Shelf life of liqueurs, liqueurs (tinctures): requirements of legislation and GOSTs, table of duration of freshness of drinks

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I found an untouched bottle of Baileys in the family bar, bought two and a half ago for my birthday. Due to the large selection of alcohol, they apparently simply forgot about it. I opened it and realized that the taste had not deteriorated at all, there were no foreign odors or tastes.

A very original drink and a unique taste. In a word, luxury. What I didn’t know about liqueur is that it has a shelf life. Now I will look at the release date so that nothing will stop me from enjoying the heavenly drink. I really like this liqueur.

This liqueur is one of my favorites. On holidays, my husband and company drink a bottle of this. We mostly drink it with ice. Only once did it stand open in a bar for almost a month - the taste and composition did not change and remained the same. We tried to make a homemade version and it turned out a little different.

Not a bad liqueur! I brought myself a bottle of the original one, from Italy. There is no special reason to just drink it, but I indulge myself by adding it to my morning coffee. Literally a tablespoon, but the taste is transformed. By the way, regarding cooking at home: it’s better not to throw instant coffee like the girl in the video, but to brew natural coffee, strain it so that there is no sediment, and use it.

I remember as a child, in the 90s, the borders had just opened and the first goods from abroad began to arrive in the country. They gave it to my parents (Baileys) for their anniversary, I was little and I remember this bottle, we had it for a long time)). My mother loves this liqueur very much, and now I love it too.

I tried Baileys a couple of years ago and now this drink is a frequent guest at holidays. The drink has a mild taste with a pleasant aftertaste and may appeal not only to girls, but also to men. We bought it in duty-free, hoping for authenticity, and now our friends know what to bring to my husband and me as a souvenir.

I love it! We buy it for every holiday, all my friends know what to give me! And the expiration date is not at all important; my bottle does not last more than two days. By the way, it’s quite easy to make it at home, otherwise in our city the prices for it have increased like crazy.

Chocolate "Sheridan"

  • Sheridan liqueur – 30 ml;
  • dark chocolate – 20 g.
  • Pour the liqueur into the liqueur glass, being careful not to mix the layers. If necessary, wait until the boundary between the layers becomes clear.
  • Finely grate the chocolate.
  • Pour it into a glass.
  • Wait for the cream liqueur to absorb the chocolate chips.

The cocktail must be drunk in one gulp. Chocolate lovers will love this recipe.

Sheridan liqueur has gained popularity not only due to its unusual bottle design, but also due to its pleasant taste. If you drink it correctly, you will be able to appreciate both its attractive appearance and exquisite taste.

Homemade liqueurs, tinctures, liqueurs

Homemade liqueurs, tinctures and liqueurs are best prepared in the summer, when there is a large selection of fresh, aromatic berries.

We choose berries and fruits for homemade liqueurs. To prepare homemade alcoholic drinks, you need to take very ripe fruits. Some of them, such as cherries and plums, even before infusion, are useful to dry a little in the sun until they begin to wrinkle, then they become especially sweet.

The seeds are removed from stone fruits, otherwise the bitterness contained in them will be transferred to the drinks. Some berries, such as wild strawberries, raspberries, etc.

, before infusion, grind with a wooden spoon or masher, then the process of infusion of homemade alcohol occurs very quickly, in 1-2 days.

This method is also applied to other fruits, when you need to get homemade alcohol in a shorter time.

Dishes. For preparing alcohol at home, utensils that may be suitable include clay, stone, porcelain, earthenware and glass, but in no case metal.

The latter will oxidize and give an unpleasant taste. Glassware works best.

Storage. Homemade liqueurs, tinctures and liqueurs never spoil and the longer they are aged, the better they are. They must be stored in a dark and dry place.

Tinctures, liqueurs and liqueurs with a delicate aroma must be stored in a cool place. Bottles with homemade alcoholic drinks should always be kept upright, otherwise the corks will become sugared.

Homemade liqueurs

Homemade liqueurs are strong, sweet liqueurs similar in consistency to butter. They are infused with vodka, but good alcohol is best for this purpose.

Various spices are added to homemade liqueurs for flavor. The method for preparing liqueurs is the same as for liqueurs, only with an increased proportion of sugar, i.e. 200-300 g per 2 glasses of liquid.

Liqueurs at home can be prepared not only from fruits, but also from other products, such as coffee, cocoa, vanilla, etc. The indicated products are finely ground into powder, boiled in vodka, filtered and added to thickly prepared syrup.

Homemade tinctures

To prepare tinctures at home, ripe berries are sorted out, poured 2/3 into a large bottle, filled to the top with vodka and sealed with a cork, in the middle of which a hole is made. A straw or hollow part of a feather in the form of a tube is inserted into the cork. The top of the cork is tied with a clean rag.

The berries, which have a delicate, delicate aroma, are infused in a dark, cool place, but for a very short time, so that the bitter substances contained in the seeds do not have time to impart their bitter taste to the liquid, which is unpleasant for homemade tincture.

All other berries and fruits, the seeds of which have been removed, are kept in a warm place for 2 to 6 months. In order for all the aromatic substances and juices contained in the fruit to be better dissolved in vodka, the bottle must be shaken and shaken often.

When the fruits turn white, which means the end of the process, the liquid is filtered through a sieve and the remaining mass is squeezed into the total juice. The resulting juice is allowed to settle, after which the liquid is filtered through a napkin folded four times or clean gauze. The napkin or gauze is changed as needed and the degree of contamination.

It is necessary to ensure that the liquid passing through the filter comes out completely transparent and clean, without any residue. If necessary, you can filter several times until the homemade tincture is completely transparent.

Homemade liqueurs

  • If you sweeten the filtered tincture with sugar, you get a liqueur.
  • To prepare the liqueur at home, pour all the liquid into a basin, add the required amount of sugar, preferably refined sugar, stir and heat over the fire without letting it boil.

Sugar is added to homemade liqueurs according to taste and the sweetness of the berries, but no more than 100 g of sugar for every two glasses of liquid (juice), since homemade liqueur should not be too sweet. As soon as steam comes from the heated liqueur, it is removed from the heat, cooled and poured into sterilized bottles and sealed with good new stoppers.

Another way to prepare homemade liqueur: fruits or berries are poured into a bottle, sprinkled with sugar in layers (a glass of sugar per glass of berries) and placed in the sun or in a warm place for 3-4 days, then topped up with vodka and kept in the sun or in a warm place for 2- 3 months.

Sheridan liqueur at home: creamy vanilla part

Melt seventy grams of white chocolate in a water bath, dilute it in 350 ml of milk. Beat three eggs and add to the total mixture. We churn a glass of cream, but just a little so that it remains liquid. Pour them into a common cauldron. Add liquid honey (400 grams) and a bag of vanilla sugar. Dilute the mixture with a glass (250 ml) of Irish whiskey. Now beat the liquid with a mixer or blender. Pour the creamy vanilla Sheridan liqueur into a dark, tightly sealed container and set to cool. The drink is ready for consumption in two to three weeks.

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  • Amarula is a liqueur from Africa worth learning about!
  • Mozart liqueur - chocolate-flavored liquor
  • Liqueur Advocate - a Brazilian drink with a Dutch twist
  • Limoncello liqueur – sun in a glass

Cocktails with Malibu liqueur

1. Pina Colada.

  • light rum – 60 ml;
  • Malibu liqueur – 40 ml;
  • pineapple juice – 100 ml.

Recipe: Mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Pour the cocktail into a tall glass. Garnish with a strawberry or a few drops of strawberry liqueur. Serve with a straw.

Pina colada

  • cognac – 40 ml;
  • fresh apple juice – 130 ml;
  • coconut liqueur (Malibu or similar) – 10 ml.

Recipe: Mix all ingredients in a shaker, then pour into a glass with a few ice cubes.

El Ultimo

3. Creamy Malibu (Wedding Cake).

In addition to coconut extract, Malibu liqueur may contain extracts of pineapple, mango, banana and passion fruit. They can be distinguished by the color of the neck of the bottle in which they are bottled. Classic coconut has a white label, pineapple has an orange label, banana has a yellow label, mango has a red label, and passion fruit has a lilac label. You can see what bottles of different extracts look like in the photo of Malibu liqueur.

How to drink Sheridan liqueur / read and find out how to drink Sheridan.

Unusual - that’s the only thing you might think when you see Sheridan liqueur in a bottle in a store or in a glass. The popular two-color vanilla and coffee liqueur Sheridan's with a strength of 15.5% was brought to Russia for the first time in 1994 from Ireland. And the liqueur is produced in Dublin.

The extraordinary liqueur immediately won over both women and men. And why be surprised? After all, just looking at this liqueur is a pleasure. It is noteworthy that it is produced at the same factory as the long-known Baileys liqueur. The unique Sheridan liqueur is based on: whiskey, chocolate, coffee, cream, vanilla.

Few people know that there is also a berry Sheridan.

It is easy to guess that no one has ever confused Sheridan's liqueur with any other drink. Truly, this is the most original and creative solution of alcohol industry managers. Firstly, the bottle is two-color, black and white, it is divided into two parts so that when pouring liquor, you do not mix two different drinks; secondly, the liqueur itself, it is also of two colors and is poured into different parts of the bottle: on the left side there is vanilla liqueur, on the right there is chocolate - coffee liqueur, it is stronger.

Not everyone knows how to drink Sheridan liqueur. This drink can be consumed in many ways and there are many of them. So, how to drink Sheridan? It is drunk without mixing with anything in its pure form (pieces of ice are usually placed at the bottom of a liqueur glass or drunk chilled), it can be used to prepare various kinds of cocktails, and is also widely used as an additive to coffee, if it is, of course, just brewed .

It is important to know not only how to drink Sheridance, but also how to pour it correctly. This must be done very carefully and slowly, making sure that the 2 layers do not mix with each other. If you do everything correctly, then you will find a real miracle in your glass - Sheridan's liqueur

You can try making a similar liqueur at home. To do this you will need 1 can of condensed milk, 1 cup of sugar, vanillin (on the tip of a knife), yolks of four eggs, 2 cups of vodka, 1 tsp. instant coffee. Mix all ingredients (except coffee) very well in a blender. Fill the glass halfway, sprinkle the entire surface with coffee and add liqueur to the rim of the glass.

How to drink Sheridans liqueur in cocktails? This drink is often drunk simply with ice or even water. But they can also be combined with other drinks. Sheridan's goes well with whiskey, cognac, vodka, dry red and white wines, and gin. Often combined with ice cream, lemon and orange juices, melted chocolate and milk. Like the liqueur itself, cocktails with it have a peculiar bitter astringency, it is noble like the liqueur itself.

I will give you a cocktail recipe based on a unique liqueur. It's called "Light Storm". You will need 25 ml of sambuca, 25 ml of Blavod vodka, 50 ml of Sheridan's liqueur, 10 ml of whipped cream. Now you need to pour all the components into a cocktail glass, but in the following sequence:

Here is another cocktail recipe using our liqueur. To prepare one glass of this cocktail you will need 1 tsp. instant coffee, 1 tsp. sugar, ice cream and a few drops of Sheridans liqueur. Fill a cocktail glass halfway with ice cream, add coffee and sugar, stir until the coffee dissolves, add water to the rim of the glass and add liqueur. Serve without decorations with ice.

Imagine and find out for yourself how to drink Sheridan's liqueur in cocktails and without mixing.

Not everyone knows how to drink Sheridan liqueur. This drink can be consumed in many ways and there are many of them. So, how to drink Sheridan? It is drunk without mixing with anything in its pure form (pieces of ice are usually placed at the bottom of a liqueur glass or drunk chilled), it can be used to prepare various kinds of cocktails, and is also widely used as an additive to coffee, if it is, of course, just brewed .

Sheridan liqueur: product characteristics, homemade recipe

Irish liqueur Sheridan cannot be confused with anything else. This is the brainchild of an alcohol concern that also gave birth to another famous drink - Baileys. Sheridan's original two-tank bottle gained worldwide popularity only a year after it went on sale in 1994. It should be said that not only the memorable container, the design of which was developed by PA Consulting Group, brought the laurel crown of glory to the liqueur, but also its excellent taste. It was for this that Sheridan was awarded a gold medal at the Brussels Monde Selection exhibition in 1995. But the double bottle, of course, contributed to the global popularity of the alcoholic drink. Read about the characteristics of the product and the rules for its use in this article. We will also tell you how to make Sheridan liqueur at home.

What is the shelf life of liqueur?

A liqueur is a very sweet alcoholic drink. Usually it is infused with berries, fruits, herbs and even spices. I would like to note that the first portable liqueur was the Elixir of Benedictine. It was created back in the 16th century. The taste of this liqueur was very pleasant and delicate.

Many monks tried to repeat this recipe, but more and more new types of liquor were discovered. And now I will try to answer the main question posed by the author: what is the shelf life of liqueur? Most believe that the shelf life of liqueur after opening the bottle is approximately 6 months.

But this is absolutely not true! It all depends on the composition of the drink. The shelf life of liqueur is actually not very long. And temperature also greatly affects the period! If the drink is exposed to high or low temperatures, the sugar will crystallize and, accordingly, there will be sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

The most useful advice is this: if the bottle of liquor has been opened, you should store it tightly closed and in a dark place where there is no temperature difference. The best place for a “home bar” is considered to be the inside wall of the house.

A liqueur is a very sweet alcoholic drink. Usually it is infused with berries, fruits, herbs and even spices. I would like to note that the first portable liqueur was the Elixir of Benedictine. It was created back in the 16th century. The taste of this liqueur was very pleasant and delicate. Many monks tried to repeat this recipe, but more and more new types of liquor were discovered. And now I will try to answer the main question posed by the author: what is the shelf life of liqueur? Most believe that the shelf life of liqueur after opening the bottle is approximately 6 months. But this is absolutely not true! It all depends on the composition of the drink. The shelf life of liqueur is actually not very long. And temperature also greatly affects the period! If the drink is exposed to high or low temperatures, the sugar will crystallize and, accordingly, there will be sediment at the bottom of the bottle. If the liqueur is made with a creamy base and the bottle is not opened, it can be stored for 3 to 4 months. If opened, it can be stored for no more than 30 days.

How to drink Sheridan liqueur?

How to drink Sheridan liqueur?

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Sheridan represents a refined harmony of vanilla, natural fresh cream, excellent coffee, soft Irish whiskey and chocolate. This liqueur has a special nutty-chocolate aftertaste.

Sheridan liqueur has gained wide popularity thanks to the non-standard and original shape of the bottle. The Sheridan bottle consists of two vessels that differ in volume. One container contains cream liqueur and the other contains coffee liqueur. Each part of the bottle has its own neck.

How to drink Lier Sheridan correctly?

Firstly, Sheridan Liqueur can be drunk with ice. The liquor is poured slowly and carefully. It is necessary to ensure that the liqueurs do not mix. The cream liqueur should be on top.

Secondly, Sheridan can be added to coffee.

Thirdly, Sheridan Liqueur can be drunk as part of various cocktails. Here is the recipe for one of them. Sheridan – 100ml, 30ml vodka, 120ml milk, ice. Place ice in a shaker, add Sheridan, vodka and milk. Beat and mix. Pour the cocktail into a glass and garnish with cherries, pineapple slices and leaves.

You need to know that Sheridan should not be mixed with citrus juices or carbonated drinks, as they do not mix well with cream liqueur.

For cocktails, by the way, Sheridan is more suitable not with cream liqueur, but with berry liqueur.

How to drink Lier Sheridan correctly?

Review: Sher liqueur > 12/19/2019

Sheridan's Coffee Layered Liqueur is one of those tasty, solid drinks that you need to have in your home bar and that will look great on your New Year's table.

The basis of this liqueur is Irish whiskey, and it consists of two parts: dark - chocolate-coffee, light - creamy-vanilla. When pouring, they are mixed in a glass in a 2/1 ratio and the dark one goes to the bottom and the light one goes to the top.

The taste is very pleasant, soft vanilla aroma of coffee with milk, the alcohol is felt very faintly. But for sugar it’s quite cloying.

The biggest disadvantage of this drink is its short shelf life, so always pay attention to this, it’s very easy to run into expired drinks. Otherwise, I highly recommend this yummy dish for the New Year’s table. My rating is excellent.

The taste is very pleasant, soft vanilla aroma of coffee with milk, the alcohol is felt very faintly. But for sugar it’s quite cloying.

Is it possible to return?

But under certain conditions, product replacement is possible.

According to Art. 503 Civil Code of the Russian Federation, art. 18 of Law N 2300-1, the product sold to the consumer must be of proper quality.

If the vodka has not yet expired, but it turns out to be of poor quality, then you will need an expert opinion to replace it. Forensic toxicology testing of alcoholic beverages reveals violations of state standards, and depending on the results, the case may go to trial.

Article 503 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The rights of the buyer in the event of the sale of goods of inadequate quality:

  1. The buyer to whom a product of poor quality was sold, if its shortcomings were not specified by the seller, has the right, at his own discretion, to demand: replacement of the defective product with a product of proper quality; proportionate reduction in the purchase price; immediate, free of charge elimination of product defects; reimbursement of expenses for eliminating product defects.
  2. If defects are discovered in a product whose properties do not allow them to be eliminated (food products, household chemicals, etc.), the buyer, at his choice, has the right to demand the replacement of such a product with a product of adequate quality or a commensurate reduction in the purchase price.
  3. In relation to a technically complex product, the buyer has the right to demand its replacement or refuse to fulfill the retail purchase and sale agreement and demand a refund of the amount paid for the product in the event of a significant violation of the requirements for its quality (clause 2 of Article 475).
  4. Instead of presenting the requirements specified in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article, the buyer has the right to refuse to fulfill the retail purchase and sale agreement and demand a refund of the amount paid for the goods.
  5. In case of refusal to execute a retail purchase and sale agreement with a requirement to return the amount paid for the goods, the buyer, at the request of the seller and at his expense, must return the received goods of inadequate quality. When returning to the buyer the amount paid for the goods, the seller does not have the right to deduct from it the amount by which the value of the goods has decreased due to full or partial use of the goods, loss of marketability or similar circumstances.
  6. The rules provided for in this article are applied unless otherwise provided by laws on the protection of consumer rights.

to Rospotrebnadzor, and then based on your complaint they will conduct an inspection.

  1. But if you purchased vodka, and then noticed that it was expired, then you can return to the store and demand a replacement or refund without an examination.
  2. You will only need a document confirming payment: usually in these cases a check is used.

Despite the popular myth, vodka does not last forever. Even the usual one, the shelf life of which in the Russian Federation today is not regulated by GOST, is not recommended to be stored for longer than one year: at home it is difficult to recreate ideal storage conditions.

Usually, after a year or two, the containers containing alcohol products begin to deteriorate. Substances released into a drink can affect not only its taste, but also the health of the consumer.

Do not use an expired product in order to save money: treating poisoning will cost you much more. The harmful substances released during the chemical reaction can cause serious harm to your health. A new bottle is not as expensive as doctors' services.

Is it possible to drink expired liquor?

What should we do if our liqueur has expired? Is it possible to drink expired liquor? This is exactly what we will talk about today.

We all know very well that almost all food products have their own expiration date, if with ordinary products everything seems to be clear, then with alcoholic drinks everything is a little more complicated, because we know that drinks such as wine, cognac or whiskey with age They only improve their taste.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to all liqueurs. Liqueurs containing highly perishable ingredients have a fairly limited shelf life.

Liquor with a milk base spoils most quickly.

Here are a number of popular liqueurs with a fairly limited shelf life:

— egg liqueur Advocate (Advokaat) – shelf life 12 months;

— liqueur “Amarula” — shelf life 12 months;

— Vana Tallinn liqueur — shelf life 24 months;

— Mozart liqueur — shelf life 24 months.

In general, the fewer perishable ingredients in a liqueur, and the higher its strength, the longer it can be stored.

At the same time, we note that uncorked liqueur sharply reduces its shelf life.

If you neglect the expiration dates indicated on the liqueur label, you can easily get ordinary food poisoning, like from missing yogurt or salad.

Conclusion: do not drink liqueur that has passed its expiration date, especially if it is not a strong milk liqueur such as Baileys or Sheridan's.

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Schwartzhog liqueur 5.00/5 (100.00%) 5 Schwartzhog is a German herbal liqueur, which is created on the basis of selected fruits Read more.


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At the same time, we note that uncorked liqueur sharply reduces its shelf life.


Why, two years. A friend of mine recently found a bottle of vodka in his basement. His father practically didn’t drink. And vodka from the Gorbachev era, which was given with coupons. hid in the basement. and that’s exactly what my friend found. But we were both engaged in scientific research and often experimented on ourselves, so we decided to test on ourselves the quality of vodka, which was made in the last century and in another country that is not on the maps now.

We compared the quality of the vodka of that time and the current one.

Baileys is based on cream. Therefore, even though the composition contains alcohol, which acts as a preservative, there is a high probability that the drink has spoiled. The ideal storage would be in a tightly sealed container, without disturbing the original packaging, at a temperature of 5 to 25 degrees for no more than 2 years.

If storage conditions are violated, the shelf life becomes even shorter. The best option is to dispose of the contents of the bottle immediately after it is discovered that the expiration date has hopelessly expired. Of course, rarely does anyone decide to throw away such an expensive drink, even though all the deadlines have passed.

And there will definitely be a person who will definitely want to take Baileys inside. In order not to cause serious harm to your health, you must first check what the drink tastes, smells and color immediately after uncorking. If there is a sour smell or taste, a sour aftertaste, the drink is definitely not suitable for consumption.

There will be no clear answers to this question. Firstly, whether to drink this vodka or not, you need to know its composition, and its shelf life depends on this. Basically, the shelf life of vodka is one year, but if it has expired its shelf life, and was also poorly sealed, oxygen will be its enemy of quality. An oxidation reaction immediately starts, causing the structure of the drink to change.

This can lead to negative consequences - from deterioration in taste to complete unsuitability for consumption. If the drink contains flavors and other impurities, oxidation occurs faster, so it is recommended to drink it within 2-3 months after opening the bottle. It’s better not to take risks, not to drink or taste it.

In my opinion, if strong alcohol in fact does not have an expiration date, then with liqueur everything is completely different. Baileys contains dairy products, and even in combination with alcohol they can spoil. But if the bottle was factory sealed all the time, you can safely open it and try it.

Proper storage

The storage conditions for each type of alcohol are different. Vodka is a drink that is sensitive to heat and light. It must be stored at room temperature in a dark place. Freezing is contraindicated: the alcohol will not change its qualities, but the additives will precipitate and the vodka will become unusable.

Cognac, brandy, whiskey, subject to storage rules, are not limited by their shelf life. Noble drinks are infused in barrels, poured into glass bottles, and stored under the following conditions:

  1. Vertical position is required. Contact with the lid may change the taste and smell.
  2. Bottle tightness. The penetration of air and foreign odors is unacceptable, so to be sure, fill the neck with sealing wax.
  3. Ambient temperature 5...15 °C.
  4. Lack of sunlight.

IMPORTANT! It is preferable to purchase an expensive drink in a darkened glass container placed in a tube. This is how Chivas is sold.

Liqueur can be made according to various recipes. If it does not contain perishable products (milk, eggs, like Baileys), then it can be fully stored for up to 5 years. The specific period is indicated by the manufacturer on the label. Real liqueur can only be sold in glass. Must be hermetically sealed with a lid and kept in a dark place at room temperature.

Moonshine must be poured into thoroughly sterilized, dried containers. An airtight lid is the key to long-term preservation of the temperature and taste properties. The environment must meet the requirements:

  • dark room without access to sunlight;
  • 5…20 °C;
  • humidity up to 85%.

Wine can be stored for different times, depending on the variety and composition:

  • white – 2-3 years;
  • red – 2-10 years;
  • elite vintage - up to 100 years.

Basic rules for preserving the properties of wine:

  • temperature 10...15 °C;
  • protection from temperature changes, noise, vibrations;
  • humidity 60-80%;
  • horizontal position of the bottle;
  • protection from sunlight and artificial light.

Wine in tetra pack boxes is usually of low quality; it can rather be called a wine drink. Falsified products are often found in such containers.

Champagne does not last long due to the carbon dioxide content, which gradually spoils the taste of the product. Supplied exclusively in glass. To achieve the maximum shelf life (3 years), the following conditions must be met:

  • temperature 10...12 °C;
  • humidity about 75%;
  • horizontal position;
  • the room should be well ventilated, protected from light;
  • Champagne should only be kept in a closed bottle, as carbon dioxide instantly evaporates.

Martini is an excellent alternative for lovers of non-carbonated drinks.

The balm is considered medicinal, made on the basis of medicinal herbs. It is usually added to tea and coffee. It is perfectly stored in ceramic containers for an unlimited amount of time. It is important to protect the bottle from high temperatures and sunlight.

IMPORTANT! Beer is just as addictive as hard liquor.

There are many types of beer:

  • light, dark;
  • pasteurized, unpasteurized;
  • filtered, unfiltered.

The packaging is also varied:

  • kegs – stainless steel barrels with a volume from 5 to 100 liters;
  • aluminum cans;
  • glass bottles;
  • plastic bottles.

Kegs are the best option for storing fresh beer, including unfiltered beer. They are sealed and protect from sunlight and temperature changes. The sales period is longer than bottled, but after opening it is sharply reduced to 3-5 days.

Aluminum cans offer the same benefits as kegs. The only danger is their fragility. The slightest mechanical damage can lead to chipping of a piece of the coating, which can lead to corrosion. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the integrity of the can.

Glass bottles perfectly protect the contents from the penetration of oxygen and microorganisms, but allow light to pass through and heat up quickly. Therefore, it is better to choose dark glass and consume it immediately after the seal of the lid is broken.

Plastic bottles are the most common, although they pose a real danger to human health. After pouring into a PET bottle, beer gradually releases the poison dibutyl phthalate, so it is better to refrain from such a purchase.

The shelf life of beer depends on its composition and the presence of preservatives.

Pasteurized is subjected to temperature treatment at 60...80 ° C, so most pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed. But along with them, useful substances disappear, as well as the natural taste inherent in the drink. The longer the guaranteed storage period, the more exposure the raw materials were exposed to. It can range from 1 to 6 months.

Unpasteurized is stored from several hours to several days, since in the natural environment, the yeast bacteria remain unchanged.

To extend the shelf life, the manufacturer filters the beer. The process removes yeast and hop microparticles. A purified drink in an airtight container will not lose its properties for up to six months.

Unfiltered (live) should be drunk a week in advance, and stored in the refrigerator.

When purchasing draft (craft) it is necessary to clarify the date of uncorking of the general container. Drinking a drink that is more than 3 days old is dangerous. It will be stored in an airtight container for up to six months.

Any beer in a closed container requires compliance with the following conditions:

  • temperature regime – no higher than 15 °C;
  • sun protection;
  • vertical position.

How long can you store and what does it depend on?

The shelf life of each type of alcoholic drink is individual, it depends on the type of drink and the alcohol content in it, storage conditions and packaging.

Type of alcoholic productsBest before dateStorage conditions
Vodka1 year
  1. Strictly vertical position, since if the liquid touches the lid, the taste and smell may change.
  2. Bottle tightness. The entry of air and other odors is prohibited.
  3. Temperature from 5 to 15 degrees.
  4. Complete absence of sunlight.
CognacUnlimited if all storage rules are followed. If stored incorrectly, the aroma and taste of the drink will be spoiled. Once opened, it is recommended to consume it within 60-90 days.
  1. Bottle tightness.
  2. Vertical position.
  3. The temperature should be from 5 to 22 degrees. A basement or wine refrigerator should be used.
  4. Must be in a dark place.
WhiskeyUnlimited if you follow storage rules. If these conditions are not met, the taste is lost after a year.
  1. The optimal temperature is from 5 to 15 degrees.
  2. Vertical position.
  3. At home, it is best to store the drink in the refrigerator.
WineThe timing depends on the variety and composition:
  • white – from 2 to 3 years;
  • red – from 2 to 10 years;
  • elite vintage wines – up to 100 years.

Opened wine should not be consumed after 4 days, as oxidation processes begin in it due to the ingress of oxygen.

  1. Temperature from 10 to 15 degrees.
  2. No temperature changes, noise or vibration.
  3. Humidity from 60 to 80%.
  4. Horizontal position.
  5. Protection from sunlight and artificial light.
ChampagneChampagne cannot be stored for a long time, as it contains a high carbon dioxide content, which causes the taste to deteriorate over time. If all storage conditions are met, the maximum shelf life is 3 years.
  1. Temperature from 10 to 12 degrees.
  2. Humidity no more than 75%.
  3. Horizontal position.
  4. Ventilated room.
  5. Protection from sunlight and artificial light.
  6. Champagne is stored exclusively in a closed bottle.
MartiniUnlimited subject to certain storage conditions.
  1. Dry, dark, well-ventilated room.
  2. No foreign odors.
  3. Temperature from 5 to 20 degrees.
  4. Humidity no more than 85%.
LiquorThe liqueur is produced according to different recipes. If it does not contain perishable products (milk or eggs), then it can be stored for up to 5 years. The individual period is indicated on the label.
  1. Tightness.
  2. Dark place.
  3. Room temperature.
Cider1 yearStorage temperature from 0 to 20 degrees.
BeerDepends on the composition, presence of preservatives and packaging:
  • in bottles up to 6 months;
  • pasteurized – from 1 to 6 months;
  • unpasteurized from several hours to several days;
  • unfiltered – 7 days.
  1. The temperature is not higher than 15 degrees.
  2. Lack of light.
  3. Vertical position.

Preparing the dark part

By the way, Sheridans Berries recently went on sale, in which the coffee and chocolate component was replaced with red liqueur made from wild berries. But we will prepare our homemade Sheridan liqueur according to the classic recipe. Pour a liter of water into a saucepan. Add 15 g of caramel and 800 g of sugar to it. Place on the fire and stir until the crystals dissolve. When the syrup boils, cool it a little and pour in a glass of coffee. In another bowl, mix half a liter of rum and two bags of vanillin. When the syrup has cooled completely, you can pour it into alcohol. Mix and seal in a bottle. We put it in a cold place for three weeks. Shake the drink daily. After the specified time, filter the liquor through cotton filters.

The optimal serving temperature is room temperature. Like all sweet liqueurs, Sheridan is served as a digestif. It can be served as a snack with fresh pastries, chocolates or ice cream. Pour the drink into liqueur glasses (40-60 ml capacity). As mentioned, there are two ways to drink Sheridan. The liqueur is poured into a glass and savored in small sips, like a longueur. Or they drink it in one gulp - this way you can feel the nutty aftertaste better. The second way is to leave the liqueur in two layers. This requires skill. Tilt the glass at an angle of 45°. Take the bottle so that the coffee and chocolate reservoir is on top. Pour the liqueur in a thin stream down the side of the glass. Armed with a tube, we start with the bottom layer. If you add Sheridan to coffee, you should not sweeten it. In cocktails, liqueur goes well with other drinks, except citrus juices - they cause the cream to curdle. It is also not recommended to mix the drink with any carbonated water, both sweet and regular mineral water - this is bad manners.

Fruits and berries

  • You can infuse absolutely anything: seasonal apples and plums from your garden, wild berries from the neighboring forest, as well as exotic fruits brought from distant countries. The main rule is no rot, mold or spoiled fruit! Even just one spoiled fruit, accidentally dropped into a tincture with fresh fruits, can ruin its smell and taste.
  • Before infusion, all fruits and berries are thoroughly washed, sorted, and spoiled and unripe specimens are removed. Then dry with a paper towel (large fruits) or allow to air dry on their own (especially soft berries).
  • The stems are removed from the berries, and the seeds from some fruits. As a rule, the seeds are removed to prevent hydrocyanic acid from getting into the drink.
  • Fresh berries with thick skins (rowans, gooseberries, cranberries, etc.) are difficult to release juice, so it is recommended to freeze them for several days before using.
  • Berries such as viburnum, cranberries, and rowan should be kept in the freezer before infusion. Frozen berries will not only better release juice into the alcohol base, but will also get rid of excess bitterness and become sweeter.
  • Instead of freezing, hard-skinned berries can be lightly mashed with a pestle or muddler until a small amount of juice appears. And only after that pour vodka.
  • Fruits must be cut into small pieces. In some cases, fruits (such as apples and pears) can be pre-baked. It is recommended to bake fruits with a weak taste and aroma, especially for fruits that have been preserved until spring. By baking the fruits, the taste of tinctures and liqueurs becomes brighter and more pronounced.
  • Before infusion, some fruits and berries can be dried: reducing the amount of moisture will make the consistency and taste of the alcohol more intense. This method removes excess water in the pulp, simplifying the further infusion process.

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The principle of using dried fruits is similar to the rules for infusing fresh fruits. The only difference is that you may have to increase the infusion time.

But it is not recommended to infuse mushrooms: mushrooms accumulate heavy metals, oxides and toxins from the environment, and no one can predict how many of the mushroom’s own mycotoxins will be in the tincture. Yes, there are such tinctures. And yes, it's a risk.

Cognac/brandyNot an ogre.60-90Not an ogre.
Malt whiskey, grain whiskey, blended whiskey, bourbon60-90
Table wine12-24412-24
Sparkling (champagne)36136
VintageUp to 1004Up to 100
BalmNot an ogre.60-180Not an ogre.
Beer keg1-63-51-6
Draft filtered1-61-61-63-51-6
Unfiltered1 week1 week1 week3-51 week
Live1 week1 week1 week3-51 week
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