How to store underwear in a closet

A familiar situation: you are in a hurry or late and every minute counts and... bam! And out of a pair of socks, one was found, but the second was lost. What to do? How to avoid getting into such situations?

We iron washed dresses or suits, carefully hang them on hangers and put them in the wardrobe. We often just put socks in a dresser drawer or on a closet shelf and forget about them. And then we spend a lot of time searching for paired products. But socks are an important item in our wardrobe. They give comfort to our feet when wearing shoes and warm them.

Therefore, the conclusion is simple: to prevent things from getting lost, keep them in order. Even if they are just a small piece of clothing.

We'll tell you what tricks to use to quickly put your socks in order and make their storage convenient.

Storing underwear

You can store underwear either hung in a separate cabinet or neatly folded in the drawers of a chest of drawers or a closet. Nowadays, designers have developed convenient organizers for linen. All kinds of boxes and drawers with separate cells help organize storage. They are so convenient to use that once you try it, it is simply impossible to refuse them. With this storage method, you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the things you need. Everything is always in sight and at hand.

Ideas for storing underwear in a closet with photos

Underwear can be stored both on a closet shelf and in a chest of drawers. In most cases, wardrobes are equipped with drawers for storing clothes and small accessories. You can organize the space in sections using organizers. Such devices are sold ready-made. You can also make them yourself.

If there are no drawers

If you don't have a box, you can use empty shoe boxes. They help you sort accessories by type. Lace fabrics, textured wallpaper, and other available materials are suitable for decorating the lid.

Boxes from other things are also suitable for storing laundry.

Special organizers

Organizers are ready-made structures made of plastic, thick cardboard, covered with fabric. The number of storage compartments is one or many small compartments, depending on the purpose. Bras and panties are compactly placed in the cells.

Cardboard packaging from underwear orders

High-quality underwear is always sold in tight boxes. After the next purchase of a new set of packaging, it is better not to throw it away. You can store tights, a belt and stocking holders, and boudoir accessories in them.

Plastic dividers

Separating structures come in a standard rectangular shape, honeycomb type. Used to organize the filling of boxes.

Vertical organizers

The small closet uses vertical designs. The devices consist of a body with shelves made of dense materials. The second option is mobile cases with transparent pockets. Attached to the hanger rod and internal elements of the wardrobe.

Cases with transparent pockets are a vertical storage method.

Where to store panties

One of the main items in our wardrobe is panties. Taking good care of this delicate wardrobe item will allow you to use it longer. Although panties take up little space, they also need to be stored properly.

  • It is most convenient to allocate a separate shelf or drawer in the closet for these purposes. Carefully fold the left and right sides of the panties on top of each other into a triangle or square. This method does not require the purchase of additional accessories. But from a practicality point of view it is not very convenient. It’s difficult to immediately find the right thing without destroying the entire drawer.
  • In a separate drawer you can build individual cells. With this storage method, you should twist this accessory into a tube and place it in cells. For convenience, panties can be divided by color, density, season, and frequency of use.
  • The most convenient for storage are special organizers that can be placed on a closet shelf. This intimate wardrobe item is stored best in an organizer. And searching for your favorite thing won’t take much time.

Cleaning up the shelves

The principle of organizing storage on the shelves is the same as in the central compartment. Since clean underpants, T-shirts, socks, tights, etc. necessary daily, it would be correct to organize the storage of underwear on the middle shelves. A little higher and lower you can place denim trousers, a tracksuit, a jumper and other clothes that are not washed daily. Bed linen and towels are also stored on the closet shelves, and the top and bottom of them are intended for things that will not be needed until the next season.

In order to quickly and correctly navigate where everything is, and not rummage through the entire shelf in search of one thing, it is recommended to do the following:

  1. For small items (socks, panties, tights, bras), use pull-out plastic boxes. It is very convenient to organize their internal space according to the principle of an organizer, which will allow you to quickly find what you need in the morning rush, and then not waste time putting the shelf in order.
  2. Bulky items (knitted suit or trousers, sweater, jeans, bath towel, terry robe), as well as T-shirts, are placed in stacks directly on the shelves. In this case, the width of the folded items should match, and heavier items should be placed below. If the shelf width is large, it is recommended to install special dividers between the stacks - this will allow you to quickly and accurately remove what you need without disturbing the stacking order.
  3. For expensive wardrobe items, it is better to use special boxes and place them in areas with less reach.

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How to store bras

The main and favorite item of clothing for women is the bra. Storing bras should be taken very seriously, because this item of clothing requires careful handling. To avoid deformation of the cups and stretching of the straps, you must take storage seriously.

If possible, you need to allocate a separate locker for bras. And they should be stored directly on special transparent hangers for underwear. Such storage is not only convenient, but also makes it possible to place different models side by side.

If this is not possible, then you can store bras in separate chest drawers or closet shelves. For convenience, you can put special drawers or organizers on the shelves. Folding the bras, cup to cup, one after another, ensures not only safety and practicality, but also beautiful storage.

If space is limited, perhaps stack the bras underwire, side by side, next to each other. Thus, divide them by color, season, frequency of wearing.

Note! Push-up bras are stored unfolded to avoid deformation of the cups.

How to store socks

Socks require no less attention than underwear. In order not to get confused and not to lose one of the pairs, you need to fold the sock to the sock, roll them into a tube and carefully fold the pairs side by side. You should not stretch the elastic by placing one sock next to the other, although many are accustomed to this method of storage.

For greater convenience, you should allocate a separate drawer for socks, or a box with separate cells for different colors, models and seasons. If this is not possible, the organizer can be hung on the closet door, where it will take up minimal space.

It should also be remembered that men's socks are slightly larger than women's, which means they need larger compartments. A similar rule applies to warm winter socks. To properly organize storage, you should use organizers of different sizes.

How to store tights

It is very important for women to store tights correctly. For this, it is best to use a separate drawer or organizer. The tights must be folded in half lengthwise and rolled into a tube, or folded in half crosswise. It is best to divide the tights by color and density, and carefully fold them next to each other. To avoid unpleasant situations when storing tights, you must carefully examine them and throw away damaged ones.

How to store swimsuits

Now that the summer season has passed, and you do not plan to visit swimming pools, ponds, or rivers, you need to take care of one more essential wardrobe item - swimsuits.

I wash the swimsuit thoroughly and dry it so that dampness does not cause fungus or mold to develop and ruin the clothes. For storage, it is better to use a fabric bag or a vacuum bag, but under no circumstances use a plastic bag. Moisture may accumulate in the bag, and the swimsuit may lose color and become damp. Swimwear should be stored on a separate shelf in the closet, in a separate drawer of the chest of drawers. When storing swimsuits, it is important to maintain a constant air temperature and also avoid high humidity. If you have several swimsuits, you can store them side by side. But at the same time, panties are stored separately, and bras separately.

Swimwear: how to fold and store

Swimsuits should be folded clean and completely dry. Until next season, it is better to store this wardrobe item in vacuum packaging. To prevent the smell of dampness, a fabric bag with sufficient air circulation is suitable.

Moisture may accumulate in the bag and the swimsuit may lose color and become damp. Swimwear should be stored on a separate shelf in the closet, in a separate drawer of the chest of drawers. When storing swimsuits, it is important to maintain a constant air temperature and also avoid high humidity. If you have several swimsuits, you can store them side by side. But at the same time, panties are stored separately, and bras separately.

Where to begin

Probably, each of us is familiar with the morning “digging” in our laundry, when we urgently need to get the right thing, but it just can’t be found. As a result, bras often lose their shape and become flat and elongated. But in order to extend the life of women's underwear, it is important not only to properly care for it, but also to store it.

So, the place where you are going to keep your entire luxury collection should be clean, dry and warm. Belts and other accessories should not be placed near laundry, as their sharp edges can easily damage the thin fabric. Further:

Step 1

First, empty all the drawers to see what has accumulated in them. Remove any items (this includes gray underwear that was once white) that you do not wear, as well as those that are old, uncomfortable, or have become unusable. They only take up space that could be used much more efficiently.

Step 2

If you have a lot of panties, then distribute them by type. In your dresser drawer, place one row of bikinis, another row of thongs, and a third row of regular comfortable slips. Special dividers allow you to see all the options, so all you have to do is put everything together beautifully and delight yourself with a new pair every day.

Step 3

The same can be done with bras. Organize everything so that the cotton options are in one row and the lace ones in another. You can group them by color or by type, for example, underwire or lined busts.

How to fold panties into squares

While many girls won't think twice about how to pack their underwear, we suggest trying to optimize space in your closet or dresser by packing your undies in a square. Lay the panties out on a flat surface, right side up. Fold the gusset to the elastic, and then fold the left side of the panties inward towards the center, smoothing out wrinkles on the fabric. Do the same with the right side - then you get a square. Turn it over and put it in the drawer.

How to create your own storage system

We list the basic principles of maintaining order in a closet or chest of drawers:

  1. Keep different items of underwear separate from each other. This will make it easier to find what you need. In addition, bra clasps will not cling to other products. If possible, allocate one drawer in the closet for bras, and another for thongs, bikinis, slips.

  1. Place smooth wrapping paper on the bottom of the box. This lining will prevent snags on lace or silk, which can occur from too rough wood.
  2. The box can be divided using cardboard or plastic partitions. Fold the panties in half, then in half again and roll. For soft bodices without pads or wires, fasten them and then roll them up. Send both in separate cells.
  3. If space is limited, carefully fold the bra in half (cup to cup) and tuck the clasps inside. Please note: this may result in permanent wrinkling of one cup, so if you have enough space, store underwire bras without folding.
  4. Hang silk shirts, satin negligees, and elegant nightgowns in the closet and leave enough space so that they are not wrinkled by other hanging items. Make sure hangers have soft clips that won't damage delicate fabric.
  5. If you have a spacious closet at home, then you can hang your intimate clothes next to blouses, dresses and skirts, but not next to coats or shoes, since delicate underwear can pick up an unwanted odor. A good solution for packaging would be to use the boxes in which the linen was originally sold.
  6. Sometimes special perfumed bags are placed in the place where linen is stored to give the linen freshness and a pleasant aroma.

How to save unique things

Although it is believed that at home you should only save clothes that you use at least once a year, storing a wedding dress, vintage suit, items with designer embroidery, etc. relevant for many women. Such items are family heirlooms, and preserving them correctly means increasing their value.

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As for the wedding dress, it is stored differently before and after the wedding. If the dress is not too heavy and bulky, then you can hang it on a hanger for a while so that it does not come into contact with anything. Otherwise, the box in which it was sent to you from the studio will be suitable for it, and it would be correct to take out the outfit only before the celebration itself.

If you decide to keep your wedding dress, then you need to take it to a reputable dry cleaner as soon as possible. After this, you will need a special box for storing it (if it was not included when purchasing the dress) - of sufficient size, made of high-quality cardboard with a tight lid. The box is covered with white paper, the dress is carefully placed on it, and it is completely covered with paper, if necessary, transferring trim details with it. Wedding accessories are packaged in the same way and stored separately. Once every six months, the dress should be taken out and kept for some time without packaging, while checking its safety. All operations with exclusive products are performed using clean cotton gloves.

How much underwear should a woman have?

There can be no clear answer to such a question. This is a personal matter for everyone. For minimalists, having a few cotton panties and stretchy bras is enough, but for girl collectors, lace and leopard underwear are just the beginning.

Usually it is enough to be the owner of:

  • seven simple and comfortable bras; among them there should be seamless ones, which look great under a tight T-shirt or turtleneck;

  • at least one black and beige bodice;
  • strapless bust – for special occasions;
  • beautiful lace push-up bodices of different colors and matching panties or thongs - for romantic meetings;
  • at least one silk shirt.

If you have an extensive linen collection, you may want to consider purchasing a chest of drawers that provides convenient storage. Also on sale today are fabric-covered boxes with partitions inside; they look very original and stylish. An equally practical option is a special organizer that can easily accommodate various women’s items.

What to do first?

Putting your closet in order begins with sorting its contents by season, purpose and belonging to family members. Everything that can be folded should only be stored folded. Everything that does not fit the current season should be put on the top or bottom shelves, or even in a suitcase that is placed on the mezzanine or in the pantry.

The next rule is: you can only place clothes in the closet that are clean (washed or with stains removed) and repaired. Woolen items should be stored together with anti-moth products.

For ease of storage, you should take care of the appropriate accessories. These include:

  1. Covers that are best breathable and have transparent windows.
  2. Hangers that must exactly match the size of certain items. You should stock up on several types of hangers. It is better to place silk clothes on rubberized hangers, it is convenient to store a suit on a two-level hanger, a skirt on a holder with clips, and trousers on a special trouser rack. Never place several items on the same hanger - you will not save space, but you will spend a long time looking for clothes, and besides, they will be wrinkled.
  3. Assistive devices. These include, first of all, containers (preferably transparent ones with holes), organizers in which it is convenient to store socks, panties, T-shirts, tights, stack dividers on shelves and similar convenient little things, many of which you can make yourself.

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Methods for storing underwear in the closet

Underwear is a special item of clothing. It needs some criteria for compact storage in the room: it should be easy to take out and fold, stored separately from other items of clothing: outerwear, shoes and hats. The place for it should be well ventilated and easy to clean when necessary.

The process of placing in a closet should begin by determining the amount of space that you are willing to allocate for storing linen and accessories. Larger apartments have more space or a separate dressing room with a dedicated space. In small apartments it is difficult to allocate sufficient space, and not less linen.

Next, determine the amount of laundry you want to place in this area. Will there be only sets there, or do you want to place socks, swimsuits and other beach accessories, such as pareos, nearby?

Determine how and where you want to place the things you need to ensure comfort and they are always at hand.

It is more convenient if you can provide enough space for laundry. Then the laundry will be stored correctly, things of different types will not lie next to each other and the placement problem will be solved.

But if space is limited and the number of linen items is large, you need to supplement the corner with devices that help ergonomically place many items in a limited space. Now there are many such means, you just need to decide on a choice that satisfies your needs and requests: horizontal or vertical arrangement, all things together or each type of product separately.

Most often, drawers are used for this purpose. By opening them, you can immediately see the entire range of items presented and choose the one that suits you. It does not take a lot of time. The laundry in the drawer is located at a convenient distance and height. These drawers are spacious, they are easy to remove from a chest of drawers or closets and wet cleaning, as it needs to be done at least once a month to maintain hygiene.

It is also recommended to periodically wash items that you rarely use, since delicate fabrics can stretch over time or lose color if they are just left in the closet.

To better organize space in your drawers and avoid chaos, use dividers for things. You can build them from available materials, such as cardboard.

If there are no drawers

Sometimes there were no drawers in the closet, and the existing chest of drawers was occupied by other accessories or did not exist at all. That is, there is no opportunity to distribute things into convenient drawers. In this case, you need to look for an alternative that is no less convenient and practical.

Special organizers

Many manufacturers now provide entire lines of special organizers for storing underwear. They are made from different materials: cardboard, fabric, wicker, plastic, polyethylene or even iron and glass. You can choose them to suit your taste and the interior of the room.

Careful storage involves using organizers that can be washed or otherwise cleaned. Do not use products with sharp edges or a lot of rhinestones - they can scratch the lightweight fabric and render it unusable.

Organizers can be ordered from a private person - then you will have an item made specifically for your length and width parameters.

Cardboard packaging from underwear orders

In most cases, the packaging provided by the manufacturer can itself become an excellent organizer. The main advantage is cost-effectiveness; you will conveniently store things without additional cash investments. You can be sure that this packaging is suitable for delicate items.

The downside is that the boxes are mostly small in size, you need to take several pieces and they will not look identical from different manufacturers. If this doesn’t bother you, you can confidently use them to organize your space. Or cover the boxes with the same adhesive film or paper - the closet will become more comfortable, and this composition will look impressive.

Plastic dividers

Another device for organizing storage space is plastic dividers. They come in different types, many colors, configurations and shapes. They can be selected to suit any space. Their advantage is that they are easily removed, they are quite easy to wash and care for their surface.

The downside is that they look too ordinary.

You need to choose good quality plastic, since you will be in contact with it every day, without sharp corners or chips.

Vertical organizers

If there is very little space in the apartment and there is nowhere to put your laundry, various vertical organizers will do. They will keep horizontal surfaces for other things.

How to organize underwear in a dresser?

Valentina advises storing underwear in the chest of drawers - pull-out shelves allow you to place all your things so that they are visible. It is advisable to reserve the top drawer for this type of clothing, since it is usually at a sufficient height to get something out of it without bending or squatting. When you need to quickly find something, this arrangement of things saves a lot of time.

Here are a few recommendations, following which, every woman will quickly and effectively bring order to her wardrobe:

  • If the chest of drawers has two small top drawers, you can divide clothes according to their purpose - put bras, T-shirts and panties in one of them, and socks, tights and stockings in the other. If there is only one box, you will have to visually break it into sections.
  • For greater convenience, laundry should be sorted not only by name, but also by color. In practice, the “black – white – beige – multi-colored” scheme justifies itself.
  • It is important to arrange things in such a way that it is convenient to find specific clothes among them - for example, white socks with green polka dots or a black T-shirt with lace. The usual stacking method is not suitable in this case - when objects are stacked on top of each other, it is impossible to quickly remove anything without disturbing the order on the shelf. It’s much better to roll things up or use Marie Kondo’s method of folding them in three points and then placing them vertically in a drawer. The second method is ideal when you need to place a lot of clothes on a small shelf.

Socks and tights

If you are right-handed, it is better to place them on the right side of the drawer, and if you are left-handed, on the left. This is due to the fact that socks, as a rule, have to be changed twice a day, and if they lie in the reach of the dominant hand, finding the right pair will take no more than five seconds.

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Oversized tights require special attention. Inside wooden boxes, if they are poorly polished, sometimes burrs remain - because of them, puffs can form on tights. To avoid such troubles, you should buy a special organizer for underwear or store tights in their “original” packaging.


You shouldn't fold your bras for several reasons.

  • Firstly, if there is foam rubber or other filler inside the cups, it will deform very quickly - dents and creases will appear that cannot be gotten rid of. It is impossible to wear such underwear; it will have to be thrown away.
  • Secondly, even if there is no push-up layer, the delicate lace fabric will deteriorate from constant bending.

The best way to store bras in a chest of drawers is to stack them in one row, with the cups of each bra being inside the cups of the next one. This way they won’t take up much space and will last much longer.

Boudoir lingerie

If a woman has expensive stockings and belts for them, corsets and other underwear intended for special occasions, it would be more correct to store them in boxes in the bottom drawers of the chest of drawers. This way it won’t wear out from constant friction against other things, and at the same time there will be more space on the shelf for everyday clothes.


In addition to sorting by color, panties should also be divided by type - for example, put seamless underwear in one row, sports underwear in another, romantic and playful underwear in the third. The one that is used most often should be as close as possible to the right side of the shelf (if the woman is right-handed).

Ways to compactly fold underwear

Even if you have enough free space, some ingenuity will be required when placing a large number of similar items and storing them in one or more cells. And if you want to save more space, these methods will be even more necessary. There are several ways to arrange tights, panties or socks compactly in a drawer or organizer.

Tube, roll

You need to lay the item out on a flat surface, for example, on a table, so that the front side is on top. Then carefully fold the accessory horizontally, rolling it into a tube.


Lay the product flat on the surface, face up. Gently fold first one side and then the other side of the item. Turn over to make a small square.

This method will be most convenient for storing vertically in small piles, one on top of the other.


This method is best used for folding panties. Place them face up and flatten. Turn the rubber band towards you. Roll it away from you into a tube several times. Turn the item over and fold the sides towards the center. Then turn this tube inside out so that the desired roll comes out.

In your pocket

To make a laundry pocket, first fold the sides into the middle. Fold the top and bottom to the middle as well. Then this composition must be turned inside out.

How to store it correctly

After completing the organizers, you need to remember a number of rules, following which you can make storage careful and efficient.


It is recommended to store bras in some order, folding them one to the other, cup to cup. Then drawers are suitable for them.

There is also the option to purchase a special case - lingerie brands produce different models to suit every taste. Such covers are most convenient to use when traveling - the bodices will remain clean and not wrinkled.

Bras can also be stored in organizers with one large compartment. In this case, they should be slightly larger than the width of the bodices themselves, so as not to deform them.


It is most convenient to store tights in the packaging in which they were sold. There is enough space and there are special partitions on which you can fold them. Place stacks of these packages in a vertical organizer.

If the packaging has not been preserved or is already torn, fold the tights into tubes and fill them with a fabric organizer with small cells. This is convenient, since you will always immediately find the desired shade and density of the product. In the same way, you can organize the storage of children's tights, sorting them by density and seasons, or putting them in random order.


Socks don't take up much space, but often get lost or confused if they don't have room.

We suggest storing socks in a horizontal organizer with a large number of small compartments. Package them at your discretion: by color, season, type. Fold them into a tube or put one in a sock inside the other - this way they won’t get lost or mix with each other.


To place your panties compactly, you can use a vertical or horizontal organizer, you can purchase plastic dividers or hang them on hangers using clips. These are the preferences of every woman. Depending on this, you can also store them in different ways: folded vertically in a tube in an organizer, in a square in a drawer, or in other ways.


Swimsuits are a special type of underwear; they are not worn every day, but on occasion. If you only have a few on hand, place them together in a linen bag so the fabric will breathe between uses. Or you can hang them on hangers - each set separately.

If there are quite a lot of them, use a horizontal organizer from one large cell, placing the sets one after the other.

Before storing another set after use, be sure to wash and dry it; moisture or sea salt on the laundry can promote the growth of bacteria or fungus.

How to store underwear

It is the chaos in the closet that causes the difficulties that arise when choosing clothes. If you organize the storage of things, it will be easier to find the right thing that matches your suit. This is especially true for underwear, which needs not only ordering, but also careful storage.


One of the ways to properly and conveniently organize underwear storage is through special organizers. Recently, they have gained great popularity on the Internet; most often, they are ordered in Korean and Chinese stores with delivery anywhere in the world. They are divided into several types. Drawers for storing bras, panties and socks. Usually they are fastened on all sides, which prevents delicate items from getting dust, and also significantly saves space in the closet.


You can make similar storage items yourself. A shoe box is perfect, into which cardboard partitions are inserted, dividing the space into compartments. Such dividers can be installed directly in the drawer. For bras, a space of about 5 by 30-40 cm is left to avoid folding them in half (not all models allow cup-to-cup placement). For socks and panties, a compartment measuring 5x5 cm is sufficient; it is convenient to store them by rolling them into a roll. In addition, this design greatly simplifies the search for the desired color.


In addition to basic things intended for every day, every woman knows about the need for things “to go out.” This applies not only to dresses, suits and outerwear, but also to underwear. It’s convenient to fold linen “just in case” separately. In addition, it is usually made of more expensive materials, such as silk, or decorated with small details. Small bags made of soft fabric are perfect for such things, preventing damage to an expensive item of clothing.


To ensure that the laundry does not sit stale and always has a pleasant, fresh smell, use sachet. These are usually small pillows or bags filled with dried spices and flowers. They are used to transfer layers of underwear and bed linen. Girls who love handicrafts can make similar flavors themselves. In addition, they serve as aromatherapy and can calm or invigorate the body, depending on the scents used.

The most important thing in matters of organizing order is to make it a habit. After all, putting things in order once will not solve the existing problem. Making it easier to store things will ensure that this habit will settle in your closet for a long time and will delight you for many years to come.

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