Tasty and healthy preparations. The story of one piece. Unusual recipe: love cucumbers. You need a marinade recipe for cucumbers and assorted vegetables.

Technical conditions. Pate is a reserve product that is used by consumers leading an active lifestyle. In this regard, the topic of research work seems relevant. The definition says pate ital.

Liver pate Salt the red fish if necessary. Meat for future use: beef terrine and pork tin - recipes. I clean the herring, you can cut it wow Freezing to speed up cooking. Preparations for future use?? Liver pate - how long does it last in the refrigerator? Bonn ratings Our child.

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