The benefits and harms of dates for the body

Hello, friends! When we decided as a family that we would gradually give up refined sugar. We tried one thing and then another, but everything is not so simple, because our body does not tolerate “emptiness” at all. I had a habit of eating candy when I drank tea, and it still remains that way. But I found an alternative, so today we will talk about how much sugar is in dried dates and can this product replace such familiar sweet snacks?

What are dates?

The date palm is native to the Persian Gulf, and the plant was known about 6,000 years ago. This tree is tall, with very large elongated leaves and fruits up to 7 cm long and 2 - 3 cm in diameter. Inside the oblong fruit there is a stone 6 - 8 mm. When unripe, dates are either bright red or yellowish. There are a lot of varieties in the world - 1500.

Today, the main supplier is Saudi Arabia, although date palms are the second bread in many Islamic countries and are grown everywhere: Iraq, North Africa, Morocco, South Africa. Now the date palm has already been brought to Australia. This dried fruit is also becoming more and more popular here.

  • Chinese date. It has several other names: unabi and jujube. Mostly used in Asian countries: Japan, China and Indochina. The taste is most pronounced when the fruit sits for a while. It is dried when it is most aromatic. Although it can be used both fresh and dried. The fruits are very fleshy and nutritious. Often used in spices, sauces and national dishes.
  • Canary. Serves more as a decorative decoration. It is also used as a remedy for burns and skin diseases.

Classification of dates

This fruit is divided into groups depending on the softness and oiliness of the fruit:

  • soft;
  • semi-dry;
  • dry.

The structure and ripeness of the fruit may contain completely different types of sugar:

  1. Dates with soft flesh can spoil quickly, so they are dried. They contain invert sugar, consisting of fructose and dextrose.
  2. Semi-dry and dry are made from cane sugar and contain much less moisture.

A fully ripened date is a golden-brown fruit with a matte and wrinkled skin, reminiscent of chocolate candy and a sweetish, spicy taste. By the way, if its skin is shiny and peels off easily, it means that before transportation and sale it was soaked in sugar syrup or other preparations in order to preserve and extend its shelf life. Therefore, before purchasing, be sure to carefully examine the fruit.

How to store dried dates

Most often you can find dried, dried or pressed fruits on sale. Where to store dates in this case?

Just like fresh, dried and sun-dried dates are placed in a plastic container or glass jar with a lid and stored in the refrigerator. Dried fruits in such conditions will “last” for about 1 year. They are not washed before storing; this must be done before use.

If you want to extend the shelf life of dried fruits, place them in the freezer. Without losing their taste, dates will last for about 4-5 years. To prevent chapping and foreign odors, the fruits are placed in a plastic container or wrapped in paper.

Dried and dried fruits can be stored without refrigeration. In a hermetically sealed container in a dark place at a temperature no higher than 20 ℃ and humidity no more than 70%, they can last for several months (depending on the quality of the original product).

You can’t store dates in a plastic bag - they “suffocate” in it. If the fruits were purchased in such packaging, for storage they must immediately be transferred to a suitable container: a paper bag, a plastic container or a glass jar.

The easiest way to store pressed dates. They can be kept at room temperature, because they undergo special processing - pasteurization. To prevent dried fruits from drying out, they are wrapped in paper and stored in a cool, dark place (cupboard, pantry). They must be used within 1 year.

How are you used to storing dates? Share your experience in the comments.

Dates contain the highest percentage of carbohydrates compared to other fruits - 60-65%. They contain 23 types of amino acids and many microelements: iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, etc. Many nutritionists advise eating dates instead of sweets. Let's find out how to choose and store this unique fruit correctly.

Useful properties of dates

Many, especially adherents of a healthy diet, eat these fruits instead of sweets and candies. They are not only tasty, but also very healthy. Let's consider what is included in the composition of this dried fruit, because this is the form in which we can purchase them.


If you eat just one small cup of fruits a day, either whole, or as an addition to dishes (for example, instead of raisins, to give a specific “oriental” taste), then the body receives almost half of the fiber requirement per day.

A cup of fruit contains 11.8 g of protein and 47% fiber. These dietary fibers have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the digestive system, and also significantly reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood and normalize sugar levels. They are useful for people suffering from constipation, as they have a laxative effect.

Vitamins and minerals

The date can rightfully be considered a storehouse of useful substances. And most importantly, they are found in the fruit in a fairly high concentration (we are considering a small cup and a percentage of the daily value):

  • 12% - vitamin B6;
  • 8.6% - vitamin B5;
  • 9% - niacin (vitamin B3 or PP, nicotinic acid, which plays a very important role in all redox processes, is involved in the formation of enzymes and the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates in living cells);
  • 5.7% - riboflavin;
  • 4.5% - thiamine;
  • 7% - folic acid;
  • 8% - iron.

By eating just a few dates as a snack, you can well refuel your body with a whole range of healthy and essential vitamins. This is just one group of elements, and also includes calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, and selenium. As you can see, almost the entire table of vitamins and minerals necessary for health.

Dates - for the heart and against cancer

Scientists have found that dried fruits, and these fruits especially, contain the highest concentration of polyphenols, which have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system and reduce the risk of cancer. This is a powerful antioxidant protection for the entire body. Therefore, pediatricians advise eating at least small amounts of these healthy foods.


This amino acid is also part of the dried fruit and helps fight depression, insomnia, improves memory and mood. Normalizes brain function.


This substance, which is included in the fetus, helps bring the uterus to a normal state after labor and helps increase lactation.


This substance contained in dates gives shine and health to hair, and nails will always be in order if you eat at least a small amount of the product per day.

How to store dates

Date palm fruits are extremely healthy and tasty products. If you have a sweet tooth, they will come to your rescue by successfully replacing harmful sugar. They contain large amounts of fructose; this sweetness can be consumed even if you have diabetes. The value of the product is in a huge amount of microelements and vitamins; the fruit is rightly called a product that prolongs life.

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It is known that by eating only 10 fruits during the day, you will never suffer from heart disease, hypertension and other unpleasant ailments. Dates stimulate intestinal function, improve digestion, and prevent weight gain. They are not allergens, so they can be given to children without fear. The powerful antitumor effect of this valuable dried fruit prevents oncological processes from developing, so buy dates and introduce them into your daily diet. At home, the fruits are stored well and for quite a long time, and they do not require special conditions.

But we will still tell you how to store dates in order to preserve their valuable properties as much as possible in a home or city apartment.

Can dates be used for weight loss?

At the heart of every weight loss is one simple truth: you need to spend more energy than you consume in the form of food. Therefore, if you uncontrollably eat dates, which are very high in calories, you will probably not be able to lose weight. After all, 100 grams of product contains 227 kcal.

  • Carbohydrates - 69.2 g.
  • Fat - 0.5 gr.
  • Proteins - 2.5 g.

To really lose weight while enjoying this amazing dried fruit, you just need to know the peculiarities of your metabolism and use a quality product, not one processed with sugar syrup.

The sticky and shiny fruits are similar in properties to caramels. In addition, knowing the high calorie content, you should limit your intake. At the same time, you can eat date bars and candies as a snack or a substitute for sweet chocolate bars.

Dates and diabetes

This product has a high glycemic index and is therefore strictly not recommended for those suffering from this disease. GI - 70 is a fairly high indicator. And depending on the variety of dates, the amount of sugar varies from 103 to 165 units, which is unacceptable for people with diabetes.


  1. This product is also not recommended for obese people.
  2. It is worth limiting consumption if you have an individual intolerance or allergic reactions to one of the components contained in dates.
  3. It is recommended to give children over 3 years of age no more than 1 to 3 pieces per day.
  4. For gastritis, stomach ulcers and problems with the pancreas, dates are contraindicated.

So, dates are very healthy and enrich the body with many useful elements, but it is worth consuming these dried fruits in doses, even if you replace refined sugar with them.

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If you have anything to add to my list of beneficial properties of dates, write in the comments. I will be glad to communicate :-)

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Benefits of dates for the body

Ladies, hello everyone. Let's chat about dates. This topic is not accidental. The more expensive the products, the more important the task: which products to buy in order to get the maximum benefit with a minimum of expenses. Let's consider dates from the point of view of usefulness.

What are the benefits of dates?

This plant began to be cultivated approximately 3.5-4 thousand years BC. They were called the food of the gods. This is no accident.

  1. They contain vitamins of all groups
    : A, E, B vitamins.
  2. Microelements
    : selenium (without it, neither nails nor hair will grow normally) and phosphorus (strengthens tooth enamel).
  3. Dates contain an impressive amount of carbohydrates (sugars), but these sugars, please note, are fructose, not glucose.
  4. Dates have a high concentration of protein: 23 amino acids, some of which are essential.
  5. And of course it is worth mentioning tannins - these are tanning, astringent substances that have antiseptic properties. Tannin is found in the peel. This substance is also found in pomegranates, persimmons and the skins of peaches (and we usually peel them!)

By the way, tannins form a film on the surface of the wound, i.e. they combine with our proteins on the wound, turning into a thick compound like jelly. So, thanks to tannins, the wounds heal and become covered with a film.

It is believed that this property of tannins is also useful for the gastrointestinal tract: especially for gastritis and superficial ulcerative lesions.

How to choose dates

Of course, these fruits do not grow here, so we do not use them fresh. Here's what you need to pay attention to when buying dried dates:

  1. We refuse dates with broken rinds.
  2. We don't use candied dates.

How to store dates

It would seem that what to think here: I poured it into a bag and threw it in the refrigerator. No!

Storage rules:

  1. You cannot store them in a bag: they will begin to ferment, they may become moldy, and mold fungi will multiply. We use a glass jar for them and
  2. We do not keep it in the refrigerator, but simply in a dark, cool place.
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