How long does Furacilin solution last at room temperature?

Caring for a newborn is not nearly as difficult as many young mothers imagine. The main thing is to know a few basic rules and principles and strictly follow them. The main techniques for caring for a baby are usually demonstrated in the maternity hospital. There they also tell mothers how to care for their baby’s belly button, how and when to bathe them, and explain other important points. Over time, the mother calms down, feels more confident and easily copes with her child. In the first month of life, a child's first aid kit should contain: cotton wool, bandage, cotton swabs, brilliant green, iodine, soothing cream, furatsilin. It is the latter drug that will be discussed in this article. We will talk about whether furatsilin is suitable for newborns and children, how to dilute it before use, when it is used, etc. It is important to remember: in order to ensure proper care for your baby, you should study new literature on pediatrics, get acquainted with modern methods and methods of care, education methods, and, of course, do not forget about regular visits to the children's clinic, and if the first alarming symptoms occur, immediately contact your pediatrician.

Furacilin solution for newborns

Furacilin is not a new remedy. It does not belong to the category of newfangled expensive drugs, and nevertheless, for many years now it has been a part of any family first aid kit. This is not to say that furatsilin tablets are vital. But there are situations in which the presence of this simple tool will be very useful.

Some parents are in no hurry to use furatsilin, doubting whether their children can use it. It must be said that such doubts are completely groundless; furatsilin is completely safe not only during the neonatal period and lactation, but also during pregnancy. Furacilin belongs to the group of antibacterial drugs. With its help, E. coli and dysentery coli, staphylococci, salmonella, streptococci, and even the causative agents of gas gangrene are destroyed. It is prescribed for burns, purulent otitis media and wounds, ulcerative lesions, conjunctivitis and many other infections.

It is important to remember that furatsilin is used only externally, it is not taken orally. Furacilin solution is used to treat inflammation of the throat (rinse the mouth and larynx), wash the eyes, treat external skin damage, etc.

How to wash the eyes of a newborn with furatsilin?

To prepare the solution, one tablet of furatsilin is soaked and dissolved in 100 ml of warm, purified boiled water. Before use, the solution must be thoroughly filtered, because even the smallest and most invisible remnants of an undissolved tablet can damage the baby’s eyes. The finished solution is cooled to room temperature and poured into a dark glass container, in which the finished product can be stored for up to 14 days.

The solution is instilled using a pipette into the outer (and not the inner, as many believe) corner of the eye.

All key details of the preparation of the solution, its use and storage should be discussed with your pediatrician. Only a doctor can prescribe the use of a medicine (even one as safe as furatsilin), he also determines the frequency of use and duration of treatment. You should not engage in amateur medical activities and conduct experiments on your own child.

Inflammatory eye diseases are a problem that many face in early childhood. And no matter what the nature of these diseases is, they are almost always accompanied by lacrimation and purulent discharge from the eye. Therapy for these pathologies can be carried out using antibacterial or antiviral drops and ointments that are applied to the affected eye. However, before using these medications, doctors recommend carrying out a certain preparatory procedure - washing the eyes with Furacilin, a weak solution of manganese, black tea or other antiseptic solutions that cleanse the eyes of pathogenic microorganisms. Moreover, “Furacilin” is used for washing the eyes more often than other solutions with a similar effect, especially when it comes to conjunctivitis.

Ophthalmologists have a particular weakness for Furacilin, and for good reason. Firstly, this is a pharmaceutical drug, and not a dubious folk remedy. Secondly, Furacilin has high antimicrobial effectiveness, which complements the action of other drugs and reduces the risk of infection entering the eye. Thirdly, Furacilin tablets for washing the eyes are easier to dilute in water than potassium permanganate, which, even with a slight overdose, can cause overdrying or even burn the mucous membrane of the eyes.

What is furatsilin?

"Furacilin" belongs to the category of pharmaceutical drugs that are widely used in the treatment of adults and children. Typically, this external remedy is used in cases where an inflammatory process is planned or already exists in some part of the body. The use of the medicine can reduce the symptoms of inflammation and stop its progression.

The main active ingredient of the drug is nitrofural. It is to him that the medicine owes its effective antimicrobial effect, slightly inferior to antibiotics.

The spectrum of action of the antiseptic called “Furacilin” is not limited only to the ubiquitous staphylococci. It is also effective against streptococci, E. coli, salmonella, bacilli, pathogens of dysentery and gangrene. Resistance to it is developed in microorganisms quite rarely.

Let's see what are the benefits for the eyes from using the Furacilin solution:

  • reduces symptoms of inflammation and relieves swelling of the conjunctiva and eyelids,
  • helps remove small particles of foreign bodies from the mucous membrane of the eye, as well as from under the eyelids, and prevent eye infection,
  • has a disinfecting effect and prepares the eye for basic medical procedures,
  • accelerates the restoration of eye tissue after stopping the inflammatory process.

Furacilin tablets and powder have a rich yellow color, which is subsequently transferred to the solution, which is practically odorless and has an inexpressible taste. The latter, however, is not so important, because the medicine is intended not for internal, but for external use.

The medicine "Furacilin", which can most often be found in pharmacies in the form of tablets, actually has several different forms of release: capsules, ointment, spray, solutions. Solutions can be of 2 types: alcohol and water. An alcohol solution is not used in ophthalmology, even in diluted form, as it can cause a burn to the eye mucosa. An aqueous solution of the drug is considered not only safe, but is even recommended for washing the eyes of children.

By the way, a solution of “Furacilin” in water, which is widely used in ophthalmology, is prepared directly in pharmacies. Alas, not all pharmacies can provide such a service, so Furacilin tablets or capsules, which are dissolved in ordinary boiled water, are most often used to wash the eyes.

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Furacilin is an effective drug in the fight against purulent and inflammatory processes, burns and wounds. It can be purchased in the form of tablets, which are used to create a solution, or a ready-made suspension. The effectiveness of the medicine does not depend on the form of release, but the storage conditions do, and the difference is significant.


Every morning we wash our face with water, at the same time clearing our eyes of the secretions they secrete. We have been accustomed to such an important hygienic procedure since childhood, so we don’t even think about its benefits and purpose. But it not only helps to improve visual acuity, which is noticeably “lame” after waking up, but also prevents the development of stagnant processes in the eyes, which create the ground for the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria.

But as a preventive measure, plain water is considered quite effective, but for medicinal purposes, doctors advise using antiseptic solutions instead, which do not allow bacteria and viruses to multiply and diseases to progress.

Furacilin solution as an antiseptic for washing the eyes is prescribed for inflammatory diseases such as blepharitis, including its popular variety called “barley”, conjunctivitis, keratitis, etc. “Furacilin” has become especially popular for washing the eyes for conjunctivitis, because this is a rather serious and dangerous disease, the lack of proper treatment of which can lead to the inflammatory process spreading to other tissues of the head, and in particular the brain.

Most often, eye rinsing with Furacilin is practiced for bacterial and viral conjunctivitis before instilling antibacterial or antiviral solutions into the eyes. The same is done before applying the ointment. In case of allergic conjunctivitis with lacrimation and decreased immunity, washing the eyes with Furacilin can prevent the addition of a bacterial infection that complicates the course of the disease.

This completely safe medicine is used to treat eyes in children and newborns. Such a harmless antiseptic solution can be used for therapeutic and hygienic procedures for dicryocystitis in newborns, because it will not allow pus to form in the area of ​​the baby’s lacrimal sac, which, due to anatomical features, did not open in time. Conjunctivitis and blepharitis are also not rare diseases in childhood, which means that “Furacilin” can also be one of the components of the treatment regimen in this case.

Indications for the procedure of washing the eyes with Furacilin solution also include situations when a foreign body gets into the eye. It would seem that it can be removed using ordinary water, but sand, small particles of various materials, midges, i.e. everything that can get into the eye is itself a source of bacterial infection, which, if not deactivated, can subsequently cause the development of an inflammatory process.

special instructions

Of course, information on how to dilute Furacilin tablets to obtain various solutions at home is very useful. But before use, it is advisable to consult a specialist to avoid unfavorable results of self-treatment.

Due to its unique properties, the drug “Furacilin” is widely used for various damage to the skin, inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, damage to the eyes, ears, sinuses, throat diseases and other diseases. The “Furacilin” solution from tablets is used primarily for tonsillitis, stomatitis, and also for antiseptic irrigation of skin lesions. This solution is effective for sinus sinusitis - it is used to wash the nasal mucosa. Preparations "Furacilin ointment" or paste are recommended for use for burns, frostbite of the skin and bedsores. An alcohol solution of the drug "Furacilin" is useful for acute otitis media. The heated drug is instilled into the ears using a pipette. An aqueous solution of Furacilin is also used for conjunctivitis and blepharitis to wash the eye mucosa. The oral drug "Furacilin" is prescribed for acute dysentery. In general, the scope of its application is quite extensive.


Since we are now talking about the eyes, any procedure or intervention in their work requires, first of all, sterility and caution. It is clear that meeting these requirements is the key to a successful eye wash procedure.

There is no need to remind once again that not only hands, but also any materials and instruments used for the procedure must be clean and, if possible, disinfected. If you just wash your hands with soap and water, then the tools already require boiling.

Since rinsing the eyes with Furacilin can be done in different ways, first you should decide on this issue. Typically, cotton pads or a pipette are used to wash the eyes. But doctors may also recommend purchasing a rubber bulb or a special bath, which is always available in pharmacies.

It is recommended to boil the pipette and rubber bulb after each use. It is enough to clean the bath with soap and water or a fresh Furacilin solution. It is enough to take clean discs, a separate one for each eye, changing them as often as possible during the procedure. The dishes intended for preparing the antiseptic solution must also be clean, otherwise all its properties will be used to disinfect the container.

Technique for using furatsilin for eye rinsing

"Furacilin" for washing the eyes can be used in the form of tablets and capsules, or you can purchase a ready-made aqueous solution, which, as we said, cannot always be found in pharmacies. The lack of solution in pharmacies should not be taken as a reason for despair, because the inexpensive drug in the form of tablets has never been in short supply, but it is quite suitable for preparing a water-based medicinal composition.

How to prepare “Furacilin” for eye rinsing? If the procedure for cleaning the eyes with an antiseptic is prescribed for an infant, then preference should be given to a ready-made pharmaceutical solution, the basis of which is water for injection. This solution is sterile and definitely does not contain foreign impurities that can cause an allergic reaction in the baby or harm his health.

For an adult, a homemade solution based on boiled water in which powder from opened capsules or pre-crushed tablets is dissolved is quite suitable. In principle, the tablets do not need to be crushed, because they dissolve quite well in hot water. However, subsequently the solution will have to be cooled to a slightly warm state.

How to dilute Furacilin for eye rinsing? This question is quite logical, because even a person uninitiated in medical issues understands that a medicinal solution cannot be prepared by eye. In order for the solution to have all the qualities attributed to it, it is necessary to observe the standard proportions of Furacilin and water, which are used both for washing the eyes and for treating wounds or burns.

According to the instructions for the drug, for one 200-gram glass of boiled water you need to take 2 tablets (or use powder from 2 capsules). The solution should be used only after the tablets or powder have completely dissolved. They dissolve most actively at a temperature of about 90-100 degrees.

If we see that the solution has become more or less homogeneous, cool it and filter it through a sterile bandage folded in half.

After the solution and equipment have been prepared, you can begin the procedure itself. The easiest way is to use a pre-boiled rubber bulb or pipette, into which you take the composition and, throwing your head back, drop it into the eye. There is no need to inject the composition under pressure; it is enough for the liquid to gradually flow into the conjunctiva of the eye, washing it and other tissues of the visual organ.

You can also use special baths to wash your eyes. The prepared warm solution is poured into them and the sore eye is dipped. If both eyes are affected, then repeat the procedure with the second eye, after first rinsing the bath and filling it with fresh solution. This procedure is not suitable for everyone, because the eye must remain open in water, which not everyone can do.

At the pharmacy you can also purchase special equipment for washing the eyes - funnel-shaped eye cups, through which the medicine is poured into the open eye with a weak stream.

The most gentle way to cleanse the eyes is to use cotton pads, which are dipped into the prepared solution, squeezed lightly and gently rubbed over the eyes, slightly pulling the lower eyelid. The movements of the disc should not be erratic. You should always move from the outer edge of the eye to the inner one, thus preventing the spread of infection to healthy areas of the eye.

It is very important to use separate cotton pads for each eye, and it is better to even change the solution when it comes time to move on to treating the second affected eye. By the way, even if only one of the organs of vision is sick, both eyes must be treated, thereby preventing the spread of the infectious-inflammatory process.

As for the temperature of the solution, doctors recommend using the composition at room temperature. In any case, the liquid should not have a temperature exceeding 37 degrees. Both cold and heat are not useful for inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eye and can aggravate the course of the disease.

Features of the use of furatsilin in ophthalmology

"Furacilin" is a unique antiseptic that is safely used to treat children and adults, because it actually has no contraindications for use. Even the entry of a small amount of an external agent into the esophagus cannot cause harm to a person, and therefore the drug is actively used to gargle and rinse the eyes of children, who more often than adults contract respiratory pathologies and eye diseases associated with contact with the mucous membrane of bacteria, viruses, allergens.

"Furacilin" is not recommended for use only in those patients who have hypersensitivity reactions to this antiseptic, which can manifest themselves in the form of lacrimation, itching, burning and redness of the mucous membranes and skin around the eyes.

The absence of visible harm and contraindications allows the use of “Furacilin” for washing the eyes of infants. In this case, the proportions of water and medicine remain the same as for the treatment of adult patients. True, the preparation of the medicinal solution will have to be taken more carefully, because newborns are very sensitive to both the temperature of the liquid (it must correspond to body temperature) and the quality of the finished solution (there should not be even the smallest undissolved particles).

Ideally, to treat newborns, you should use a ready-made pharmaceutical solution, and resort to self-preparation only if it is not available. The treatment of the sick (and healthy) eye is carried out 2-3 times a day. If the doctor has not prescribed another treatment regimen, you should not experiment with the frequency of procedures, even despite the safety of the solution used.

Consequences after the procedure

If you use Furacilin to wash your eyes according to the above tips, you should not expect any unpleasant consequences after the procedure. After a few days, you can see that the swelling in the eye subsides, the discharge from the conjunctival sac becomes more scarce, and the pain goes away.

The result of the correct procedure is a faster recovery process and the absence of complications after such an effective treatment procedure. If you use hotter or, conversely, colder water, the disease may worsen, and the process of its spread deep into the skull is possible. The same can be said if during the procedure you do not adhere to the rules of hygiene: wash with unwashed hands or an insufficiently clean cotton pad, do not sterilize the instruments used for the procedure and the container in which the solution was prepared.

Complications can also arise in cases where a person does not mix the powder in the water thoroughly enough; crystals of nitrofural remain in the composition, which end up on the mucous membrane of the eye. Minor eye injuries can also be the result of careless handling of a funnel, pipette or rubber bulb, strong rubbing of the mucous membrane with a cotton pad, or the use of hot water to wash the eye, which can cause a burn.

Post-procedure care

No special eye care is required after the Furacilin rinsing procedure. It is enough to blot it with a sterile napkin and protect it from wind and drafts, which is already considered one of the important requirements for inflammatory eye diseases. For some time after the procedure (within a couple of hours), it is better to refrain from walking outdoors, especially in cool or windy weather, because any manipulation of the eyes makes them more sensitive to various irritants.

If eye washing is included in the treatment regimen for infectious and inflammatory pathologies, then after the procedure, the medicine prescribed by the doctor (drops or ointment) should be applied to the area of ​​the conjunctiva or eyelid. At the same time, it is highly not recommended to put an eye patch.

As for storing the finished Furacilin solution, different sources give very different periods (from 3 days to 2 weeks), claiming that the composition will not lose its properties when kept in the refrigerator. The only thing that is not clear is the expediency of such actions, because preparing a fresh, effective solution is not at all difficult, and this process, together with cooling the composition, will take no more than 10-15 minutes. So it’s better to prepare the medicine little by little so that it is just enough for one procedure, for example, take half a glass of water and a Furacilin tablet.

"Furacilin", actively used in ophthalmology for washing the eyes of large and small patients, is also widely used in the treatment and treatment of various skin lesions, bedsores, and burn wounds. This useful drug must be present in every home medicine cabinet, especially in families where there are little fidgets, because it provides both effective and safe treatment of external infectious and inflammatory pathologies, which not all medications we use can boast of.

How long can Furacilin solution be stored?

How long can furatsilin solution be stored?

How to store furatsilin solution?

I always make fresh Furacilin solution prepared for gargling (I take one tablet per glass of not very hot water). But if you didn’t calculate it and the Furacilin solution remains, then it can be stored and used within 24 hours. But I usually pour it out and then make a new solution.

Furacilin is diluted with salt, but you can make a solution without salt.

In medical institutions, such a solution is made for future use and with the addition of salt (10 furatsilin tablets and 1 heaped teaspoon of salt per 1 liter of liquid). A solution made in this way can be stored for a month or more in a cool place.

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Without salt, you can store the solution in a cool place for up to 3 days (it will not spoil), but unfortunately, not everyone knows that furatsilin tablets must be diluted with boiling water or, after dilution, the solution must be brought to a boil. This is how we kill germs and harmful bacteria that were not destroyed by the action of the drug itself.

Before use, the required amount of furatsilin is heated.

How to store furatsilin solution?

It is important to know!

Translated from Greek literally, the doctrine of the eyes (“ophthalmos” and “logos”). Accordingly, an ophthalmologist is a doctor who specializes in eye problems. Another term has taken root in our vocabulary – ophthalmologist, which comes from the Latin “oculus” (eye).

The Furacilin solution is used to wash the eyes for conjunctivitis, blepharitis, keratitis and other pathologies of the visual organs, accompanied by an inflammatory reaction. If there is a problem, an adult is prescribed a liquid drug by a doctor to avoid unwanted reactions. It is also possible to use the drug "Furacilin" in the treatment of ophthalmic ailments in children, but the dosage must be adjusted.

Beneficial features

Furacilin drops and solutions for wiping the eyes are often used for ophthalmic ailments of an inflammatory nature. The medication is a popular antiseptic that is yellowish in color. After its use, the activity of pathogenic microorganisms is suppressed. Furacilin solution can also be used to wipe the eyes of newborns, older children and adults for preventive purposes to prevent infection. The drug has the following healing properties:

  • eliminates unpleasant symptoms of inflamed visual organs;
  • removes foreign objects from the mucous membrane of the eye;
  • disinfects eye tissues before using other medications or performing medical procedures;
  • helps to recover after therapy.

If you prepare the Furacilin solution correctly, you will be able to cope with bacilli, salmonella, staphylococci and other viruses and bacteria that multiply on the mucous membrane of the organs of vision.

Indications and contraindications

Any type of conjunctivitis of the visual organs can be treated with this drug.
"Furacilin" for eye washing is a widely used medication for various types of inflammatory processes. Since the product is not toxic, it is allowed to be used in childhood, including newborns. The following indications for the use of Furacilin solution are distinguished:

  • inflamed edge of the eyelid;
  • conjunctivitis of any type;
  • dacryocystitis;
  • infectious diseases of the mucous membranes of the eye;
  • recovery period after mechanical damage or surgery;
  • eye burns;
  • contact with the mucous membrane of dust, dirt and other foreign objects.

The medicine can also be used if eye diseases are accompanied by otitis media or inflammation of the oral mucosa. In the latter case, you need to be careful not to swallow the drug. It is important to understand that treatment with Furacilin must be combined with other ophthalmic drugs. This is due to the fact that the medication only has an antimicrobial effect, and does not affect the original source of the problem. Furacilin solution is not able to cope with the problem on its own.

When should you refrain from using it?

People suffering from demodicosis should refuse eyelid treatment.

  • various types of bleeding, including unspecified nature;
  • hypersensitivity to the active or auxiliary components of Furacilin;
  • dermatological pathologies;
  • helminth infections on the skin;
  • demodicosis caused by subcutaneous mites;
  • allergic reaction.

"Furacilin" for the eyes should be used with caution by people who have reduced filtration and excretory renal function. It is recommended to refrain from washing the visual organs with a solution if the urinary system is not functioning properly. Pregnant women and children are not prohibited from using the medicine, but the advisability of such treatment should be discussed with a doctor.

Rules for the use of solutions from the drug "Furacilin"

Aqueous solutions of furatsilin are widely used in medical institutions and at home. The medicine will help: with complicated dermatosis, with weeping eczema, as eye drops for diseases of the eye mucosa. It is also used for washing purulent wounds and as a rinse for inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. An alcohol solution of the drug "Furacilin" is used for chronic otitis media, boils of the ear canal, and sore throats. In the latter case, preparation is necessary. For a sore throat, before using an alcohol tincture, you need to gargle with a solution of soda and water, which will clear it of mucus and increase the effectiveness of treatment.

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Instructions for use

To prepare the solution, you need to dissolve the Furacilin tablet in water. The concentration is selected individually and depends on the severity of dacryocystitis and other ophthalmological diseases. It is recommended to dissolve the drug in warm water, as this will prepare the product faster.

It is possible to prepare the medicine at home, observing all proportions.
Everyone chooses the optimal washing method for themselves. The manipulation is carried out as follows: To treat the organs of vision, you can purchase a rubber bulb.

  • Using cotton pads. They are generously moistened in the resulting Furacilin solution, after which, using their fingers, the lower eyelid is slightly moved back, squeezing out the antiseptic. It is also possible to wipe your eyes from the inside to the outside.
  • Use of eye cups. The device can be purchased at any pharmacy, and in appearance it looks like a funnel. It is forbidden to close your eyes during the procedure, so this method is not used to wash the eyesight of children.
  • Rubber bulb. A sterile object is required into which the Furacilin solution is taken and injected in a small stream into the conjunctival sac.
  • Baths. One by one, lower the eyes into the solution, while the eyelids should be open. If you are unable to widen your eyes during the procedure, you must blink frequently for the flushing to be as effective as possible.

Conjunctivitis is an infectious inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eyeball. This disease is often observed in children. Furacilin for conjunctivitis is the most popular medical drug.

Scientists distinguish several types of this disease depending on the type of pathogen. But pathology can also develop as an allergic reaction to any irritant.

How to dilute furatsilin tablets? Furacilin - instructions for home use

On parent forums the question is often asked: “How to dilute furatsilin tablets?”

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This drug is among the most popular home remedies, for example, for rinsing the mouth and throat, eye inflammation (conjunctivitis), and washing small wounds. Furacilin solution is useful to have in any home medicine cabinet, especially if there are children in the family. But in this form, the medicine has a very limited duration of action, so it is much more convenient to have tablets on hand that can be diluted with water at any time.

What is this medicine?

Furacilin is an antibacterial agent of synthetic origin. It has an antiseptic and disinfectant effect (pharmacological effect - antimicrobial). Another name for the drug is “Nitrofuran” or “Hemofuran”. International nonproprietary name - Nitrofural.

Furacilin is used for acute infections of the gastrointestinal tract of bacterial origin (for example, dysentery). Externally, a solution of this medicine is used for furunculosis, bedsores, infected wounds, ulcers, 1st-2nd degree burns, tonsillitis, inflammation of the middle ear, mucous membrane of the mouth and nasopharynx, and bacterial conjunctivitis.

Furacilin is available in the form of a paste or 0.2% ointment in packages of 25 grams, as well as a powder for dilution with water, which can be purchased at a pharmacy. The most convenient thing to have in your home medicine cabinet is furatsilin tablets. The instructions for use are very simple and will tell you how to dilute furatsilin tablets.

They are available in weights of 0.02 g and 0.1 g, have a bitter taste and a yellowish color. Before diluting furatsilin in tablets, you should remember that such a solution, prepared at home, is only suitable for external use! Contraindications for treatment may include individual intolerance, hypersensitivity, as well as pregnancy and breastfeeding. A possible side effect may be dermatitis.

So how do you get a solution of furatsilin from tablets? One tablet contains 0.02 grams of the active substance - nitrofural. To prepare an aqueous 0.02% solution (1: 5000), you need to dissolve such a tablet in 100 ml (half a glass) of water. The liquid must be boiled. The higher its temperature, the faster the dissolution process will go. It’s even better to crush the tablet as finely as possible beforehand, since a whole tablet will take longer to dissolve.

Before use, the solution must be cooled to room temperature. You can store it at home for 24 hours.

If you need to prepare a sterile solution, instead of water you should use saline solution or distilled water, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. If they are unavailable, you can use ordinary water, but then the resulting solution must be boiled for half an hour.

Gargling is the most common way to use this medication at home. For rinsing, use a solution at room temperature (cold rinsing is not recommended). To enhance the effect, it is advisable to first clear the throat of accumulated mucus by rinsing with a soda solution. The effect of the medicine is also enhanced by a few drops of an alcohol solution of calendula added to the medicine immediately before use.

How to dilute furatsilin tablets if you need an alcohol solution rather than an aqueous one? To obtain this type of medicine, take medical alcohol in a ratio of 1: 5000. This solution can be stored for a long time, and if stored correctly, it has an almost unlimited shelf life.

Furacilin in all forms of release should be stored in a cool, dry place, protected from light. The ideal storage place is the refrigerator. When properly stored, the shelf life of furatsilin tablets is 5 years.

What is this medicine?

Types of viral diseases and treatment rules

The following types of conjunctivitis are distinguished:

  • viral;
  • bacterial;
  • toxic;
  • chlamydial;
  • allergic.

The form of the pathology can be acute, when symptoms develop rapidly. In the chronic type of the disease, inflammation lasts quite a long time. In addition, there is a subacute period. Relapses of the disease often occur.

It is not recommended to treat the disease in children at home if the child is less than 2 years old. The diagnosis must be made by an ophthalmologist. If the nature of the redness of the eyeball is allergic, then you can give an antihistamine from your home medicine cabinet.

Doctors usually prescribe Furacilin for children to wash their eyes. This is a highly effective antimicrobial agent. It is used to treat patients of any age, including newborns.


When visiting a doctor, you can ask him how to rinse your eyes with Furacilin. The procedure is very simple, you need to follow these steps:

  • wash your hands thoroughly;
  • soak 2 cotton or gauze swabs in the solution, squeeze them lightly;
  • gently push back the lower eyelid;
  • pass the disc over the inflamed area from the inner corner of the eye to the outer;
  • You need to rinse both eyes at the same time (even if one of them is healthy), but only with different disks.

Before each wash, it is necessary to prepare a fresh solution. If you need to use the prepared product again, you should store it only in the refrigerator, but no more than 24 hours. A stale composition can only worsen the condition of the eyes with conjunctivitis. Inflammation of the child’s visual organs will worsen.

If an allergic reaction develops, the procedure must be stopped immediately. The patient may have individual intolerance to the active substance. The effect of the medicine may cause nausea, vomiting, and the child often refuses to eat.

To carry out the procedure for washing the eyeballs, you can use a rubber bulb. It must first be boiled to ensure sterility. Having collected a little product into a pear, you need to pour it into the conjunctival sac of first one and then the other eye. A pipette is used in the same way.

At the appointment, the ophthalmologist should clarify the frequency of use of the procedures and their duration. Typically, rinsing for children under 3 years of age and younger is done every 2 hours for 1-2 days. Next - 3 times a day.

If treatment with Furacilin does not help with conjunctivitis, then only a doctor can prescribe more effective treatment and give advice.

How long does furatsilin last?

A day in the refrigerator, but I read this about ordinary tablets, now we bought soluble ones and I just keep them for a day without a refrigerator, in the morning a new one

I have some fizzy ones

Well, yes, these are instant ones, I keep them without a refrigerator, they are too cold if you take them out of there... it’s better, of course, to store them in the refrigerator for a day, the next day a new one

No more than a day, I think. In short, the diluted tablet stayed with me for a day..

You can apply the solution for a day. When I gargled, I applied it immediately for the whole day

I bought a ready-made solution and it said on the jar that it had a shelf life of one month.

Well, yes, these are instant ones, I keep them without a refrigerator, they are too cold if you take them out of there... it’s better, of course, to store them in the refrigerator for a day, the next day a new one


Furacilin tablets are a universal antiseptic that can be found in almost every home medicine cabinet. Furacilin for newborns, as well as for adults, is a multifunctional remedy. It is affordable and can be purchased at almost any pharmacy. It is used to treat and prevent bacterial infection of abrasions, burns and ulcers; in newborns, the umbilical wound is treated with furatsilin. However, furatsilin is often recommended for the treatment of conjunctivitis in infants.

What can be treated with this medicine?

Nitrofural, also known as furatsilin, is an antibacterial agent with a pronounced antimicrobial effect. It is used mainly externally and locally - in the form of rinses and for applying bandages.

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Indications for the use of this drug are dysentery, infected wounds, purulent otitis, tonsillitis, stomatitis, burns, ulcers, conjunctivitis, inflammation and pus in the sinuses (sinusitis).

Today, furatsilin is not used everywhere, as it was several decades ago: bacteria have developed resistance to this medicine. However, in some cases it is quite effective, so it won’t hurt to keep such tablets in your home medicine cabinet.

Furacilin is a proven and practically safe remedy that is used to treat ENT, eye and gynecological diseases. In order for it to live up to the hopes placed on it and produce the desired effect, you should know exactly how to dilute furatsilin tablets. This is not difficult to do, but there are some peculiarities - we’ll talk about them.

Causes of conjunctivitis in newborns

This problem is quite common and therefore familiar to many young parents; it is often associated with complete or partial blockage of the baby’s tear duct. The fact is that the tear fluid itself has an antiseptic effect and has a detrimental effect on a variety of pathogens. In the absence of such protection, when the tear duct is blocked, the baby’s eyes begin to sour and the mucous membrane becomes inflamed. Another common cause of eye inflammation is viral or bacterial infections, but they are quite rare.

Whatever the cause of conjunctivitis, furatsilin tablets will help effectively reduce its symptoms. This is a relatively safe remedy, it has a minimal list of contraindications and side effects, it is allowed to be used by pregnant and lactating women, and for the treatment of small children. However, before using it, you should consult a doctor, especially if it concerns a newborn baby.

How to prepare a solution of furatsilin for washing the eyes of a newborn?

Furacilin is available in tablet form, but in most cases it is used in the form of a solution. Of course, you also need to prepare a solution to wash your eyes. It must be prepared with special care, because getting undissolved particles into a child’s eyes is absolutely unacceptable.

The preparation of furatsilin solution from tablets consists of a number of successive steps.

  1. First you need to crush the furatsilin tablets.
  2. The solution must be prepared in glass or enamel containers (plastic containers are stained by furatsilin).
  3. One tablet is dissolved in 100 ml of water, which should be boiled but cooled to room temperature.
  4. The powder must be thoroughly mixed in water and left until completely dissolved for an average of one hour.
  5. In order to prevent any particles from getting into the baby’s eyes, the solution must also be further filtered through a double layer of gauze.

Dissolved furatsilin for newborns is stored for no more than two weeks in a dark glass container in a cool place (can be in the refrigerator).

Release form, composition

The drug is used for local and external use.

The tablet form contains the following components:

  • Nitrofural – 20 mg;
  • Sodium chloride – 0.8 g.
  • Nitrofural;
  • Distilled water or isotonic solution;
  • An alcohol solution is also produced, supplemented with an auxiliary component - ethanol (70%) and furatsilin ointment (0.2%).

Cooking method

  • Furacilin in the form of tablets in the amount of 3 pieces must be crushed into powder;
  • The resulting ingredient must be mixed in 100 milliliters of alcohol;
  • This solution must be infused for several hours.

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Procedures such as ear drops require that the solution be heated. Ready-made drops (at least 5-6) are administered into each ear canal, every day.

Nebulizer solution and its effect on the upper respiratory tract

This remedy is used not only for gargling; this antimicrobial drug is widely used for inhalation.

Of course, you cannot get an instant healing result from a solution or drops of furatsilin for a nebulizer. But after a week, thanks to inhalations with furatsilin, there will definitely be no trace left of the inflammatory process of the upper respiratory tract.

You can prepare the solution for the nebulizer yourself:

  • The main product in the amount of one tablet must be ground and mixed with 100 milliliters of boiled water (room temperature);
  • Be sure to stir until the sediment is completely dissolved.

Important! To ensure that sediment is removed, leave the solution in a dark, cool place to infuse for 12 hours. Before use, you need to strain through cheesecloth.

A feature of the drops or solution of the drug is the effective effect of the main active components included in its composition on the restoration of natural microflora in the upper respiratory tract. As a result, pathogenic microorganisms die and the inflammatory process is stopped.

Important! Furacilin in drops for inhalation is suitable for treating children and pregnant women, but only after the necessary medical consultations.

The solution of the described drug, due to its local effect, is ideal for pregnant women for gargling and inhalation, washing the sinuses and treating external wounds, as well as for using furatsilin as douches.

How to wash your baby's eyes with furatsilin?

Before rinsing your child’s eyes, you need to make sure that there are no crystalline particles in the solution. Then the prepared medicine must be slightly heated, but the temperature of the solution should be no more than 37 degrees. After this, you can proceed directly to washing the eyes. This procedure consists of a series of sequential actions.

  1. First of all, you need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap.
  2. It is necessary to prepare a sterile cotton-gauze swab and moisten it well in the furatsilin solution.
  3. With one hand you need to carefully lower the child’s lower eyelid, and with the other, run a swab soaked in furatsilin along the mucous membrane.

Young children react differently to eye washing, some cry, others act calmly. However, furatsilin does not cause much discomfort to the baby’s eyes.

There are cases when only one eye is affected by conjunctivitis, but both eyes need to be treated, since this infection is very contagious and spreads quickly. Do not wash both eyes with one swab.

Furacilin is considered relatively safe and to some extent a universal medicine, but before using it, you should definitely consult a doctor. Only a qualified specialist can make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment, otherwise self-medication can result in big problems for you and your baby.

Please tell me who treated dacryocystitis in a 3-month-old child.

The massage can be done in different ways (ask the ophthalmologist to show you if it’s not clear), I alternated: 1. Place the pad of the little finger on the point between the corner of the eye and the bridge of the nose, you need to press on it, not sliding over the skin, but moving this very skin, doing quite strong and sharp movements (10 such movements) from top to bottom, as if pushing a plug inside the lacrimal canaliculus down to the exit of this canaliculus. Movements can be jerky or vibrating. Due to the increased pressure created in the nasal duct, the embryonic film breaks through. 2. Massage the point between the corner of the eye and the bridge of the nose clockwise (left eye) and counterclockwise (right eye) with pressure - 8-10 times.

Hands must be clean! Each eye has its own finger, not the same one.

Rinse: it is better with clean boiled water at room temperature or slightly warmer (it is more pleasant for the child), you can use a decoction of chamomile or calendula (antibacterial effect, do not store decoctions for more than a day, store in the refrigerator, warm up before use - check the temperature!), you can use a solution of furatsilin (1 tablet for 1 glass of water, do not store the solution for more than a day). You can alternate. Be sure to rinse from the outer edge to the inner. At first we washed it with cotton pads, generously moistened (one for each eye), but it turned out to be more convenient for us to wash it with a small rubber bulb (should not be used for other purposes), we simply took water/chamomile, etc. and poured it into the eye with a weak stream.

Please note: 1. The eye can fester not only due to obstruction of the canal, but also as a result of a runny nose in a child. As the pediatrician explained to us, if a child has a runny nose, all this inflammation can spread to the eyes, since the child has all the canals nearby (more precisely, it is a single nasolacrimal canal). That is, be sure to treat a runny nose at the same time: instill a baby saline solution (Aquamaris, for example). 2. You need to go for a consultation with an ENT specialist, this may be in his area - something has to do with the structure of the child’s nose. 3. Obstruction of the nasolacrimal duct at the time of birth of the child may be due to the presence of a so-called gelatinous plug that has not resolved by the time of birth. In this case, you just need to push through this plug with a massage.

Hands must be clean! Each eye has its own finger, not the same one.

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