How to store kohlrabi for the winter?

Everyone who constantly grows it in their garden knows how to store kohlrabi. And it’s worth it, because cabbage is tasty (for everyone) and healthy for the human body. For example, you can find vitamins (B1, B2, PP) in its composition, and there is especially a lot of vitamin C in it (promotes immunity). Also, it contains components such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, glucose, fructose, and sulfur compounds. Important
. Kohlrabi cabbage contains no fat at all, therefore it is valued by nutritionists as a dietary product.

In terms of popularity, kohlrabi cabbage is still very far from our white cabbage. But many Russians have already fallen in love with it and is gaining momentum. And any experienced housewife will want to preserve it for the winter. Later in the article, we will see how to properly store kohlrabi. Go?

Harvesting kohlrabi cabbage (rules)

cleaning kohlrabi

The question “how to store kohlrabi” largely depends on timely and correct harvesting. Cabbage harvested on time can be stored for a long time, and this is an indisputable fact.

For harvesting, choose a fine day without rain or frost. Although kohlrabi cabbage is frost-resistant and can withstand temperatures down to -4 °C - 5 °C, it will be better if the cabbage is harvested on warmer days. Important. Fruits not frozen by frost are stored better. Therefore, we harvest at a temperature of + 3 ° C - 5 ° C (before frost).

On a note!

Stem fruits that have reached a diameter of 7 cm - 8 cm are considered the best for harvesting. Here, if the cabbage is overgrown, it becomes tougher and more fibrous. In addition, the taste becomes worse.

For longer storage, cabbage is dug up by the roots. Well, if you don’t plan to store it for a very long time, then the leaves and roots can be cut off. Here, we leave the petioles from the leaves within 2 cm. And such trimmed cabbage can be stored for 1 month.

Cleaning time

Kohlrabi harvests are calculated based on the ripening time of cabbage. Here, early varieties ripen in 50-70 days, average ones in 80-120 days, and late ones in 120-180 days. Also, the region and weather conditions are necessarily taken into account here. For example, in the northern regions there is a short summer, and late cabbage will not have time to ripen there. We think.

Storage methods

The cellar is the best place to store a large harvest of kohlrabi. There is optimal temperature and humidity. Heads of cabbage are stored in two ways:

  • hung on a wire by the stalk;
  • dig the root in a box of sand.


Clean river sand is poured into storage boxes. It is slightly moistened.

The stem fruit can be stored in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator for no more than a month. It is washed, dried, and wrapped in cling film. Cabbage frozen in the freezer lasts longer. It has a shelf life of 1 year.

Before sending to the freezer, the head of cabbage is processed:

  • wash;
  • peel;
  • cut into cubes, plastics;
  • boil (blanch) in boiling, slightly salted water for 3 minutes;
  • cool in ice water;
  • laid out on a pallet;
  • put in the freezer;
  • Frozen slices are poured into a container or freezer bag, and a note with the date is placed in the container.

Kohlrabi can be stored in the freezer for 9 months. It is used to prepare 1-2 dishes. Frozen vegetables retain their beneficial properties.

Features of storage in the cellar

Root vegetables picked from the garden are not washed before being sent to the cellar. Carefully remove the soil from the stalk and head of cabbage. They must be dry. The box with cabbage is covered with film. It prevents rapid evaporation of moisture.


Kohlrabi cabbage is stored well if the air humidity is 95-100%.

In a dry cellar, the humidity is increased. Place containers of water around the perimeter. In winter, the temperature is controlled. It should be positive (0-5 °C). The shelf life of kohlrabi depends on the variety:

  • early varieties last about 2 months;
  • late-ripening cabbage – 5 months.

How to store in the refrigerator

Heads of cabbage are not stored for a long time. They stay in the refrigerator for no more than 2-3 weeks, even if storage rules are followed. The root of the cabbage is cut off. The head of cabbage is wrapped in newspaper or cling film and placed in a bag. The greenhouse effect shortens the shelf life, so the bag is not tied. It is left open and placed in the vegetable compartment.

Summer residents grow varieties for storage:

  • Natalka;
  • Giant;
  • Globe.

How to store kohlrabi (methods)

There are several ways to store kohlrabi cabbage. For example, storage in a cellar or basement (the best way), in the refrigerator, in the freezer, and can also be dried and canned. Later in the article, we will look at these methods in more detail. Let's go?

Storing kohlrabi in a cellar or basement

kohlrabi in the cellar

I think everyone who has it knows how to store kohlrabi in a cellar/basement. Basically, these lucky people are the owners of country houses. There shouldn’t be any problems here, even if the harvest is huge, there will still be enough space.

To begin with, before laying it is necessary to disinfect the room. Here you can use a sulfur bomb or treat it with copper sulfate.

Storage in boxes, baskets and racks

. Here, we place it loosely in a container (any kind) and cover it with damp sand, and cover it loosely with film (this is important). Otherwise, kohlrabi will quickly begin to deteriorate.

As an option, sand is poured onto the floor and stuck into it, as if planting heads of cabbage with the stalk down. Important

. Here, you need to have some distance between the cabbage.

Hanging storage

. In the basement we stretch a wire under the ceiling and hang kohlrabi cabbage on it. Here, it is important that the cabbage has roots, and then storage will be longer. The cabbage should not touch each other.

Shelf life of kohlrabi at home

At a temperature of +2...+4°C and a relative humidity of 90-95, kohlrabi cabbage can be stored for up to 5-6 months.

In such conditions, even early varieties of cabbage are able to maintain freshness for 2-3 months, and late varieties will supply vitamins until spring.

In the table, you can see the dependence of the shelf life of kohlrabi on the chosen location or storage method.

Place or method of storageShelf life
Room with temperature +17..+20°С1-7 days
Refrigerator (+7..+12°С)7-30 days
Cellar or basement (+1..+3°С)1-3 months
Freezer6-8 months
Pickling6-12 months

In addition to everything, the air in the room where the cabbage will be stored must have good ventilation. Cabbage does not like dampness, but the humidity should be at least 90%. If the basement is dry, then you need to put an open container of water to humidify the air.

Let's take a closer look at several options for storing kohlrabi cabbage.

Cellar storage

The best place to store vegetables in winter is a cellar or basement. With this method, cabbage can not lose its beneficial properties until spring. It is very important that the vegetables are dry and free of soil residues.

But not all fruits are suitable for storage. It is necessary to discard stem fruits:

  • immature, small (less than 7 cm);
  • with traces left by pests or diseases;
  • with damage (dents, cuts, etc.).

You can store cabbage in basements or cellars in different ways:

  1. In baskets or boxes. Prepared vegetables are laid out in boxes or baskets, then sprinkled with damp, clean sand on top. You can cover the top with plastic wrap, but make sure that there is free access of air, otherwise the cabbage will lock up and begin to rot. You can also lay out the heads of cabbage on specially prepared gratings.
  2. In wet sand. Paper is placed in the box and a moistened layer of sand is poured, its thickness should be at least 7-10 cm. The collected and sorted cabbage is stuck into this sand, roots down. They need to be “planted” in such a way that they do not touch each other. Otherwise they may get spoiled. It is necessary to moisten the sand periodically. Twice a month, inspect the fruits and remove spoiled ones.
  3. In limbo. Some kohlrabi lovers hang the root vegetable on a rope from the basement ceiling. But here, too, you need to take into account the location of the fruits - the distance between neighboring fruits should be at least 2-3 cm.

Cold storage

If you don’t have a basement or cellar, you can try storing kohlrabi cabbage at home and in the refrigerator. Immediately after harvesting the stem tubers, you need to cut off the roots and leaves, leaving cuttings 8-10 cm long. This is necessary so that the greens do not draw juices from the rhizome, otherwise the fruit will quickly become flabby. It also reduces the likelihood of infection that can cause rotting.

Each head of cabbage must be wrapped in damp paper or cotton cloth moistened with water. You can use canvas bags. But you cannot use printing paper or newspapers for this - this is very harmful to health, since printing ink contains lead.

Then we pack the vegetables in plastic bags, which cannot be tightly closed; there must be air access. In this way, the fruits are stored for up to 2 months without losing taste and freshness. Vegetables should be stored on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Freezer storage

Kohlrabi can be stored in the freezer in winter. This is a very good method, although frozen vegetables are not entirely suitable for preparing fresh salads. But nutrients and vitamins are fully preserved. You can store vegetables in the freezer both fresh and as semi-finished products for cooking.

The freezing technology is as follows:

  • stem fruits need to be washed thoroughly;
  • to peel;
  • cut into pieces about 2 cm thick;
  • Place in boiling water for a couple of minutes;
  • then quickly transfer to very cold water (preferably ice);
  • drain in a colander;
  • dry by placing on a towel;
  • put into individual bags or containers;
  • store in the freezer.

Another way.

  • Grind the fruits using a grater with the largest meshes;
  • There is no need to blanch the cabbage; you can immediately put it into bags and put it in the freezer.

When frozen, kohlrabi is perfectly stored for up to 9-10 months.

Frozen vegetables are suitable for preparing the same dishes as fresh ones. Does not require defrosting before use.

Best varieties for storage

Mid- and late-ripening varieties of cabbage are ideal for storage; their growing season (time of development and ripening) ranges from 90-100 days or more. Early ripening varieties that ripen in early to mid-summer are not suitable for storage in the cellar; they have loose heads of cabbage and will not lie well. It’s good to pamper yourself with this cabbage when there are practically no other vegetables on the table. Early ripening varieties are eaten within 2-3 months after harvesting. Usually this cabbage is eaten fresh.

To store cabbage for long-term storage, you need to choose the right variety. Ideally stored varieties will be those that ripen in late summer or autumn (this vegetable is less dependent on the length of daylight hours, compared to, say, carrots; photoperiodism is much lower - less than 12 hours). Such varieties will be well stored in the cellar, and they can also be used for home canning.

Late ripening varieties (well stored):

Mid-season and mid-late varieties (can be stored, suitable for home preparation):

  • Golden hectare 1432.
  • Hope.
  • Present.
  • Kharkov winter.

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Early ripening varieties (should not be stored, they are eaten fresh):

  • June
  • Precocious.
  • Number one Gribovsky 147.

If you don't know what type of cabbage you have (for example, you bought it at the market), pay attention to the shape of the head. Dense, round and slightly flattened medium-sized heads of cabbage are best stored, while loose and elongated forks will spoil much faster.

How to store cabbage in an apartment

Small volumes of cabbage are perfectly stored at home, in the refrigerator or on the balcony .

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If cabbage is stored in the refrigerator , it is better to pack it in cling film. First, the cabbage is washed and cleaned of damaged areas and stalks. Each fork is then wrapped in several layers of material. It is important that the cabbage does not freeze in the refrigerator, otherwise its further storage will be impossible.

For winter storage of cabbage on the balcony, you will need special foam boxes or ready-made thermoblocks. Vegetables are placed in them with preliminary wrapping in cling film. This shell prevents moisture loss, and the cabbage stays juicy and tasty longer.

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In the cellar, it is better to store cabbage in lattice wooden boxes. Several layers of cabbage heads are arranged with the stalks facing up. The final layer of forks is laid in reverse. Each box is installed on a wooden platform or shelf attached at a distance of 20 cm from the ground. The cabbage will be preserved better if you wrap each fork in medium-weight paper.

Kohlrabi salad for the winter. Video

  1. Prepared vegetables are laid out in boxes or baskets, then sprinkled with slightly damp, clean sand on top. Then they are covered with plastic wrap. This is not done very tightly, otherwise the cabbage may collapse and rotting will begin. It is allowed to lay out the heads of cabbage on special gratings or in compartments.
  2. You can store kohlrabi in the cellar on the floor in damp sand. To do this, a layer of sand is scattered on the ceiling; its thickness should be at least 7-10 cm. The stems are stuck into it with their roots down. They need to be “planted” in such a way that they do not touch each other. Otherwise they will inevitably spoil.
  3. Sometimes it is recommended to hang kohlrabi for the winter on a wire or rope from special hooks on the ceiling. A very important condition here is a fairly free arrangement of the fruits. The distance between adjacent fruits should be at least 2-3 cm.

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